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It was the week after Wilson had purchase Cuddy's loft. Both House and Wilson spent the entire week avoiding Cuddy because they knew once she found out, she'd mad as hell. It didn't take Cuddy long to find out and indeed she was angry. And of course, the first person that came to mind was House. She also realizes that both Wilson and House were avoiding her. So she decided to pay House a visit. When she arrived at his office, she saw that he was fully focused on the file that was laid out in front of him. After few seconds of staring at him, she pushes the glass door open and entered his office. She stood 2 feet away from his desk and stared at him with angry eyes. Feeling the presence of someone in the same room as him, he took his attention off the file to see who it was. He wasn't surprise to see Cuddy standing there. He knew sooner or later she'd blame him for what happened to her loft.

"Cuddy, what do I----"

"Oh cut the crap!" Cuddy cut him off.

"How could you do this to me? After I told you that there was nothing between us and that probably there will never be anything between us, you still tried to ruin my relationship with Lucas. House, we were going to buy that house and start something special there." Cuddy said in an enraged voice. House got up from his chair, went around his desk, stood a few inches away from Cuddy, and looked her in the eye. "There are two things wrong with what you just said. One, after thanksgiving, I wouldn't dream of ruining your so called relationship. And two, I didn't buy your damn loft, Wilson did. Now if you'd excuse me, I have a life to go save." House said coldly before leaving his office and leaving her standing there alone. As she stood there alone, she felt somewhat hurt and guilty by his words. When did things get like this between us House? She thought to herself.

Cuddy had returned down to her office and sat behind her desk thinking about her conversation she had with House earlier. Failing to get any work completed, she felt that she needed to talk to someone, so she went to go see Wilson. When she got to his office, she softly knocked on his door. "Come in" she heard him say. She opened the door and walked in and sat on his couch.

"Hey" Wilson greeted her. He could that she wanted to about something.

"I talked to House Earlier." said she looking at the floor.

"Oh, what happened?" Wilson asked.

"I was angry about my loft and I thought that he had full responsibility for what happened. I asked him why he would try to ruin my relationship with Lucas. He told me after thanksgiving, he wouldn't dream about ruining my relationship. And that he didn't buy my loft, you did. Why Wilson?" she asked. She didn't except Wilson to do something like that to her or anyone as a matter of fact.

"You hurt my friend, so you had to be punish." He implied in a simple tone.

"Wait, now am the bad person in this situation? Why are you on his side?" she asked. At this point was Wilson was angry.

"This time he didn't do anything wrong, you did. You ask how could I? How could you? I mean am glad you found some type of happiness with Lucas but telling him about House's hallucinations was uncalled for. It was none of his business to begin with. And to top it all, what you did on thanksgiving was very low. Even House, the biggest jerk of them all, wouldn't do something like that. House was trying to show you that he changed." Wilson stated in a wrathful manner. He was going to continue but stopped his self because saw that Cuddy was on the verge of tears. After a moment of silence, when Wilson was sure that he calmed his self down, " If this is how it's going to be from now on, I mean if this is how you're going to act towards House, then I advise you to keep your distance from him." He said in a calm voice. Slighting nodding, Cuddy got up and left his office. She decided she had enough for the day.

It was around 11 pm and Cuddy was preparing to leave the hospital. As made her way through the parking lot, she thought about the latest events in her life. She was happy that she found a man like Lucas. She glad because she finally had man who she could depend on being there when she needed him. A man to love her when she was right, when she was wrong, when she was at her highs and at her lows. She got to her car, open the door, and got in. She put her hands on the wheel and let out of a heavy sign. Yeah, it was great that she had the man of her dreams but in the process, lost two close personal friends, if not, her only two friends. She starts the car and looks straight ahead. Lucas is a great but was he worth loosing two friends who has been through the thick and thin with her?

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