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Chapter One

Monday, Monday






It started in London, one poor unfortunate muggle fall victim to a vicious wizard's prank and was served an ill cooked shepherd's pie contaminated with a 'stray' poison. The poor muggle, once he realized his food was poisoned, raged and attacked the wizard, who played the prank on him, but while they argued and fought something went horribly, terribly and dreadfully wrong.

The muggle's eyes turned blood red and he began coughing and later on heaving blood everywhere and as he suffocated on his own blood he tried to get a hold the wizard who pranked him but the wizard, scared of what was going on tried, and failed, to stun, avada, and crucio the muggle, however, once he was cornered and had nowhere to go, he got bitten by the, lacking than any other definition, possessed muggle.

And it all went down to hell from there…


Dear Mr. Potter

As you are aware further more sightings of the Undead (commonly known as Zombies) has been reported.

The muggle Prime Minister as of the last week has been taken to a secure hideaway and evacuation of London, Both muggle and magical has begun. Moreover as of last Saturday the infection has spread up north and there are reports of undead around Liverpool and over in Northern Ireland.

This is as far as we can track of the infection's expansion in the country.

The next report is due this evening.

Kingsley Shacklebolt,

Minister for Magic.

The reports were shorter and shorter as time went by and it only worried Harry more and more. Things were escalating downwards as the infection, only been sighted three weeks ago had gained speed and infected almost every living thing walking on British soil.

"They don't think it a case of Inferi anymore, do they?" Ginny Potter asked as she set down beside her husband down in No.12 Grimmauld Place.

"Fire can kill them but-" Harry began to say.

"But they'll kill you before you Incendio them. Bloody zombie bastards." Ron finishedas he munched on a piece of toast, beside him set a very still and serious looking Hermione Granger-Weasley flipping through a large, dusty looking book. "I hate being here." He shuddered and checked to see if there was someone lurking at the door.

"Grow up Ron, it has been almost thirty and you're over forty, it's just a house." Ginny said and reached out for a slice of bacon.

"A very creepy and disturbing house."

"Well it's the safest place in London so stop whining." Ginny said. "Any word from Hogwarts?"

"McGonagall says for now it's all quiet, even Hogsmeade." Harry took off his glasses and pinched the bridge of his nose. "I wonder whether they know what's going on."

"Of course they know what's going on. The Prophet is reporting everything twice a day." Hermione said over her book. "And Rose sent me her love yesterday, she said they're all fine and they take fighting lessons from Neville."

"Reckon there is a way to finish them?" Ron asked as he got up from his seat to wash the plates in the sink.

"I need to research more…this is like nothing I have seen before." Hermione said and closed the book she was reading.

"But we must find a way to finish this." Ginny said and looked at Harry who had his head between his hands.

"The question is," Harry said darkly as he looked up at the other three. "Is there a way to end it?"


The Gryffindor notice bored was covered in a large navy blue sign with big golden letters on it.

Infection Z

A Ministry of Magic official Rules and Regulation

What is a Zombie: A zombie is an undead person re-animated by unnatural mean which can be infected by either being bitten by it, or transfusing of its blood into another living creature blood system

Is a zombie the same as an Inferius: While an Inferius is similar to a zombie by both being a human reanimated by a dark force or wizard, and Inferius have no free will, and cannot think; their purpose is merely to serve as puppets of the Dark Wizard controlling it.

Can A Zombie be killed the same way an Inferius is: No. A zombie is able to survive a fire attack.

What to do if I identify a Zombie threat nearby: Stay calm, try to find a close hideout or if you're at home a fireplace. Carry Floo Powder with you all the time and contact the Auror Headquarters as soon as you can.

1. Do Not Try to Fight the Zombie!

2. In a case scenario of a zombie relative: Cut emotional ties.

3. Do not try to talk the zombie out of killing you. It will kill you in the end.


Lily stared at the sign from her seat by the fireplace a large stack of books by her side and Hugo on the other playing chess against her older brother, Albus.

"Constant vigilance." She snorted. "I bet Dad insisted on having it on the notice." She took out her wand and began practicing swishing movement every once in a while sending red sparks from it.

"All I can say is it's about bloody time something exciting happen." Hugo said. "It's been what? Thirty years?"

"You call a killing zombie attack something exciting?" Rose Weasley asked as she joined the group and flopped down on an armchair beside Lily's.

Hugo nodded.

"Ignore him Rosie." Lily shook her. "He's just upset there are no zombies at school."

"Yet." Hugo noted from the chessboard as Albus made his move. "There are no zombies at Hogwarts yet."

Rose rolled her eyes. "Right Hugh." She said dryly. "You are the epitome of courage."

"That I am!"

"Just as long as you don't have to face clowns." Lily added and as the color drained out of Hugo's face, Rose and she laughed out loud.


A few days later Scorpius Malfoy received a latter his mother sent him from his family hideaway. Just as he finished reading it he noticed them entering the Great Hall for breakfast. He got up from his seat at the Slytherin table and walked over to Gryffindor's.

"Father's still not willing to leave the country." He said and squeezed between Albus and Lily. "Reckon this is just a phase." He handed Albus the letter.

"Dad thought the same at first." Albus squinted his eyes as he read the neat writing of Astoria Malfoy.

"And now the whole family is shut in some loony house in London aren't they?" Lily tried to sneak a pick at the letter.

"That's privet, Ace." Scorpius said and quickly took the parchment out of her grasp.

"Don't call me that." Lily hissed.

"Sorry," he said drawly. "I'll call you Sweetheart or Honeydew like that boyfriend of yours," He pointed to the Ravenclaw table where a lanky, dark haired boy set. "What's his name again? Anus?"

Albus chocked on his pumpkin juice while Lily turned red. "His name is Angus!" she curled her hands to fists. "And that's just a nickname!"

"They nicknamed him Angus?" Scorpius asked while trying to stiff his laugh. "What's his real name?"


"I'm sorry?" Scorpius tried to keep a still face.

"It's Gaelic you twat!" she called. "The equivalent to Murdoch in English!"

"And they call him Angus because?"

"It's a lot easier that Murch-"she slumped her shoulders. "Don't make me say it again."

"So you admit it's a stupid name?" he asked and leaned forward so his face were mere inches from hers. For a moment Lily's eyes flicked to his lips and she felt like she her stomach was doing cart-wheels before she regained composure.

"You're a prat." She said and got up from her seat.

"And you're a midget." He winked at her.

"I hope you'd choke on a toffee today at Honeydukes." She didn't wait for his answer and walked out the great doors.


She found him waiting for her at The Three Broomsticks. He greeted her with bottle of Butterbear and a chest kiss.

"Got your wand with you?" Angus asked as he helped Lily with her chair. At first she found all of his gentleman gestures quite flattering but now, after almost five months of dating it was rather annoying.

"I can help myself with the chair, Ang."

"I like taking care of it for you." Angus said as he took her hand in his from across the table. Lily didn't know why but she felt very aware of herself like she was being watched.

"Let's finish our drink and go for a walk around the village?"

Fifteen minutes later they were out in the cold, walking in the less than usual occupied high street. Angus went to hold her hand but Lily quickly put it in her cloak's pocket. They walked a few more silent minutes before Angus stopped.

"Something's wrong?" Lily asked at his sudden halt.

"That little girl over there," He pointed at the small figure by a house not so far away from them. "She looks like she's lost or something, I'm going to see if she's okay." He glanced sideways at Lily. "You'll be fine, dear?"

"Yes Angus." Lily rolled her eyes. "I'll handle you being gone for a few minutes."

"You can go to the shop over there while I go looking for her parents."

"Sure," Lily said absentmindedly and walked over to the nearby shop's window. "Anus…" she whispered and chuckled before she heard a piercing scream…

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