"I did what I could." Gohan heard a high pitched voice coming from within Kami's palace. Recognizing it, he stepped into the building to see Bra laying unconscious within, Chiaotzu hovering over her with sweat bedded on his face from what obviously took a lot out of him.

"You did good, Chiaotzu." Vegeto's voice was stoic, and his demeanor as he leaned against a pillar overlooking the affair was detached and concerned. "She's asleep now, at least."

Chiaotzu shook his head. "That wasn't hard. I'm sorry I couldn't do more."

Their attention was drawn to a sudden, familiar, presence in the room. Landing with little noise, the Supreme Kai spoke up. "Nor should you blame yourself for it. This is a rare situation, and never before has it happened to someone of her power. When she wakes up, she'll be a very real threat to not just us, but the universe." He raised his hands and pointed down towards her.

His attempted action was left incomplete as Vegeto snatched the larger man around the throat and hoisted him up off of the ground. "I don't give a damned what kind of threat she is. If you harm my daughter the Grand Kai will be getting a promotion."

He dropped the Kai, who fell to the floor unceremoniously while rubbing his throat. "I wasn't going to hurt her."He coughed out, while raising from the ground."Something has to be done about that Ki running rampant through her body. There's no way to separate it from her without…" He trailed off, the present company familiar with what he meant. "In a normal human being, it might be possible to seal it away, but…"

"Our transformations are adaptive." Gohan said as he entered the room proper, to stand beside his father while looking down at his sister and the Supreme Kai.

"Yes. If the powers locked away, it's entirely possible that her transformations will just adapt to tap into the sealed power." He shook his head. "With your permission, I'd like to attempt to see if I can at least temper it a bit. If I can stream it through more seamlessly with her existing power, it should at least restrain it better." He paused, uncertain. "There…will be some changes to her, regardless of what's done. And I can't say for certain what the effect on her transformations will be even if I do this."

Vegeto shook his head. "Do what you have to, kai. What's the alternative? My daughter runs around like that lunatic Brolly?"

The Supreme Kai nodded and crouched over her prone form, placing his hands to rest a short distance over her chest. A slight glow radiated from him and over her body, which responded by lighting up with a fierce blue light. Slowly though, little flickers of sickly green ran through it, little flashes and streaks until it was running throughout her entire aura intertwined with the blue.

The supreme kai's energy pulsed, the sickly green ki began swirling in her blue, intermixing and stabilizing within it, causing the aura as a whole to take on a slightly disturbed blue look. His eyebrows furrowed as he worked. "This isn't right. She absorbed more of the Ki than is here…"

He caught his breath in his throat as her eyes shot open, teal colored, and her aura exploded with a sickly golden green. The sudden burst of power tossed him back and through the wall of the lookout as her father and brother braced themselves. As a bloodthirsty scream escaped her throat and she launched forwards, Vegeto appeared behind her and wrapped his arms around her shoulders pinning her own to her sides. Her response was to kick and scream as a fury of ki flowed around her, a with a burst of rage from her mouth vaporizing a large section of wall.

"Hold her steady!" The supreme kai shouted as he staggered back in, holding his hands back up and causing her aura to fluctuate. He pressed as much as he could into it, causing the sickly aura to pull back and away, leaving her natural golden aura to take dominance. The murky confusion in her eyes faded away as she looked up and over her shoulder. "Daddy? What's happening to me?"

Vegeto choked for a moment and didn't speak, obviously disturbed by the events. "You're…sick." He said finally. "The Kai is trying to make you better."

But as quickly as the clarity had came over her features it was gone again as Broly's aura flooded back through and taking over her own. Rage flooded back over her features, and sweat poured down Shin's face as he resisted the torrent with everything he had.

Falling to one knee, he grunted as the sheer power of the tainted ki began to overtake him when he suddenly felt a hand rest against his back, and energy flood through him. Familiar energy, energy that he could use, energy granted by a Kai. Without glancing over his shoulder he offered a thanks to Gohan as he channeled the new source of power into his fight.

The corrupted ki began to lose its cohesion, breaking apart within the girls ki. After a few minutes it completely dissipated, leaving the girls normally golden ki with only a slight, overall look of corrosion.

She fell quite for a moment and fell limply in her father's arms. It wouldn't be enough, though, as one last explosion of energy rocked through her causing her hair to spike further in a wild display, lightning coursing through her aura as she ascended further.

Shin let out a sigh of desperation and hopelessness as he looked on, no trace of the girls natural Ki in the form. They all felt the raise in power, with Vegeto flashing golden and Gohan having just enough time to push Shin behind him before the sudden explosion of power overwhelmed their senses.

When it cleared, Vegeto was being driven back due to an onslaught of berserker attacks from his younger daughter. He was taking little real damage, but his unwillingness to fight back was making what little damage getting passed around to fall on his shoulders.

Grabbing onto a capsule that looked similar to what he had used against Broly, Gohan waited until Vegeto deflected one of Bra's attacks and sent her tumbling away before tossing it at her. The sudden shield burst to life around her, and much like Broly earlier, she through all of her rage against it attempting to break through with little success. Unlike Broly, however, she wasn't invincible and the explosions she tossed against it caused serious burns and wounds across her body. Still she continued.

"Shut it off!" Vegeto yelled as he flew towards it. "She's killing herself!"

Gohan yelped an agreement and reached into his pocket to fish out the remote, eyes flickering down towards it, missing the sickening grin that flickered across his sister's face as he did so. When he glanced up she was no longer in the shell of energy, and he only registered her energy behind him less than a moment before her hand burst out his chest.

Only a moment later Vegeto flashed passed him and slammed into his daughter, violently ripping the hand out of his son's chest in the process. Gohan groaned and collapsed to his knees as blood pooled around him, even as his brain figured out how long he could stave off brain death without a heart.

It was a short lived near death experience as he felt a warmth of energy flood through him and his wounds sealed up as his body stitched itself back together.

"Thanks…Shin." He said as he rubbed the tender spot and wearily got back to his feat, the Kai not having near the energy at this point to restore his strength. "The weakness of the item. Teleportation techniques bend space and time, so they can bypass the space that it occupies." He shook his head. "I expect her to be in a blind, berserk state like Brolly…but it seems like she still has some intelligence, enough to use her techniques."

A sudden overwhelming sense of pressure and power overwhelmed them from the fight overhead, and a moment later an Ascended Vegeto landed in front of them, a struggling Bra pinned to his chest.

Gohan noticed Shin glance to Choatzu, and a moment later Bra stopped struggling. Both grew more serious as they devoted what energy they had left to dive into the young girls mind and soul, her aura lighting back up, fluctuating and pulsing. Like earlier, the sickly Ki began to smooth out, but unlike with the lower forms there wasn't enough of Bra's natural ki in this form to mix with. Even as Shin manage to smooth it out as best as he could, he realized there was no hope that he could give her anything resembling real control in this form.

It was just enough, though, that as the murkiness of her eyes cleared slightly allowing her to take in the destruction that she had caused she let out a scream of shock and regret and her aura died away as she passed out.

"Why didn't you ascende earlier?" Gohan spat as he pulled himself back onto his feat, having been knocked down in the last exchange of power.

Vegeto pointed up, and Gohan realized there was a shimmering shield flickering around the lookout. "I wasn't sure it would contain me transforming. We can't let Cell see out hand. As dangerous as your sister is, he is far worse. In the end, I had to risk it though."

Gohan nodded with some slight understanding. "How'd you…"

A slight, false, chuckle from Vegeto as he struggled to keep his spirits up. "Bulma has been drawing up a system that crosses the entire planet the past year. She was waiting for us to have a chance to test it, but…" He trailed off. "If we cloak the entire planet, Cell's bound to notice. But if we just disappear for short periods of time that's no different than us going into the time chamber."

He sighed and walked over to the Kai, who was dusting himself off. "So, what's the verdict? Is she going to be alright?"

Shin shook his head, a degree of sadness to the action. "Mostly. There's going to be a lot of aggression and anger that wasn't there previously, and it will be stronger when she's in her transformed state…" He trailed off. "There's too much corruption in her second level, and not enough of her own energy to balance it out. As she get's stronger she'll gain more and more control over it, but for now if she goes into that form it's just going to leave her a berserker like you saw."

Vegeto nodded. "Well…it could have been worse, I guess. So many things had to go wrong to make this happen…" He sighed and walked over to pick up his daughter. "I just wanted her too…I never wanted this."

And then he was gone, flying over the side to take his little girl home.

"So…who's going to tell Dende?" Chaotzu joked, trying to alleviate the situation.