Title: Rain
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Series: ENT
Rating: G
Code: R/H
Part: 1/1 NEW
Date: January 19, 2002

Summary: Malcolm shares a memory with Hoshi during a rain storm.

Disclaimer: Paramount owns all the characters, etc., I am just
using the characters for a little fun and relaxation.

Note of Appreciation. Special thanks to my beta readers: P.J.
Sutherland, Annie M., and Ronda Sexton.

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Hoshi looked up from a her personal log she had been working on
for several minutes and made note of their accommodations. The
building was constructed simply, of some type of wooden material
with a flat roof--a flat leaky roof. It smelled of mildew and
age. Obviously it had sat unused and unaired for a long time.
There was dust everywhere.

Across the room, she could see the Captain was resting against
one of the shelter's walls, trying to get some sleep so he'd be
prepared for what might befall them in the morning. To her
surprise though, she noticed Lt. Reed was missing.

Pulling on her jacket, she ventured out of the shelter and into
the rain. There, leaning up against the structure, stood
Malcolm. He seemed to be focused on the storm, she'd never seen
him look so introspective.

"Penny for your thoughts, Lieutenant?" Hoshi asked as she
approached him.

Startled, Malcolm turned towards her. "It's nothing," he
murmured and moved to walk pass her.

Quickly, the communications officer grasped his arm. "Talk to
me, Malcolm," she urged.

He didn't look at her, whether out of embarrassment or something
deeper she wasn't sure.

"Talk to me," she asked again and squeezed his arm noting the
muscle beneath the sleeve.

He paused, inhaling deeply and then slowly releasing the breath.
"Just a memory," he finally replied in a voice so low Hoshi
almost didn't hear it.

"I'm a good listener," she insisted.

Pulling on his arm she maneuvered the quiet man over a phile of
abandoned sacks beneath the eave. Folding her legs under
herself, Hoshi sat down on the bags and pulled him down to join
her. Hoshi was surprised when he followed her, and even more
amazed when he did as she bid.

They sat for a moment, both looking out at the storm before Hoshi
spoke. "Tell me about the rain, Malcolm. What is it you're

He drew his mouth into a fine line and raising his head looked up
into the downpour. Blown raindrops spattered on his chiseled
facial features.

"It was a long time ago," he began looking back down though not
focusing on her, "and it seems even longer. Maybe it's because
we are so far away from home."

"Yeah, I know what you mean. It seems like we've been away from
home for a lot longer than a few months."

"It's been a lot longer than that since I've been home," he

"And the rain reminds you of that?"

He nodded, not trusting himself to speak.

When he finally spoke, Hoshi had to listen very hard to hear him
over the sound of the storm. "It was raining like this one
evening. It was late, very late...too late. I had misjudged the
time and was hurrying down the road to get home."

Hoshi released the hold she still had on his arm and patted his
hand urging him to tell his story. "You must have been soaked."

"Yeah I was, I was drenched. I think I was about twelve or
thirteen at the time, and I was seriously close to missing

Malcolm paused for a moment and Hoshi could tell he was reliving
that experience. She almost thought he wouldn't say anything
else when he inhaled sharply and began again.

"I was running along the road not even caring if I was stepping
into a puddle or not. Didn't really matter, my feet were already
soaked. But I misjudged one of the puddles. I couldn't see the
rock beneath the surface of the water and I took a tumble --
turned my ankle I guess."

Hoshi grimaced at the image conveyed by his words.

Malcolm chuckled, but the. "I must have been a sight to behold -
- wet, dirty, and limping."

Hoshi smiled, encouraging him to continue.

"I finally made it to the house, but I was late. I used my
activation code to unlock the door, but it didn't work."

"Why didn't it work?"

"He'd changed it."

She thought for a moment before replying. "Your father?"

"Everything by the book don't you know. He'd warned me in the
past that if I were to come home after curfew to not bother to
come home at all. The door would be locked."

"Didn't you rap on the door? The windows?" Hoshi asked. She was
appalled that a father would lock his own son out of his home.

Malcolm grinned again, this time she could see a little victory
behind the expression. "Wouldn't give him the satisfaction."

"So what did you do?"

"We had an old shed out back, rather like this place." He
motioned to the shelter. "I think it had been there for ages.
It was all but falling down. The only thing we kept in it was
some old tools and lawn furniture, and Rufus."

"Rufus? Who's Rufus?"

"My dog, a large black Labrador retriever. Father wouldn't allow
him in the house, so Rufus would spend the nights in the shed.
And that night so did I. We huddled together that night for
warmth and in the morning after father left to go into town, I
snuck back into the house."

"But what did your mother say?" Hoshi inquired.

"Not much -- Mum never did. To be honest, I never knew what she
saw in the old man." Malcolm shrugged the thought away like he
had so many times before. "Mum fixed me up, gave me clean
clothes to wear, something to eat, and I headed back out again."

"That's terrible," Hoshi breathed, hardly believing that Malcolm
had shared this part of his past with her.

"After that, it just didn't seem too much like home any more."

A comfortable silence enveloped the pair for several minutes
before Hoshi spoke.


He turned to face her, hardly believing that he shared this
moment of his past with the beautiful woman. "Yeah?"


He looked puzzled. "For what?"

"For sharing a little of yourself with me," she squeezed his hand
expressing her sincerity.

"I never told anyone about that. To be honest, I don't know why
I even thought about it now."

Hoshi smiled softly at Malcolm. "Perhaps you feel that you can
trust me?"

He thought for a moment and then nodded. He looked back out upon
the storm.

"I think the rain's lessening. The storm is coming to an end,"
he remarked.

Reaching out, Hoshi placed her fingers upon his chin and turned
his face toward her. "Yeah, I think it is."

The End

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