Reasonable Fears
by chaos_eternus

Adama narrowed his eyes as he watched Athena, somewhat nervously walk onto the bridge, her eyes darting around the room before she relaxed slightly and walked over to him. He knew she had some reason to be nervous, after all, there were still many in the fleet who did not trust her loyalty to him and to the fleet, many who wanted her dead simply because of what she was created as.

And yet she didn't use to be this nervous.

Indeed, up until the recon mission last month, she was confident, bold even bordering on brash most of the time.

But that mission she had never explained what had happened. She should have, he had pushed, threatened but she had remained unmoved. The only way to truly get a major reaction out of her was to suggest sending another recon mission, which just resulted in hysterics.

Something had majorly spooked her there, which he supposed was as good as reason as any to avoid the system, if you ignored pure curiosity and the potential for whatever it was to be of use against the Cylons.

Yet some of her new fears were just so strange.

Okay, he could understand the reaction to Corporal Aeolus who had very definitely thrown his sanity over the cliff into the sea and didn't bother to jump in after it, but still, if it wasn't for his new clothing preferences, he was actually pretty good compared to some.

And the way her eyes widened then she shuddered whenever anyone walked past wearing red and blue was ridiculous. Blue wasn't exactly avoidable, it was the colour of some of their uniforms and red well, they had all seen enough blood to suit a hundred lifetimes, but still

Then there was the hand.

That still bothered him. He couldn't see how it was possible to form such a thing in the metal plating of a Raptor but there it was. A perfect impression of a human hand had been distorting the armour of the front of the Raptor when she had landed from that mission.

Perfect enough for them to obtain a fingerprint, which matched nobody in the fleet.

It was just so strange a fear of red and blue, a handprint in the armour of her Raptor and hysterics at the sight of a Corporal who, when all was said and done, had only taken to wearing his pants on the outside of his trousers.

No, he really didn't have a clue what had happened to Athena exactly.

But, by the Lords, was he curious.

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