Chapter Eight

A month later Ms. David breathed a sigh of relief. Gwen Tennyson was back to normal and her work reflected it.

"Everything fixed?" she asked her favorite pupil quietly as the girl was putting the finishing touches on her newest piece.

The redhead sighed, "Not everything but one of the main issues is; we still have a lot more problems to work on together and individually but I'm confident in both his and my ability to heal…"

"And your cousin?"

"He's been taught who's the big bad in our family and now knows not to cross me ever again…"

"I hope the lesson wasn't violent…"

"Not physically at least…"

Ms. David fell silent, looking at the penciled sketch. Seven children stared back at her, peering out at the world with waiting eyes…"Inspiration?"

"Oh a dream I had when I finally slept," she answered nonchalantly; she paused, staring at the oldest of the drawn children before making his jaw line more angular, his cheeks shallower.

"You have a definite image of these kids…"

"Uh huh," she lightly shaded a couple of the girls' cheeks.

"In the dream who was their mother?"

"How did you know they're siblings?"

"They share several characteristics, the eyes being the most obvious…"

Gwen turned to look at her teacher, mischief in her own, "Really?" before turning back to look and cocking her head to the side as though seeing for herself for the first time what she already knew, "Huh, guess they took after me." She shrugged.

"And the father?"

"Well since they're not real I'd like to keep that my little secret."

The bell rang and Gwen stood up, gently freeing the picture from her easel and folding it up carefully to tuck it in her bag.

As she was pulling on her jacket the door to the room opened and in stepped Kevin. Ms. David's eyes widened in realization and Gwen gave her a grin.

"Ms. David," the redhead said cheerfully, "I am very certain that the future is bright."

She then gently tugged the boy out into the winter wonderland with a musical laugh. The door swung shut behind them with a soft thud. Ms. David dropped to a stool and stared at the now blank easel…

The End