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Chapter 1

In a small, nonviolent village near the ocean, harmony and tranquility reigns supreme, even so, here is only one who breaks the rule of harmony, a small little girl of five years old with long blond hair, whiskers on her cheeks and colorless eyes, she alone breaks the simple decree of silence by creating havoc with her childish pranks. And she is just five years old, what more dastardly pranks will she pull as she grows up?

"Yahhooooo!" the little girl hooded very loud as she jumps from roof to roof, escaping the angry man that is after her.

"JANITA!" the angry fisher man screamed as he follows the little girl with a fish on his hand. "Get beack here so I can hit with the fish!"

"I think you mean, get back here." The little girl now known as Janita taunted to the fisher men as she continues to jump away.

"You little runt!"

"Watch your mouth!" Janita throws an apple at the fisherman right on his face.

"I'm gonna get you!" The fisherman shouted very loud as he chases after Janita.

The people of the village only spectacle the little pleasantry happening right in front of them. In the beginning this was a very simple, very boring little village but ever since little Janita was born she had gave this tedious village exciting moments to remember, and she never disappointed them, even if she play some naughty mischief on them.

"Hey fish man….right here!" Janita called from the bridge.

"Now I got you!" the fish men ran after Janita but once he stepped on the bridge he fell in the water because of the hole that was covered with paper.

"Dummy, dummy!" Janita taunted and then ran away all happily.

Moments after his embarrassing display the fishermen walks to the house where the little girl lives with the intention of speaking to the girls parents. "HINATA HYUGA!" he knocks on the door angrily.

Seconds later a woman opens the door, it is none other than Hinata Hyuga from the already rebuild Leaf village. "Mr. Carson, what seems to be the trouble?" Hinata asked very politely.

"The trouble? The trouble? I'll tell you what the bloody trouble is! Is this delinquent off a daughter you have! I returned after a successful fishing trip and when I land ashore I was received with a slap on the face by one of my own fishes, all because of her!" the fishermen points to Janita who is hidden behind her mother.

"You smell funny." Janita teased, Hinata could not help but to giggle. Janita always acts like her father when he was young, especially doing the same pranks he did. Janita has a lot of her father's personality and that sometimes saddens Hinata a little.

"Don't Laugh! The fishermen shouted at Hinata. "This little girl will grow up to be most troublesome indeed if you don't teach her proper respect! RESPECT, I say! When I was young my father knew how to teach me respect by using his belt. I was sure that if that little girl had a father, she….." the fishermen stopped, he's so angry that he did not realized that he spooked too much, he accidentally forced Hinata to remember something she did not want to. "I-I'm sorry, I spoke too much. I'm just to tire from my trip and….."

"Enough!" an old woman called from behind the fishermen. "Return to your home, you had a long day, Mr Carson."

The fishermen wanted to say something else to apologize but after seeing how Hinata is quivering in wretchedness because of what he spoke he decided that it was best to leave her alone. Hinata appeared in this village five years ago, she was pregnant, alone and miserable, so the people of this village decided to give her shelter and a home, she became one of their own. She never mentioned who the father of her child is, the only thing Hinata says about Janita's father is that he is a good man and gone. "I'll be going now…Sorry Hinata."

After the fisherman left the old lady went to Hinata to relax her. "Now child, don't you think about that…don't you ever let something like that haunt you down. You are doing very well on your own."

Hinata looks up at the old lady as she cleans her eyes from her tears. "Thank you Mrs. Lamel." Hinata has an immense admiration for Mrs. Lamel, she is the one who help deliver Janita to the world and help her in many difficulties in her life. Mrs. Lamel's been like a second mother to Hinata.

Hinata then looks down at her daughter to see that she is sobbing, of all the children of this village she is the only one who does not have a father, it is sad for a child of her age to be in such situation. Despite all of her pranks, her cheerful attitude and the love and company of her mother, Janita feels quite lonesome and heartbreaking to be without a father.

Hinata did not say a word and kneels down in front of her daughter and hugs her, trying to relive her from her dejection. "It is alright baby, Mommy is here."

Janita rests her head on her mother's chest and cried.

"I shall cook you dinner tonight, it has been quite an agitated day for you all." Mrs. Lamel offered and entered the house.

The day passed by without much interference and without any mentioning of the actions that occurred.

"Now try to get some rest dear, my little girl needs her beauty sleep." Hinata kisses the forehead of her little girl who is already in bed.

Janita giggles. "Ok, Mommy. I have a prank that I want to pull to the blacksmith tomorrow."

Hinata sighs. "the blacksmith? Why don't you leave him alone? He is a very hardworking man."

"Yeah, but he never takes a bath. So I am going to give him a shower of a life time!"

Hinata could not help but to laugh. "Ok, Janita, but now get some sleep."

"Yes Mommy." Janita replied with a smile. She is glad to see that her mother is smiling again.

After putting her daughter to bed, Hinata returns to her room and rests on her bed. She then picks up an old photo book and she starts to see pictures of herself, her family, her teammates, and especially one of Naruto. "Naruto-kun…"

A single tear falls down from her eyes and hits the picture and slowly her mind returns back to the time when her life finally found the happiness she's been searching for so long, only to have it end in the wretchedness that never seems to leave her alone.


A year passed ever since the destruction that Pain cause and since the defeat of Madara and Danjo, all thanks to Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke. During these last battles Sasuke ended up losing one of his eyes and now he wears an eye-patch and Kakashi replaced Danjo as the rightful sixth Hokage

Just like the Third Hokage said in his dying moments, the Village might end up destroyed but three new leafs might bright it back to its full potential. It is almost like the Third Hokage predicted all of these events.

During all that time Naruto never talked with Hinata. That is until the day he invited her to his apartment.

Hinata walks nervously towards Naruto's house, each step seems like an eternity. All of her life Hinata was in love with Naruto, the one person that everyone trashed and treated like dirt, that did not stop her because it was Naruto's determination and enthusiasm that lured her to him, he is the exact opposite of her. She still remembers the time when Naruto cheered for her during her fight with Neji, even if she lost the match her hearth was so joyful because the one who she loves was on her side, it made her feel so strong.

Still she never gained his love, he is always with Sakura, even in those long paths to find Sasuke. She hardly even stayed with him during those events.

Even so, that did not stop her to risk her own life to save him from Pain. She even confessed her undying love to him, she confessed everything to him. She had to, she was feeling a bit desperate, the village was destroyed, millions of people were dying right in front of her and Naruto was fighting against the one who caused all this atrociousness. She witnessed it all, she did not wanted to see the man she loves dying as well. She knew she was no match for Pain, that is one of the main reasons why she confessed her love to Naruto, if she was going to die and she desire to released the three words that have been lock inside of her for so long.

Minutes later Hinata arrived at Naruto's apartment and stood there right in front of his door without knocking. Ever since she confessed her love and survived Pain's attack she knew that this day would come, she knew it deeply, but she was never prepared for it. It took her at least ten minutes to find the courage to knock on the door.

Naruto opened the door slowly, the first thing she notices that he seems nervous himself, even more than what he was when he was about to fight Neji. "Hey…Hinata….come in."

Ever since Hinata came inside the house she sited on the couch with Naruto sited on the chair right in front of her. Naruto seems more nervous than before, like he was trying to find the right words.

In each passing moments that Naruto forced Hinata to wait was more difficult for her, Naruto will possibly say that he can not stay with her because of his love for Sakura. Even if that is not the case Hinata feels like she is losing her breath because of the waiting that Naruto is forcing her to endure, her heart continues to beat rapidly, she feels a cold in her spine, her skin does not stop sweat and she can hot stop her hands to shake.

Naruto then gets up from his seat and walks around the room more nervously, his hands scratching his head. Hinata never saw Naruto like this before, even so she would appreciate that he could finally speak to her and stop making her tolerate this wait that is mentally killing her.

"ALRIGHT! I CAN NOT TAKE THIS ANY MORE!" Naruto shouted, like if he was releasing something out of him. This scared Hinata.

Naruto breathed heavily for a moment before he sited back to his sit. "Ok…I can not find the correct words to start this conversation so I am going to ask it…Hinata, what you said on that day…..when…..when…..when Pain attacked us and…is it true what you said to me?"

Hinata was confused at first but the look and the tremble of certain parts of Naruto's body indicates that he is a million times more nervous than Hinata. "I said, I said that I love you…and it is true, I do love you, Naruto-kun. I love you with my entire heart and soul." Hinata admitted from the bottom of your heart , very truthfully.

Naruto then started to do something that Hinata never saw him do. Crying.

"Naruto-kun?" She was in shock to see the tears falling down from his eyes like a waterfall. Tears of happiness, tears of extreme happiness.

"How….how long…since when did you started to love me?" Naruto manage to ask between the sobs.

"Ever since you we were kids. Ever since the first time I saw you…..everyone was so cruel to you and they never bother to see the real you. I found it so unfair. You were exactly the opposite of me, you never gave up, and you always stand tall when everyone else said otherwise. You…" Hinata did not continue when she look up to see that Naruto's tears still continue without stopping.

"You…..You love me?...Even when I always ignored your feelings, and I….I never…..I never." Naruto could not speak correctly, he is so emotional that the words cannot come out properly.

Noticing this Hinata hugs Naruto to try to calm him down. She never saw him like this, anyone who knows Naruto would be disappointed to see him so emotional, but most people don't realize that he is the one who always suffered since the first day he came to this world. "Naruto-kun, what is wrong?"

Naruto did not respond at first, he simply hugs Hinata back. "all my life…..all my life….all my life I wanted someone to say those words to me…..I never thought that it would be you….I never thought that it would be you…..but I was so happy…when you said those words, I was so happy…and then I saw you getting brawled by Pain … being stabbed…I thought I lost it all over again…." Naruto said between the sobs.

"Shhh….shhh…." Hinata kneels down with Naruto, and let him cry on her shoulder. As must as Naruto is strong minded he can not forget the sting of isolation that he always felt in his youth, he always tried to find his own happiness and he found it when he fought Pain and practically almost lost it again, these kind of things are practically to much for someone who suffer so much in his life.

Moments later Naruto manage to calm himself and got up. Hinata's shoulder is practically wet.

"Thanks Hinata…I feel better now."

"So…now you know what I feel…so what will you do….Naruto-Kun?" Hinata asked shyly.

"I…I don't know…." This was not the response that Hinata was hoping to hear, she practically felt devastated.


"I mean…This is obviously a start for you and me and…you are a good friend of mine….this is so sudden and so fast…" Naruto said as he scratched his head.

Hinata backs away. She fells like Naruto is going to say that he can't love her because of Sakura.

"So I was wondering, would you like to go on a date with me?" Naruto asked with his usual normal way and his normal grin.

Hinata almost lost her balance. "What? What did you say?"

"Would you like to go out with me? We used to get along fine when we were kids and so…I think it is time we finally know each other up. What do you say?"

This was not what Hinata was expecting but it was not a rejection like she feared. "Sure Naruto-Kun….I would love to go on a date with you." She said with a smile.

"Cool. So do we meet tomorrow at the Ichiraku ramen? By 19:00?"


After that Hinata and Naruto talked a little bit more and then Hinata left. She hoped that Naruto would return her feeling but this is better than nothing.

End of Flashback.

Hinata remembers it all this with a soft smile, ever since she talked to Naruto on that night they both have been getting along just fine, Naruto even fell indefinably in love with Hinata. That romance lasted for two weeks, and in those two weeks Hinata got her first kiss from the very man she always dreamed to get the first kiss from, both Hinata and Naruto even made love. Their romance only lasted for two weeks but it was the best days of Hinata's life.

Hinata's mind returns back to the day when they made love.


Hinata wakes up to find herself in Naruto's room. She realizes that she is in her birthday suit. Hinata's mind returns back to last night, she and Naruto took the next step, she was excited at that time that she did not thought of the consequences and did not take any precaution.

"Oi! Hinata , are you awake?" Naruto asked as he enters the room. "I made some breakfast for us. Want to eat?"

Naruto then notices that Hinata is trembling, trembling in fear.

"Hinata what is wrong?" Naruto asked as he sits on his bed and hugs Hinata, trying to calm her down.

Hinata looks up at Naruto with tears in her eyes. "N-Naruto-kun….if I….if I…If I get pregnant….you'll take responsibility for it…...won't you?"

Naruto was confused at first but then laughed. "Is that what you were worried about? Of course I will. I will gladly take it."

"You will?"

"Of course. From this day forward, you any and anyone who comes out of you are under my protection. I never go back on my word."

Hinata smiled happily and kisses Naruto.

End of Flashback.

Hinata smiled happily as she remembers that moment, she loved hear those words from Naruto, it made her feel so close to him, even a tear started to fall from her eyes.

"Why am I getting so sentimental today?" Hinata looks back at the calendar on the wall and smiles. "Of course, how could I forget? This is the anniversary of our first kiss. I wonder if you remember it as well, Naruto-kun?"

In the Leaf Village, Naruto looks up to the moon from the top of the Hokage Mountain. His mind is lost in thoughts about one person. "Hinata… this is the birthday of our first kiss…and tonight the sky is so beautiful, so bright."

Naruto looks down to his hand that has a firefly on it. He slowly moves his hand up to the air and lets the little firefly fly away to the sky. They sky today is full with bright stars that almost seems to make a road up to the heavens.

Naruto sighed in sadness with a tear in his eye. "You would love to see this Hinata…it is not fair….why did you had to die?"

Hinata looks up to the beautiful sky, she would love to see the lovely sky next to Naruto, but she can't. All because of what happen five years ago. After those two weeks Hinata's life got from joyful to tremendously distressing.

To be continued….

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