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Chapter Six

Shout It Out Loud





Rose was annoyed and kept on muttering curses that will surely make her mother's hair go even frizzier than it already is. Hugo stopped to shot a hex to the ground over at stray zombies whenever they reached a window. Lily and Scorpius kept glancing at each other and smile coyly whenever their eyes met. As for Cleo and Al…well they were pretty silent. That until Albus remembered something important.

"We haven't heard a word from the parents in ages." He said. "You reckon something happened to them?"

"London's just the same as yesterday." Cleo said. "Dead people are growling and wizards are hiding. If the word of Hogsmeade and Hogwarts being infected has reached them I guess they're on the way."

"And if it hasn't?" Lily asked.

"Chop-Chop." Hugo pointed at the axe Lily was holding.

"I know you're standing here in front of me, looking alive and healthy," Lily sighed. "But I seriously think you suffer brain damage."

"I have a real craving for steak and kidney pie."

"You're a freak of nature, Weasley." Cleo was looking behind a corner. "We're a big group."

"Thank you Madam Obvious!" Rose snapped at her. "Are you going to tell us there are zombies infecting Hogwarts too or maybe just that the grass is green and the skies are blue?"

"I want to smack her," Cleo turned to Albus. "May I smack her?"

"I say wrestle her. Fight her in a muddy puddle wearing nothing but your school ties and skirts." Scorpius answered instead.

"We're breaking up." Lily shook her head.

"Good." Albus said and turned back to Cleo. "What does it have to do with us being a big group?"

"Well…and I'll only explain this once." She said to everyone. "We're noticeable. We make noise, we kill and basically we're drawing far more attention than we want for our excitingly challenged former classmates and faculty members."

Albus' mouth shaped a small 'o' before he recovered. "I thought its wrong for us to split."

"Oh no," Cleo said."It is, but we have to take in mind that we are quite the crowd and with crowd-" she pointed behind Albus. " In comes the show." Her wand was out in no time as the rest turned around.

"Why are they always creeping up from behind?" Scorpius shook his head.

It was a rather obese looking wizard dressed in his nightgown and an adult bloody romper suit.

"Godric yes!" Hugo called and ran straight toward the decayed one and leaped up on him before they both fell to the ground. "I just want to eat you up!" he summoned a helmet from a nearby armor suit and began pounding the zombie's head fiercely. "Growl!" the zombie moaned. "I said GROWL!" BANG. .

The zombie stopped moving altogether and Hugo slowly got up and pranced back to everyone else. Their wands were still ready to fire but their jaws were on the floor.

Lily shook her head and dropped her wand. "You have a little…" she pointed at Hugo's chin where blood was spattered.

Hugo wiped it off with his sleeve and sniffed it. "I like it fresh."


Hermione stormed out of the Three Broomsticks, furious. "Empty! Everywhere we go is empty! The Hogs Head, Zonko's, Dervish and Bangs even the bloody Three Broomsticks all vacant and deserted!" Ron and Harry stopped their tracks and Ginny gaped at Hermione. "What?" Hermione hissed.

"You go through war, two childbirths, and endless fights with Ron, all of that with keeping your mouth as clean as the day you were born." Harry said. "Are you really surprised we're at awe at Hermione Granger swearing?"

Hermione flushed red and Ron laughed as he put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her close to him. "Want me to jinx him? Best mate or not."

"Don't be stupid." Hermione said but smiled as he kissed her forehead. She flicked her wand and Harry's legs began to dance uncontrollably. "I can do it on my own."

"Never underestimate Hermione, sweetheart." Ginny said between laughter.


Lily twirled a dirty lock of hair between her fingers while Albus healed the deep cut in Cleo's shoulder.

"Thanks," she said in a very uncharacteristic tender voice. Albus smiled warmly at her as he finished up prepping her.

"All better?" he asked her softly and as she nodded he kissed her chastely.

Scorpius belched. "You make me want to slit my throat."

"You snog my baby sister- I date your cousin. I'd say you can take something for the gagging." Scorpius huffed but didn't say anything else.

Hugo looked serious, which was worrying enough as it is. He flicked his wand a few times and then summoned a sword from a stand by armor suit and it too he swished and stabbed invisible targets.

"Anything on your mind, Hugh?" Lily asked.

"I'm good." He waved his sword one last. "Sweet."

"Are we ready to go?" Scorpius asked and everyone murmured their agreements.

"To which I say: Hear Hear!" Lily raised an invisible glass just as Hugo made a very rude hand gesture. "What a tit." Cleo and Rose raised their eyebrows at Lily to which she sighed and shrugged. "What are we going to do?"

"I was the under impression that we're going to get ourselves out of here." Scorpius answered while checking his reflection in Hugo's new sword. "Was I wrong?"

"I should have let you die when I had the chance." Said Lily as she walked pass him.


"Any zombies out there?" Albus asked just as Hugo checked the fifth floor corridor

"Don't say that!" Rose called.


She glared at him. "That!"

"What?" puzzled Albus glanced at Lily and Scorpius who shrugged.

"That! The "zed" word. Don't say it!"

On the verge of exploding with laughter, Cleo asked. "Why not?"

"Because it's ridicules." Rose huffed.

"Alright…" Albus said slowly. "Are there any, though?"

Hugo looked again just from the curb of the wall. "I don't see any. Maybe they haven't reached this floor yet. Oh, no, wait, there they are."

Some drew out their wands, others lifted their swords and axes, as they ran towards the freshly zombified bunch of third years Hufflepuffs. Hugo ran straight into the crowd of zombies and with a fast swish, he beheaded one…two…three…four zombies.

Rose was standing over a pile of freshly killed zombies, blood covering her skirt and her frizzy red hair. "If things won't change soon I'm going to scream."

"I suggest you do that and then we can all watch you being eaten alive." Said Cleo.

"I want to smack her," Rose turned to Albus. "May I smack her?"

"Weasley," Cleo arched her eyebrow. "I see I've been a good influence. How very sly of you..."

"I'd rather feed myself to a zombie than being compared to you."


"Sod off, Zabini." Rose pushed pass her.

"Okay! Floo me!" she said brightly and turned to Albus. "That's my Maid of Honour."

While Albus, Cleo and Rose where busy in their own petty bickering, Lily pulled Scorpius aside looking nervous. "Hugo's gone."

"Gone? Are you sure?"

"Positive. He went after that little second year girl-"

"The one with no eyes?"

"No, the one with the house elf ear in her mouth."

Scorpius shuddered. "Oh. That one was rather repulsing."

"They're zombies, Scor," Lily huffed. "Being disgusting is they're way of life…afterlife."

Scorpius, gathering his thoughts, inhaled deeply. "You sure he's gone?"

"He's a little hard to miss what with being a noisy, mental redheaded zombie hunter."

"Oy, lovers!" Albus called. "What are you whispering about?"

Scorpius was about to answer but Rose cut in.

"Has anyone seen Hugo?"

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