"Where's Connor?"
Jess was in the imfermery at Romatech in great pain. He new best friend Onyx was holding her hand as Roman gave Jess some pain killers.
"Connor will be here in a bit. He went to go get your brothers. They'll be her in a bit."
Jess scream as another sharp pain shot through squezzed Onyx's hand. "Roman please the medicine isn't helping."
"Its alright just let it sink it. Be patient Jess."
Just then her brothers adn Connor ran in. Connor went right to her. "I'm here love. I'm here." He took hold of her hand as Don walked over to Onyx adn placed a hand on her back adn kissed her temple.
"Thanks for being here."
"I would not not be here,"she placed a hand on her own stomach, "not when were next." She kissed Don and looked back at Jess.
Roman sat at the foot of the bed. "Okay Jess when I tell you push."
She nodded adn looked up at Connor who was smiling. "You wouldn't be smiling if you where here with this pain."
He laughed. "Sorry love."
"Okay bar down Jess adn push."
Jess pushed and scream for the pain that shot through her. Connor help her hand as he rubbed her back. He brother had moved from the foot of the bed to the head.
"Release jess the heads crowning."
"I hope its a girl."
Connor laughed. "Nay it'll be a boy. With his mothers eyes."
"Okay push." Jess did and for what seemed like an hour she hear a babies lusty cries.
"Its a girl."
Jess laughed. " She has to be named after my mother Adora and after yours so Adora Jennifer Buchanan."
Connor smiled and looked down at his daughter. She had her mother beautiful heir and his eyes. A perfect blend he would charish.
"We have a beautiful daughter... Tino had a girl to float around the ceiling with."
Jess swatted his arm.. Roman took Adora to the side and cleaned ehr up with Shanna's help. A gasp from Jess made him looked back.
"I don't know."
Roman sat back down to see hair coming out. "Oh lordy here come another."
Connor looked up. "Two?"
Jess pushed adn another babies lust cry followed the other.
"It's a boy."
Jess smiled at Connor."You name him."
"After our fathers. "Duncan Jason Buchanan."
Jess looked he had Connors hair and her eyes.
Roman finished cleaned him and placed her daughter in Connor's arms adn her son in hers.
"Thier beautiful."
Connor couldn't speak he had two beautiful babies. "I'm glad Onyx can be around to help you during the day."
"We'll manage love. Although I have a feeling you'll spoil them... Here take your son adn let everyone see."
Connor gently help both his daughter adn son and went outside to show everyone.
Jess hered the excitement as she slipped.

Outside connor walked around letting everyone see his babies then knowing a new mother can be protective he went back to her side to see her fast asleep. Careful not to wake the two precious jewels in his arms he layed this in the crib adn covered them up. Then turning to his wife he kissed her cheek.
"I love ye."