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Chapter 24

The years pass by and both Janita and Jotaro began to learn the fighting styles of their families, making themselves very unique and powerful ninjas for such young age.

Janita learn the fighting style of the Hyuugas and learn how to use the Byakugan very easily as well as she learn how to make Shadow clones with each one of them being able to use the Byakugan, later on Janita learn how to use the Rasegan like her father, well not exactly using clones to perform this jutsu but she manage to use it perfectly, only later on she will be able to the other versions of the Rasegan.

Jotaro learn the Uchiha's fighting style from his father and manage to use the Sharigan after he learn how to use the Katon, it was difficult for him at first but thanks to Janita's endless assistance and encouragement he manage to learn the attack in less than a week. Sakura also taught him the medical jutsu just in case and she taught him how to use the overreacting strength she learn from Tsunade.

Both kids became the top best in the leaf village because of the combination of fighting styles from their parents.

With the age of twelve the two kids became Chunins.

And on that same year Naruto finally accomplish his long lasting dream, he became Hokage. The greatest of them all, thanks to his past battles and legendary accomplishments.

"Are you ready, Naruto-kun?" Hinata ask her husband as she sees him staring himself on the mirror, shaking up completely but with a huge smile on his face.

"I still cannot believe it…I am finally an Hokage….I dream of this day for so long that it is a little hard for me to believe I finally did it. Man I can't stop shaking, and I can't hold my tears…man, I never thought I was such a crybaby…."

Hinata hugs Naruto from behind to comfort him. "It is understandable….you fought so hard for this day that it is practically a breath taking moment. But here it is, the day you always desire, in a few hours time you will crown as the seventh Hokage."

Naruto feels more relaxed with Hinata's hug and words. "hehe, what would I do without you, Hinata-chan."

"But I still agree with what you said. You are such a crybaby." Sasuke said as he and Sakura show up.

"Now, now, Sasuke, easy there! We just got here, do not even try to pick up a fight." Sakura said, with a sweet and gentle tone but pulling Sasuke's cheeks.


"So are you ready to go, Naruto?" Sakura asked. "Today is the big day."

"Yeah, but where are the kids?"

"HERE!" Janita screamed and landed right on her father's shoulders. "Daddy, Daddy! Look, look, look!" Janita shows her headband at Naruto. "I am a Ninja daddy! I did it! I did it! I AM A NINJA!YAHHOOOOOOOO!LET's GO PLAY, LET'S go PLAY! OH YEAH!"

"Maybe you should stop giving her so much sugar." Sakura whisper to Hinata.

"Oh no, no, no, no. She has been always like this since she became a Chunin." Hinata responded.

"Oh, Jani-chan, can't you at least behave?" Jotaro asked as he finally shows up.

"Well, let me think…..hum, NO!" Janita teased.

"Man, she is even worse than Naruto when he was young." Sasuke thought.

"Well then shall we get going?" sakura ask. "Today is your big day, Naruto."

"You're finally going to achieve your dream, Daddy?" Janita asked.

"That's right. Daddy work so hard for this day and here it is, my long hard dream is achieved." Naruto said proudly. "I became a Hokage just like your grandfather. And this is only the beginning!"

"YAY!" Janita hooded very loud. "If my Daddy manage to become a Hokage then I will work as hard as he did to fulfill my dream!"

"Really, and what is your dream, Jani?" Naruto asked. "is it to become an Hokage like me?"

"Nope." Janiat responded simply, making Naruto fall down, anime style. "My Mommy and my Grandpa from Mommy's side are the top leaders of the Hyuuga Clan. My Daddy and my Gandpa from Daddy's side became Hokages. I don't want to try reach the spots where others have already arrive to. I want to be something that no one in this world has ever managed to achieve!"

"What is it then, sweetheart?" Hinata asked.

"I want to be….the first….the very first….WORLD KAGE!" Janita responded, standing in a dramatic, heroic way.

"World Kage?" Everyone asked.

"Yes, the Kage that surpasses everyone in the entire world! The one who will bring Peace to everyone, someone who will teach everyone to live together peacefully, a hero to everyone in the world just like my Daddy was! I am going to be the very first World Kage!"

Sakura sweat dropped, only a child to come up with such a childish dream, something that no one can do.

"Then good luck dear. Do you best to reach out for your dream." Hinata cheered.

"And remember girl, never give up. Do your best to fulfill your dream." Naruto said, giving a thumbs up to Janita.

"You can count on me to help you!" Jotaro assured. After all he manage to control all the special techniques that his parents taught him thanks to the support that Janita gave him, the is the least he can do.

Sasuke and Sakura are dumbfounded with the way everyone is cheering for Janita.

"That dope never stops to amaze me." Sasuke Murmured.

"Yeah, why would he and Hinata cheer Janita for something that can never be accomplished?" Sakura agreed. "They should be responsible parents in this."

"Now why would say that." Kakashi said as he finally shows up, late as usual.

"What do you mean, Master Kakashi?" Sakura asked.

"If Naruto had a dream in which no one ever believe he would achieve what makes you think that his daughter won't be a stubborn as he is to achieve the top of that mountain? Besides, if Naruto's will inspire Hinata what makes you think that Janita won't be inspire with it as well?"

Sakura and Sasuke widen their eyes. They know all the dangerous, crazy paths Naruto took, all the foes he defeated to reach that mountain. His daughter is just as stubborn as he is but crazier. If her Father did all the stuff he did to become a Hokage, imagine what his daughter will do to do the same thing?

"If Janita becomes the World Kage…what will become of us?" Sakura thought in concern.

"I don't care if this kid becomes World Kage, if she continues to call me Duck Butt, I won't be held responsible for my actions." Sasuke thought.

"Well then Jiraiya…. Seems that my little girl has inherited your dream. I am sure that one day my daughter will surpass every Kage in the world if she continues with this inspiring determination." Naruto thought with a smile.

Nothing more was said and done. Now Naruto prepares to become Hokage.


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