"Chances of That"
by pari106

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Series: Drabbles Inspired by "The Berrisford Agenda"

A/N: Being the stubborn Logan/Asha fan that I am, I had to write this… And I know the
whole Asha-is-Jondy debate has been laid to rest long ago. But I thought I'd resurrect
that old theory just for the duration of this drabble…because it's more interesting if you
look at it that way. Get what I'm saying? Please let me know what you think of this.

"Chances of That"
by pari106

Ulterior motives. He knew he had them as he defended Alec's actions. After all, in a
way, he was secretly defending himself.

"If he never told either of them it was exclusive, what's so terrible about dating them
both for a couple of weeks?"

What's so terrible about Alec dating Maria *and* Lil' Sukie? Or…for that
matter…Logan dating Max *and* Asha? Just as long as no promises were made to the

"They work together!" Max protested.

Well…yeah. There's that. But…

"It's not like they were sisters, or something."

Now *that* would be…uncomfortable. But…really…

What were the chances of *that*?