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"Harry! Harry!"

Harry Potter looked up from the report he was reading and turned around. Cho Morrison (once Chang) was running toward him.

"Hi Cho," Harry smiled. She didn't smile back.

"I need your help. My colleagues have made a huge mistake and I think only you can help. It's in the Department of Mysteries." Cho said out of breath.

"Isn't there some code where you can't tell me what goes on in there?" Harry asked.

"Well, yes…technically, but this is an emergency." Cho stumbled over her tongue. "Just come with me, my boss has given me permission to take you in there."

Harry hesitated. He didn't much care for the Department of Mysteries. Finally, curiosity won out so he followed Cho to the dreaded department. Cho led him to the door right next to the entrance. It was the Time Room. Harry felt very uncomfortable all of a sudden. It got worse as Cho led him to the Hall of Prophecy. He hoped they were just passing through. Cho stopped at the end of the rows and Harry nearly walked into her.

"Has it come out yet?" she asked one of the men standing at what a appeared to be a Pensieve shaped like a door.

"No, but if we don't hurry, one of those students will find the book and know exactly what the future will look like." The older one snapped. He was obviously annoyed.

"Don't get angry with me, I wanted to use a watch." Cho retorted. "I brought Harry."

The older man turned around. Harry thought he looked like Dudley in a few years time. He was very rotund and had a mustache that would rival Uncle Vernon's.

"Ah, Mr. Potter, how good of you to join us." The man said holding out his hand. Harry shook it. "I'm Brychan Morganson. I am the Head Unspeakable. My employee here, Devin Curry is going to explain what he did just now."

The younger man was shaking uncontrollably. He must have done something horrible to think his boss was going to dismember him or worse.

"This is a Time Door," Brychan continued. "It is like an automatic time machine. We were testing it when things went wrong."

Devin swallowed. "Sir, w-we were testing the D-d-d-door when I thought it would be easier to see how long it takes to get back if we tested with a more noticeable object. Rocks were just too similar. I sent a b-b-b-book through."

"What's wrong with that?" Harry asked.

"The book was titled How the Dark Lord Fell by Hermione Granger, Ronald Weasley, and Harry Potter." Cho said quietly. Harry felt his stomach plummet.

"What year did you send it to?" he asked.

"August of 1977," Brychan answered. "The peak of his reign of terror,"

Harry closed his eyes. Okay, Devin really was an idiot and should be scared. What was he thinking?

"We want you to fetch it because you know how to handle students. You do teach a weekend class at Hogwarts, do you not?" Brychan asked.

"Well, yes, but in 1977, my parents were seventeen and I look too much like my father for the kids not to get suspicious." Harry said.

"Nonsense, I was a fourth year student then and it would have just been a coincidence. People resemble others, it's only natural." Brychan assured him.

"Please Harry, we need that book back or time could be altered." Cho begged.

"How will I get back?" Harry asked. Cho smiled.

We thought we would recruit Hermione."