Disclaimer: I do not possess any featured characters from the film Four Brothers, which is directed by John Singleton and is based on the screenplay by David Elliot and Paul Lovett. I am not the creator.

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Warning 2: No beta reader. Apologies for everything wrong, such as any character personality discrepancies, in this drabble.

The First To Go

By Jan J. (P.J.P.), Little Sister's Keepress

"We're gonna get killed," Jack had announced.

Angel Mercer had surreptitiously exchanged looks with Bobby. From that solemn yet swift clash between brown eyes and hazel, both pairs of irises had unanimously mirrored gusts of finality and stricken fierceness.

Swiveling around to face Jack and slamming his little brother with a glare, the Marine had barked out, "What do you mean 'we,' white boy?"

If the word "we" were personified, then "w" would be Bobby and "e" would be Angel, but, well, look at that. "We" only has two letters. Jack could never be a part of "we."

While Angel and Bobby had always allowed the youngest Mercer to tag along with them on their exploits, the duo had always acted as a shield in front of Jack. Little Jackie—all right, so he was taller than the both of them now—would either be right next to them or behind them. The lanky musician would never be in front of them. If anyone were firing shots or throwing punches, then Angel and Bobby would be the first to deflect them. No way was Jack ever strolling out before being protected by his brothers. No way was that kid ever going to die before his brothers.

Angel stares in utter shock at the body before him. He cannot hear what Bobby is saying, and Jerry is just sitting there. All the soldier can do is lean over Jack who is silent on the snow.

He still cannot believe it. Angel thought that he left the war behind when he came home. He thought that he would be the one to bleed from gun shots. To be another war casualty. Not Jack.

It figures that if Angel left the war behind and always encourages Jack to stay behind him war would eventually swipe at Jackie behind Angel's back.

Angel sobs. He is so pathetic that all he can do is cry like the baby he is. He probably beats out Jack in the crying department. Sometimes Angel wonders if he has a little sister instead of a little brother. Then, it hits him. Angel does not have a little brother anymore. Angel is the youngest Mercer alive. He is the baby brother now. Not Jack.