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Tap Out

Another stupid fight. As much as they loved each other, they were inclined to bickering. Matt would have said it was due to Chris's attitude that he copped sometimes—much like that of his in ring jerk persona—eat shit and die type of thing. Matt knew that when Chris got into these moods, he didn't really mean the things he said, but still, he did at times grow tired of dealing with the childish mood swings. Then, there was his trademark stubbornness. The only saving grace there, was that Chris had met his match of wills with Matt. The dark haired man could be just as stubborn which was why their fights often ended badly. Luckily, they loved each other more than enough to eventually resolve any disagreement they had over whatever stupid thing had got under someones skin that time.

Anyway, it was reasonable that couples have their arguments, and what really mattered was that they always ended up resolved. Sometimes the resolution was one or both of them crying about how stupid they had been, and how much they loved the other, and didn't know how the other could put up with his stupidity or in Chris's case he liked to use the word 'assclownery' which more often than not made Matt's lips kick up into a grin. Sometimes it ended in them sitting down and having long, serious, conversations. Maybe one would apologize to the other and show his love by planning something romantic. Other times—a good bout of make-up sex did the trick.

Right now Chris was attempting the later, and personally his favorite form of resolution. Matt, on the other hand, was still grumpy and upset from last nights brawl of words and he shoved Chris' hands away when they tried to roam over his body, his torso nude, his lower half in a pair of jeans that fit him perfectly, especially in the ass Chris though. It was this that he grabbed next, still attempting to flirt and put Matt in a better mood, but his attempt got him a growl and another hand-swat. Chris leaned against the counter and watched, his blue eyes sparkling, as Matt angrily slammed slices of lunchmeat onto the bread he was using to make a sandwhich.

"Come on Matty, you're still not upset about last night, are you? Make up with me…it'll be all better I promise." Chris purred, stepping closer to Matt. He dipped his finger into the open mayonnaise jar and brought it out, slicked in the creamy white substance. Matt just glared at him as sucked on the finger. "Make you feel better…" Chris whined, tugging at the button of Matt's jeans and curling his fingers under the band. He got to his knees, but Matt pulled him up to his feet, clearly unhappy.

"Leave me alone!" He grumbled, and smashed the top slice of bread onto his sandwich. He moved into the living room, annoyed that Chris was still trailing behind him and was now whining like needful puppy.

"But Matty…"

"Damn it Chris, can't you just apologize?" Matt dropped onto the couch and childishly scooted to the other end when Chris sat next to him. That earned him a throw pillow tossed at his head, and now Chris was scowling.

"I'm trying to you jackmule!"

"No Chris, you're not trying to apologize! You're trying to give me head in the kitchen and be seductive with fucking mayonnaise! News for ya, it's not workin'!"

Matt's dark eyes blazed, fiery. He chomped into his sandwich so hard that he bit his tongue and tasted blood. Right now, it didn't matter. He was too angry to care.

"Wow, I'm such a horrible guy!" Chris dramatized, his voice dripping with sarcasm. "I wanted to please my husband? I'm the biggest douche ever!"

"Yeah." Matt snorted.

Chris narrowed his eyes, now just as angry as he'd been the night before, and no longer feeling the need to apologize to his ungrateful husband.

"You know Matt--"

"Shut up, Chris just—do you ever shut up? I'm sick of hearing it just shut the fuck up!" Matt got up and took his half eaten sandwich into the kitchen, and tossed it into the garbage. Chris had followed on his heels again, this time less like a lost puppy, and more like a lion stalking the kid who'd poked it one too many times with a sharp stick. "Jesus Christopher, get away from me!" Matt shouted, pushing past Chris who was glaring fit to kill.

"This is my house too, I can go wherever the hell I wanna go and it doesn't matter if Mr. Kiss-My-Ass Matthew Moore Fuck-Face cares or not! What? You don't want me around you?" Now Chris was taunting Matt, standing in front of him, moving every time Matt tried to move, in that kind of awkward dance two people do when they're trying to walk around each other but keep moving the same way.

"Chris, I'm not even in the mood…" Matt tried again to side step the blond annoyance in front of him, and Chris once again blocked his way like a guard on the basketball court. Suddenly, Matt wished he had the strength and size of The Big Show, that he could just pluck Chris up like he was a leaf and sit him on some high shelf where he'd have to stay out of Matt's way until he decided to stop being such a chumpstain.

"I am." Chris snarled. "I can do this all day. This is your fault, Matt. I was trying to be the good guy, but no you just had to keep up the fighting. You just had to drag it on and be your stubborn self!" Chris jabbed his finger into Matt's bare chest. "Well, that was your chance and you blew it. Now you get to be the one to apologize to me because--"

"I'm not apologizing to you Christopher. The reason this whole thing started was your fault! You and your jerk-off little mood swings--"

"It was NOT my fault! And I don't have mood swings either!" He snapped, finally allowing Matt to get around him, and following him back into the kitchen. "Let me tell you something, you gelatinous tapeworm--"

"Here we go." Matt murmured under his breath, rolling his eyes.

"Don't you dare roll your goddam eyes at me!"

"I just did."

They were toe to toe again, glaring hot daggers at one another.

"Apologize to me!" Chris demanded.

"No! You apologize to me!" Matt retorted.

"I tried. You didn't want my apology. It's off the table now!" Chris snapped.

"You know what you're problem is Chris? Nothing gets through to you. Nothing gets through to you but sex. That's all you think about, that's all you want--"

"You know that isn't true!"

Matt smirked darkly, seeing the hurt in Chris' eyes, and at the moment being glad for it. He was too caught up in the moment to stop and think about what he was saying, his mouth was running off on its own accord.

"It is true. Chris, you're a whore. You were before you met me, and even still--"

Tears were stinging at Chris' eyes, hot and angry and hurt, but he refused to let them fall. He back Matt into the wall, his hands shoving his shoulders back hard.

"If I'm a whore, then so are you." Chris said quietly, his nose just inches from Matt's. "I'm not the only one in this house who likes it, don't act like you haven't begged me. I can remember many times you've got on your knees to 'apologize' to me with that whining, mewling mouth of yours. Slut."

Matt snorted.

"Chris, I could hold out on you. If I denied you for one night, by the next you'd be crying for me to put you out of your misery."

There was a long moment between the two men. Chris' expression was somewhere between anger, tears, and maybe even amusement on some level. The longer the silence lasted, Matt's anger began to melt just a tad bit, and he thought for a brief moment, that maybe he shouldn't have said some of those things to Chris…but Chris' hadn't used kid-gloves. He'd said things just as bad.

"Let's just see then." Chris finally said, breaking the silence. "Let's see who gives to who first."


"From this moment, no sex. No oral." Chris said, letting go of Matt's shoulders, and taking a step back. "Touching's okay. My goal is to break you, your goal is to break me. Let's see Matt, who the stronger man is. Then, when I have you writhing and begging me to put my thick cock in your ass, then you can apologize to me and admit you were wrong."

With that, Chris captured Matt's lips, and swirled his tongue around his mouth, before Matt roughly pushed him away. Chris chuckled, and left Matt alone in the living room. The dark haired man scrubbed his lips against the back of his hand, muttering.

"We'll see Christopher. We'll see."

This is how it's going to be with this story, Chris is trying to break Matt, Matt is trying to break Chris. Each chapter will be one trying to make the other give in. My Jericho muse (or which ever muse decides to help) and I author the CHRIS chapters and Dark Kaneanite along with her musi are doing the MATT chapters. Each chapter will be titled with the name of either CHRIS or MATT accordingly.

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