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Chris woke in the middle of the night to find that he'd flung his arm over nothing, instead of a warm body which he craved so dearly. He opened his eyes and blinked into the shadows, confirming that Matt wasn't there. His heart seemed to skip a few beats and tighten in his chest. The first thought to come into his mind was that last night had been a game--Matt had done all of those sweet romantic things only to get back at Chris for starting that stupid sex bet. Now after a one night of return, Matt had left him again.

Chris stumbled out of bed and raced through the house, sighing when he skated into the living room and saw Matt sitting slumped onto the couch. The T.V. was on but muted, flashing colors of light over the room. The only sounds were a few sniffles that alerted Chris that Matt was crying. He padded over to the couch and curled up next to Matt, watching the light flicker across his wet face.

"Baby, what's wrong?" Chris asked, reaching over to smear away one of the glimmering trails.

Matt's head snapped up and he hastily palmed away the rest, working a weak smile onto his face.

"No-nothi--" He dropped his eyes, more tears slipping from beneath the long lashes and adding more wet spots to his pants. "I-I can't do this Chris. I can't keep this up." He raised his eyes again, begging Chris to understand what he was saying even though he wasn't sure himself what he was getting at. "I know I love you, and I know how this started and how you keep saying that you never meant those things you said about settling, but--but Chris words like that don't just pop out. They have to had existed in some way, shape, or form, and it's eating at me, trying to figure out how and why....I'm so tired Chris, so emotionally drained...." Matt trailed off, the tears slipping faster and harder than before.

Chris moved away from Matt a little, and looked down at his hands as they blurred under his own tears.

"Matt, it's just me. I say stupid things. I say things I don't think about, things I don't mean, all the time. I don't know what's wrong with me. There's no way I had to settle for you, if anything it's reversed. You deserve someone better than me. Matt you're the sweetest, kindest person I've ever known and you have this assclown tendency to apparently fall for loud mouth, arrogant, idiots like myself. I don't know what else to say, just that I'm sorry those words ever left my mouth. I wish I could take them back. I wish I could choke on them." Chris finished, wiping his nose on his arm.

The words wormed their way into Matt's brain, working their way down to the aching hole that had taken up residence where his heart usually sat.

"Chris...I want to, I really do want to believe what you're saying. My heart is begging me too."

Matt couldn't take the sight of Chris crying too, his face contorted as the watery diamonds spilt down his cheeks. With his own heart still breaking, Matt pulled Chris into his arms, holding him close and caressing the strong back, his fingers weaving light designs as he comforted the blond man.

"Chris..." Matt's forced the words from his throat that had been burning through his chest. "Chris, Chrissy…I want this behind us in the worst way, but I'm not sure we can work past this, but though I would like to try, even with everything that was said ." his next words soft and choked. "I don't care if that makes me weak in your eyes Chris."

"It doesn't make you weak Matty, and if you were to just turn around and walk out on me instead, that's what I really deserve."

Chris pulled away from Matt, his guilt eating him up. He wanted nothing more than to feel Matt's arms around him, but at the same time it didn't feel right that he should have such a simple gesture of affection after his own stupid actions.

"This bet is what started it all." Chris went on, with a despairing sigh. "I shouldn't have ever done something so stupid. It was never supposed to turn out like this. Sex has ruined our relationship."

Chris picked up the remote and switched the T.V. off, then leaned back onto the couch cushions.

"I don't know if it means anything anymore, but that fucking bet is done with." Chris wiped at the tears on his face. "I don't care about it all."

Matt swallowed and nodded his head; taking one of Chris' hands into his own bringing it up to his lips.

"Why don't we start over Chris, from the beginning." He took a deep breath and stared into Chris' eyes. "Hey, I'm Matt Hardy and I just wanted to know if you sleep on your stomach..."

Chris blinked stupidly for a moment.

"Do you use that line on all the girls?" He finally said, shaking his head with a small smile. "I sleep on my back. It's good position." Chris took a chance, and leaned over to softly kiss Matt's lips. "I'm Chris Irvine, and I love you."

Matt smiled against Chris' lips, losing himself in the feel of the soft petals that he had been longing for, murmuring against them.

"Good, because I love you too..."

"We should have marriage counseling, but we'd probably scare the poor therapist away." Chris said, pulling away from the kiss a little. "I would do anything to help us stay together. When I married you, all I thought about was us being together for the rest of our lives. You're that person I wanted to share everything with, and grow old with. Besides, one of these days I won't be sexy anymore, I'll be Y2Bengay, and who'll want me then but you? Silly hick."

"Chris, I don't think anyone would be able to put up with us airing our relationship issues." Matt swallowed hard as he raked his fingers softly through Chris' blond locks "When I pledged myself to you I pledged myself for life, and I want nothing more to wake up with you by my side every day. I'll always want you Chris, always."

"Well, let's go to sleep then." Chris got up from the couch, and took Matt's hand. "Then in the morning, we can wake up next to each other, and start out a new day, and try to make things better between us."

"I'd like that Chris, I'd really like that."

Matt let Chris pull his up, wrapping his arms around Chris' waist and just breathing in the scent of the man that he loved more than life. Slowly and deeply he pressed a kiss to Chris' lips, smiling after he pulled away.

"To a new start, baby." Matt linked their fingers and started towards their room, pulling Chris along behind him slowly.


Chris woke up slowly, and smiled as his eyes focused on the curled up form of the man next to him. He reached out and stroked Matt's hair for a moment, knowing that he wasn't a light sleeper and it probably wouldn't wake him up. The soft curls felt like velvet twining around his fingers and it was a familiar and comforting feeling that he'd lately taken for granted. After a few more moments of enjoying the simple touches, Chris rolled out of bed and quietly made his way to the kitchen. He grabbed this silly apron that they always kept around the kitchen for laughs. It said 'Kiss The Cock'. Chris smiled to himself as he put it on over his bare torso, tying it in the back above the band of his boxer shorts.

He had planned on starting the day with cooking Matt a southern style breakfast and serving it to him in bed. Then maybe they could just lounge around all day enjoying each others company, and starting to get back on track.

After making a mess of the kitchen, Chris finished the breakfast and piled everything onto a tray: Eggs, bacon, sausage, hashbrowns, grits, and orange juice. It seemed pretty southern to Chris, who normally left that kind of cooking to Matt. Usually when it was Chris's turn he whipped up some French toast, and then half of the time they ended up playing with the powdered sugar and syrup.

As Chris carried the tray to the bedroom, he remembered an image of Matt with his face streaked and smeared with the soft white sugar and sticky syrup, and it made his smile widen into an amused grin. Chris crossed the bedroom and sat the tray aside on the nightstand, then climbed onto the bed next to Matt. He bent and placed a kiss to his lips.

"Matty? Wake up darling, your room service is here."

Matt groggily opened his eyes, squinting them as he looked around the room

"Whaa? Ah, thought Ah was at home..." Matt trailed off as he shook his head, clearing away the cob webby fingers of his slumber. His eyes opened fully when he saw Chris sitting next to him. With a smile he leaned up and placed a light kiss to Chris' lips, noting the wonderful breakfast scent and the apron. "Smells wonderful Chrissy, what all did you cook? Seems like more than French toast."

"No French toast today. I channeled my inner Paula Dean to try and make something that's more up your alley."

Chris moved the tray over and placed it in Matt's lap. He took the fork and cut off a piece of one of the sausage links.

"Want a bite?"

Chris brought the morsel to Matt's lips watching as his lips wrapped around the offered bit Slowly Matt used his tongue to slip the bite from the tines of the fork, savoring the flavor as he chewed slowly.

"Mmmm, your sausage tastes delicious Chris."

Matt couldn't stop the smirk that twisted his lips as took the fork and cut a bite off for Chris, and offered it to him.

"Here, taste..."

Chris smirked and shook his head a little at the innuendo.

"Nah, I made this for you, you eat it. Besides, I prefer your sausage."

Chris bit his lip, telling himself that he shouldn't have furthered the sexual jokes. He was hoping that the morning wouldn't just spiral into a carnal sex scene because of how fragile things seemed to be right now. Not to mention, all of this started over sex anyway. But then again, maybe it was what they needed. Chris shifted on the bed trying to put his mind in a less guttery place.

"Try the grits. I've never done them before so I'm betting I probably screwed that up. We don't eat grits up in the frozen tundra, eh."

"I'm sure you did just fine."

Matt picked up the spoon and scooped some up, slipping the utensil slowly into his mouth and making smacking noises as he screwed his face up in an expression as if he was a food critic. With a gasp he dropped the spoon and pitched to the side, falling off the bed and onto the floor, making all sorts of noises and gagging before going completely quiet. He knew that it was probably too soon to be acting as if everything was fine, but he hated the shadowed doubt in Chris' eyes and decided to do something to alleviate it.

Chris couldn't help but smile at Matt's antics. He hopped from the bed and knelt on the floor next to Matt.

"Oh no, he's not breathing! I think I need to administer CPR!"

Chris rolled the crumpled man over and pressed his lips to Matt's, sweeping his tongue inside and then pulling away.

"Did it work?"

With fluttering eyelids Matt reached out and snaked his arms around Chris' waist, looking up at him through half lidded eyes as his body responded instantly to the sweet torment of Chris' body weight pressing down on him.

"I don't know, you might have to do it again."

He let his head fall back to the side, this time leaving his lips slightly opened for Chris. With a small smile, Chris kissed Matt again. He closed his eyes, savoring the sweet feel of Matt's lips against his. He flicked his tongue over the plump pink petals, unable to help the low sigh that escaped him as their mouths moved together tasting and exploring slowly as though hurrying would spoil it. It reminded Chris of their first time together when their bodies were still new to each other and each time Matt had touched him somewhere unexplored, it did things to him that he'd never felt with another.

"Mmmm, Chrissy."

Matt whimpered, his hands moving down to cup the rounded backside that he had fallen in lust with at first glance. Their eyes locked and held and Matt was instantly thrown back to their first date, to how nervous he was to be sitting across from Chris in the intimate setting.

"Matt, I've missed you so much. The more that stupid be went on, everything else just got kind of got consumed by needing you in a different way, and Matty you mean so much more to me than that."

Chris stroked Matt's cheek with a trembling hand, trying his best not to lose his mind to the sensations of Matt's hands on his ass. After such a long time, even the simple feel of Matt's palms resting against his backside was highly arousing, not to mention the effect of that whimper that had worked its way past Matt's lips. Chris sighed, fighting with his body.

"I love you so much..." He tried to keep the wine out of his voice but even he heard it there.

"I love you too Chris, so much more than you know."

The slight lilt in Chris' voice shot straight through Matt and his hands tightened their grip on the round orbs in their grasp. His ears wanted to hear one of Chris' beautiful yelps that the action always brought. His mind started to dissolve into a sex hazed mush and he shook his head, fighting it down as he moved one of his hands and palmed Chris' face gently, focusing hard on the task at hand; fixing them before fixing their bodies.

"I'm a very, very lucky man to have you." Matt smiled.

"Me too, babe."

Chris shifted forward, wrapping his fingers into Matt's hair, and kissing him again, unable to resist the allure of the pouty wet lips any more. Kissing Matt was so wonderful, and right now it seemed almost better than it had ever been before. He moved his lips over Matt's chin and down his neck, stopping to nibble a little at the base.

"Oh Matt, you feel and taste so damn good my angel."

With a barely swallowed groan Matt's hips arched up of their own accord, the feel of the soft nips to the hollow of his throat further shutting his brain down as his body responded to the light touches and kisses.

"Ch-Chris, I don't know how much longer...I wanna fix us, but I can't think with you doing that."

With a husky whimper Matt cupped Chris' face and brought it back to his, kissing him thoroughly.

"I want you so much right now!"

"Ooh Matty, I want you so much too."

Chris murmured against Matt's full, wet lips. His hands roamed over Matt's bared torso. The feeling of Matt's flesh twitching and shivering beneath his touch seemed to be sending charges straight to that spot between his legs. Chris's cheeks warmed with a deep blush as his body heated, and his breaths were starting to come harder, only stolen away when Matt's tongue probed into his mouth again, tangling with his own.

Matt's head felt light, his body as if made from glass and if Chris pulled away that he'd shatter. The lack of oxygen between them finally made Matt break away, his eyes glazed over as he gulped in large lungfuls of air.

"God Chris, you get under my skin so easily, you're this itch I can't scratch, this addiction that I can't shake. I want this so much baby, but I want to know that we've moved on, that we've put everything behind us."

Matt trailed off and stared into Chris's eyes, all his anger and hurt at carelessly flung words washed away by the rightness of Chris pressed against him. Chris's eyes teared up a little as pieces and broken glimpses of the past weeks played back in his mind. It was all so stupid and careless. What had ever driven them to agree to such a bet must have been sheer stupidity, at least on Chris's part if not for the both of them.

"Never again." Chris said, shaking his head. "That bet, and some of the things I said, those are all at the top of my "stupidest things I've ever done" list. I never want to go back there, and I'm just sorry that we had to even go there in the first place. I just want to be back with the man I love, not trying to out do or break each other, but just holding onto each other...falling asleep together during a movie, walking in the rain, singing in the car, just sharing each other. That's all I want, that's all I ever wanted."

Tears sprung to Matt's eyes too, and he held Chris close, practically squeezing until he couldn't breathe.

"Christopher I want that so much, I want to be back to where we were, to where we can just be us, and not these angry versions where it's nothing but yelling. I'm so sorry for everything, for marking you baby, I never, ever should have put my hands on you. Please forgive me Christopher."

"Matt, don't apologize for it. I more than deserved it. I...I hit you too."

He hung his head, some of the crystal tears falling from his eyes and dropping onto Matt's chest. There was no excuse for laying his hands on Matt and it almost made him sick to realize it had come to that, and to remember the hurt look deep in Matt's eyes. Chris's hand moved to Matt's cheek, so gently caressing it, wishing he could take back the foolish slap, along with all the rest of it.

"I'm going to spend the rest of my life making up for this, every day I'm going to pour my love onto you and never stop."

"How about we just spend the rest of our lives loving one another, and we'll call it even." Matt answered, nuzzling into Chris's hand. "We were both stupid and acted out of sexually frustrated anger. I can put it behind me Chris if you can."

Softly Matt laid kisses to Chris' throat, inhaling deep the scent that while he knew it every day, never smelled as sweet as it did right then. Chris nodded, wiping away his tears. He took Matt's left hand in his and brought it to his lips, kissing the gold band that symbolized the bond between them. Mirroring Chris' action, Matt kissed the smooth gold band then turned the soft hand over and left a trail of kisses across the palm and up to Chris' wrist, his other hand caressing Chris' lower back.

"To us, for now and forever."

"Always. What we have is too special to be broken. No matter what kind of strain or hardship we go through, our love is never going to tap out."

Chris smiled, his tears dried. For the first time in what seemed like ages, he felt peace between them again. It was such a good feeling, that it made him let out a slow sigh of relief.

"Now babe, where were we?"

Chris moved down Matt's body, his hands carefully teasing and re-acquainting with each inch. Above them on the night stand, the numbers on the alarm clock kept time, but for them it stood still. The breakfast was left almost untouched on the bed, growing cold, but it didn't matter. Outside the lazy morning eventually turned to noon, moving on, as Chris and Matt held each other tight, moving on as well, and never letting go.