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Adam's love interest mini-bio

Name: Ellie Landon-Cross (thanks Sunset on Heartache, I hope you don't mind the alteration)

Age: 29 aka a year older than Adam (again, thanks Sunset on Heartache)

Occupation: Healer (thanks for the idea kankananime123, I'll still be working Ryan in btw, just not in quite the same way you PM-ed me about, hope you don't mind)

How they met: Adam and Ellie met at Hagrid's pumpkin patch (Goose-chan, notice the similarity to your idea here?) in Ellie's sixth year, where Adam then developed a crush on her, falling for her instantly on sight. But, having little experience with girls at the time, he got all tongue-tied, and Ellie was just confused by the cute but mute boy in front of her. Now though... ;P

Chapter 17

To say Teddy was worried would be an understatement. As he looked down at the limp, pale and still unconscious body of his girlfriend, lying in the hospital bed, he swore death to those who had harmed her. His emotions flip-flopped between the two; worry and anger, his flashing multicoloured hair reflecting his inner battle with himself. Half of him wanted to break out of the stifling atmosphere of the hospital and help the others in tracking down and catching those Death eaters still out there. But the other half of Teddy, and the bigger half right now, would have needed a supernatural catastrophe to tear him out of the room right now. Nothing bad could happen to her, there was still so much he had planned for the two of them.

He knew he hadn't been the most attentive boyfriend recently, but Cara's idea that Ginny and Victoire were scheming to break their relationship seemed ridiculous to him. Sure he noticed the tense attitude Ginny held to Cara, but she had practically been his mother in his 'old life' before Tonks had been saved, so it was natural for her to be a little protective, right? And the way that Victoire had suddenly such an interest in him was probably just to make up for those two years they had hardly seen each other after their break-up. Victoire and he had always been close, ever since they were children. Life had seemed a little lacking without her.

And then Cara came along, and life wasn't as lacking anymore.

It was ridiculous of her to think he would leave her for Victoire. Sure he had a few lingering feelings, but it would take more than that for Teddy to jeopardize their relationship. Cara would have to turn into Voldemort himself for Teddy to push her away! And how likely was that to happen?

"Lupin, sit your arse down, you're making me dizzy with your pacing," a deep voice said.

Teddy turned to the voice, seeing Adam sat in a chair of his own massaging the headache from his head. Reluctantly, Teddy took his seat on Cara's other side, taking her limp hand in his and brushing the back of it with his thumb. He hoped that this would be the last time that he would be in this position, but knowing Cara and her knack for getting herself in as much trouble as he did, Teddy didn't put too much hope behind that thought. Adam was looking about as haggard and torn as Teddy in his seat. He wanted to join his parents and the others in their search for the Death eaters who had attacked Cara, but he too was firmly planted by Cara's side. At least until she woke up.

"It shouldn't be long now."

"She should have woken up by now Adam!"

Adam scoffed, "Have you forgotten how much Cara loves her sleep? I wouldn't put it past her to decide to sleep the day away simply because she can."

Teddy couldn't help smiling at that thought, knowing exactly how much Cara treasured her sleep. He had spent one too many a morning with an unusually sharp elbow to his face when trying to wake Cara up. But then she would always apologise and kiss him better. Plus, it made the mornings when she wasn't a monster to wake up that much more special. It was sort of exciting, never knowing what each morning with her would entail. It was always exciting being with her.

Seconds later, the door to the private hospital room opened, and in came Sirius and Lissa, both looking as worried as they had before leaving the hospital earlier that day. After a quick hug hello to the two boys, Lissa turned to her niece, placing a kiss onto her forehead and brushing back her dark hair from her face. Cara looked simply asleep, were it not for the unusually pale colour of her skin. Lissa gently caressed Cara's face, taking in her niece's peaceful features. Even her small button nose seemed peaceful. She looked angelic in her sleep, thick dark eyelashes resting on high cheekbones and long delicate eyebrows lying above her closed blue eyes, blue eyes that were piercing should you stray under their gaze. But Lissa knew how un-angelic she could be too.

Sirius looked back at the boys, "No change?"

Adam shook his head while Teddy slumped back into his seat, taking Cara's hand back in his. "The Healers checked everything, they don't know what's wrong with her. It wasn't the Cruciatus curse, I would have recognised it. They did something to her, I heard the screams to prove it, but they can't find out what."

Sirius patted him on the shoulder, "Chin up son, Cara's no weakling. She'll wake up soon enough, and then we might have more success in finding out what happened."

"Yeah I guess..." Adam muttered back, "How's the search going?"

"About as well as Cara's diagnosis. We know they're out there, but we can't find where."

"Maybe you're getting rusty old man, and us young folk should be out searching. We wouldn't want you breaking a hip bone now, would we?" Adam teased, a small smile on his face.

"Hey!" Sirius huffed, mock anger on his face, "I am not old, and my hips are just fine, ask your mother! Only last night we were-"


"Sorry dear, but he started it! Calling me old..."

Lissa rolled her eyes at her man. She loved his childish nature sometimes, but he was downright embarrassing sometimes too, and he never seemed to get self-conscious by anything he said! This was their son he was discussing their sex life to. Adam probably hadn't wanted to know, by the look on his face. In fact, he looked a little nauseous. "It serves you right, you're the one who insisted that he needed to learn how to talk back." Sirius frowned, remembering the day when Adam was only eleven. He had intended it to be only a defensive verbal manoeuvre should Adam need it, but the boy had taken to witty comebacks like a duck to water, and Sirius had been paying for it ever since. Oh to still be taller than Adam and have him listen to me...

The door to the private hospital room suddenly opened once again, and in walked a young Healer – by the uniform – with her ringlets of honey blonde hair streaked with red, tied back in a ponytail, showing off her heart-shaped face with a forehead a little too wide, and wide coffee coloured eyes lined with thick black eyeliner. Her full red lips were pulled into a polite smile as she looked at the group in the room surrounding the patient, but her eyes stopped on one of the men in the room.

Tall, dark and handsome. He was dressed a little scruffily, but even the way he stood exuded a quiet confidence.

There was also something quite familiar about him...

Shaking her head before she let her fantasies run away from her, she smiled again at the group, "Hello, I am Healer Landon-Cross, are you the family of the patient?"

Sirius smirked at the Healer, noticing her repeated glances at his son. "Yes, we're the family. And who are you my dear?" His smirk was wiped off his face by a punch to his arm from Adam, a small glare sent down at him, "What?"

Adam rolled his eyes, a small blush gracing his face, "Behave."

"Why?" Sirius asked in a whisper, genuinely confused. Usually Adam was his partner-in-crime in all manner of teasing. "Do you know her?"

Adam had recognised the young Healer the moment she had stepped into the room, and had reverted back into his tongue-tied fifteen year old self, rather than the usually confident twenty-eight year old he was now. Ellie Landon-Cross. The crush of his teenage years ever since he had first stumbled across her path in Hagrid's pumpkin patch after a visit to the half-giant. She had been with her friends, but Adam's eyes had only been on her. She looked like an angel to him.

Of course, with absolutely zero experience with the opposite sex in the romantic sense, Adam had seized up and fallen unusually silent in her presence – something that still seemed to happen even now – and left her with an impression of being another silly teenage boy. Not that he could have blamed her, he would admit that she usually made his mind go blank and act like a silly teenage boy. He hadn't seen her since she had left Hogwarts though, and she looked as beautiful as the day she left.

"Adam? Do you know her?"

Drawn back from his trip down memory lane, he saw a puzzled look on Sirius's face. "Oh, erm, only a little. I met her a couple of times in Hogwarts."

Sirius raised an eyebrow, noting the changes in Adam's behaviour the moment the young woman had stepped into the room. "I smell a crush-"

"Dad!" Adam hissed, "Shut up!"

"Oh I'm going to enjoy this..."

Lissa rolled her eyes at her boys, turning back to look at the young Healer watching the two bickering men with a confused look on her face. Poor dear, well I imagine she'll grow used to scenes like this if she starts seeing my boy. Lissa too had recognised the woman when she entered the room, not because of prior meetings with her, but because of descriptions she had been given. Too embarrassed to write to his father about his feelings and lack of dating prowess, Adam had taken to writing privately to his mother about his crush on this older woman – albeit only by one year – and Lissa had read one too many times how beautiful she was.

She was quite beautiful.

"Are you the Healer for Cara?"

Ellie dragged her eyes back to the only other conscious woman in the room and nodded her head. "Healer Harris was unfortunately called away to assist a particularly difficult case, but I assure you that you are in good hands."

Lissa nodded, moving to grab Sirius by his sleeve, "In which case, we shall leave Cara in your capable hands. We have our own work to do, so we'll be seeing you. Come along now Sirius."

"But Lissa love-"

"Now Sirius."

"Yes dear."

The couple left the room, and a slight awkward silence descended on the occupants of the hospital room. After a few more moments, Ellie proceeded to the end of Cara's bed and picked up and flipped open the file which magically updated on the patient's condition. Pushing aside his nerves for concern for his 'sister', and seeing as Teddy was too busy watching her face for any sign of her awakening, Adam walked up to Ellie's side and looked over her shoulder at the chart. It was covered in symbols and lines and charts, and made him more confused than ever. "So, erm, how is she?"

Ellie jumped slightly, too focused on the file in her hands to have noticed Adam's approach. She blinked up at him, momentarily lost in his dark eyes, before remembering he had asked her a question. "Er, she looks good, nothing bad. She's not in a coma, just a deep sleep."

"Good, good..." Adam said, falling silent again. His mind was completely blank again, and he was forcing himself not to blush.

Ellie flashed a smile at him, before asking the question she had been dying to since she saw him. "I'm sorry, I'm terrible with names, but do I know you?"

That brought a flush on his face, as Adam looked down to his feet as he nodded. "Erm, you might have seen me around in Hogwarts m-maybe? I was beneath you though- I mean below you- in the year below you."

A memory was beginning to work its way into Ellie's head, as she seemed to recognise him from her school days. "Well, it's nice to see you again...?"

"Adam Black," Adam said, before nervously holding his hand out for her to shake and hoping it wasn't sweaty with his nerves.

Ellie shook his hand with a bigger smile on her face now that she had a name to go with the face, "Ellie Landon-Cross." Adam smiled slightly at her as he dropped his hand, watching as she placed the file back at the foot of Cara's bed, and left the room to attend to her other patients.

"Aww, look Lupin, my brother's in love."

"Shut up Cara-" Adam reflexively snapped back, before turning and seeing Cara awake in her bed, blue eyes sparkling with amusement at the previously stuttering Adam. Beside her, Teddy was looking just as amused as she was. Adam forgot the annoyance he would usually have been feeling, in the joy he felt for his sister finally waking up. "Cara! You're awake!"

"Yeah, and you would have noticed sooner if you weren't ogling that young Healer of mine," Cara said with a smirk planted firmly on her face.

He rolled his eyes at her, before moving to drop a kiss on her forehead. "Well, since you're awake, I'll go spread the news and help in the search effort now."

Cara frowned in confusion, "Search effort?"

"Teddy'll explain, I'm going now, I feel the need for sweet revenge."

Cara watched, still confused as Adam left the room, a determined look on his face. She turned to look at Teddy, "What was that all about? What search?"

"I'll tell you later, it can wait," Teddy said, before stifling a big yawn, having stayed awake all night. Even though she was now awake, Cara was as pale as she was before, and winced ever now and from the pain still radiating from her shoulder at random periods.

Taking in the dark bags under his grey bloodshot eyes, and the five o'clock shadow covering his jaw, Cara could guess what he had been doing since she had arrived in the hospital. At least, she assumed she was in the hospital. Cara shuffled to the side of her bed, patting the free space beside her, "Come on Lupin, hop on, before those bags under your eyes drop to the floor." Teddy rolled his eyes at her, but slid into the bed beside Cara, slipping an arm behind her neck to act as her pillow as she turned on her right side to snuggle into him. Now with his arms around her, Cara was able to imagine the pain in her left shoulder slowly ebb away. After settling into a comfortable position, Cara decided to interrogate Teddy about this search that was going on, "So Lupin, tell me about this search."



Looking up, she saw Teddy had fallen asleep, arms still tightly wrapped around her, a relaxed look on his face again. Shaking her head at him, Cara reached up to brush his turquoise hair out of his way, before leaning up to place a soft kiss on his lips, and then resting her head on his shoulder again and falling back to sleep. Questions could wait until later.