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Chapter 8: Peter to the Rescue!

Lily and Snape listened patiently as Teddy and Peter explained the situation. Neither one spoke and neither one seemed disinclined to believe them. When they had finished, Lily glanced at her husband. He shrugged. Lily turned back to her guests.

"I'm not sure if I believe that there was another, better, 2019, but you do seem awfully young and so I do believe you're from 1977. I'm not sure if we can help you get back though. I'm not allowed in the Ministry because I'm muggleborn. We'd have to try to make a Time Door here. As for your friends, I don't know what we can do." Lily said.

"Why we would want to help Potter and Black is beyond me." Severus said. "I'll help Lupin, but the other two are out of the question."

Peter glared. "If you won't help all three, then don't bother to help at all." He said. "I can't believe you're still all twisted up about something that happened years ago. Grow up and get a back bone for Merlin's sake. You are a grown man and they're just teenagers. They are teenagers locked up in Azkaban for something that we weren't even aware was going on."

Snape and Lily stared in astonishment. Peter had never been very outspoken, In school he had always been shy and quiet, much more than Remus. Lily pursed her lips.

"Don't worry, we'll think of something." Lily assured him. "What we need is a plan."

"I'm going to Grandpa's!" Mira called up the stairs.

"Okay, be back for dinner!" her mother called.

"Will do!" Mira opened the door and took in a deep breath of fresh air. Then she grew serious. "It must work today. Then everything will be set right."

She Apparated off the front porch and reappeared in the Ministry of Magic atrium. It was fairly busy this time of day. She said hello to several people on her way to the department she worked in.

"Hey Mira, I thought you had today off?" Alizondo asked. Mira laughed.

"Of course not, Scamander, when do I ever have a day off?" he laughed too.

"Good point,"

"Department of Mysteries." The cool voice in the elevator said.

"See you later," Mira said getting off. She opened the door to the department and went through another. She walked through the time room and through the Hall of Prophecy. She smiled when she got to a handsome mahogany door that had once been a shabby broom closet. She closed her eyes and opened it. A silvery blue white light shone from behind the door.

Mira knew something was wrong immediately upon opening the door. Usually when she looked into the Time Door she watched her great grandfather Harry work or play with his kids. The Harry she saw now was not her grandfather. He had greasy hair and he was playing with a young girl who looked as though she could be his sister. Hermione sat on a swing watching them. Neither one wore a wedding ring.

"What's going on?" Mira asked. The scene changed before her eyes. There was Azkaban, but instead of watch wizards guarding it, there were dementors everywhere. As the scene moved inside she gasped. Three boys were sitting in a holding cell, three boys who shouldn't have been alive in 2019. The scene grew dull and static appeared.

"I have to do something." Mira whispered to herself. "But what?"

"You could help them get home." A voice said in the back of her mind. It sounded oddly like her mother.

"You can fix it. You know how this Door works better than anyone else." The voice said.

"You wouldn't want me to get a big head, now would you?" Mira asked herself playfully.

"Of course not, but all of our lives are in jeopardy if this isn't fixed and soon. You can do it Mira. You'll be safe there. After all, the name of Black demands respect in that time of chaos." The voice continued. Mira thought it had a good point.

"If you're sure I can do it, I'll go." Mira said.

"Of course I'm sure, when have I ever been wrong?" the voice said.

"Okay, I'll go." Mira said bravely.

Peter was the only the one who could sneak into Azkaban without getting caught. He was crawling along a hole in the wall, peering through other holes to see if his friends were in any of the cells. He sniffed around, trying to catch the scent of Sirius's cologne. Every now and then he came across other rats. He simply shoved them through other holes to get them out of the way.

When he had determines they weren't actually in a cell, Peter went to the visitor's section of the prison. There he began to search the holding cells. Finally he found them in the furthest one. He squeezed through a hole and plopped onto James lapped. James nearly yelled out but Remus had slapped a hand over his mouth.

"Wormtail!" Sirius whispered in glee. "Did you get help?"

Peter changed back into his human self. "Yes, but it's going to be tricky. Lily's going to come and try to bail you out. If it doesn't work, I'm going to get the other rats in the building to show themselves so that they have to evacuate, then we can all escape."

"I like it." James said.

"What happens then?" Remus asked. "We'll get to the mainland Britain and meet Snape and Teddy there." Peter started.

"Snape?" Sirius hissed. "Why is he helping us?"

"Because his wife is." Peter snapped. James growled.

"Lily is his wife?" he asked. Peter nodded. "We need to get home." James hissed.

"Anyway, Teddy and Snape will Apparate us to the Snape household and then we'll attempt to make a Time Door." Peter finished.

"Sounds like a good plan. Let's just hope it works." Remus said.

"Are you sure you want to bail them out?" a voice said from the other side of the door. Peter quickly changed back into a rat and James helped him back into his hole. The door opened. Lily walked in following a security wizard.

"I'm afraid you can only bail Black and Potter out. Lupin has to stay." He said. Lily frowned.

"I see, so I'll just take the two then. After all, I can't be seen harboring a fugitive when I'm already on a tight string." Lily said sweetly. Peter heard the code for plan B and ran to fetch other rats. It wasn't long before an infestation began.

Lily had just bailed out James and Sirius when the rats erupted everywhere. Screams echoed through the prison as security wizards and guests fled. James changed into a stag and broke the lock on the room holding Remus. Remus and Peter emerged together and Lily managed to Apparate them all to the mainland. There, Teddy and Snape helped Apparate them to their residence.

Mira appeared in Azkaban just as the rats were being cleared out. She walked down to the room where she knew the marauders were being held. When she got there she found the door open and a little worse for wear. Not wanting to be caught in there, Mira called the Door back and went home.

Hermione was no longer there so Mira closed the Door and went to her grandfather's house. It was a pretty manor on the outskirts of town. It was large and white with sweeping gardens. Mira was about to knock when she heard her grandmother's laugh. They were apparently in the backyard.

Mira went around to the back. She paused watching the scene unfold. There were her grandparents. They were entertaining her grandmother's brothers and their wives. Grandma Lily was cutting up some cheesecake and passing it out while Grandpa Regulus was telling an amusing story to Uncle Albus and Uncle James.

"Mira darling, what are you doing here?" Aunt Aubrie asked. Uncle James looked up to see who his wife was talking to. He smiled.

"Hey Mira!" he called. Mira waved. To her aunt she said. "I told Grandma I would visit today."

"Oh, how sweet of you, I wish our grandkids would do the same." Aunt Aubrie sighed. "Well, run along, I'm sure she's dying to see you."

Mira went over to her grandmother and hugged her.

"Well, hello Mira, I thought you coming later?" Lily asked.

"I was, but something came up so I can't stay. I said I was coming over today so I did." Mira said.

"Oh, I hope it's nothing serious." Lily said.

"No, not really, it's fixable." Mira said. "I have to go. Bye," Mira kissed her on the cheek then Apparated back to the Ministry. Now for the hard part she thought. Where did the marauders run off to? She opened the Door once more and hopped in. She was in an unfamiliar neighborhood. She looked at the nearest street sign. It was Spinner's End. Mira knew that street. Her great-great grandmother's friend had lived on it. This was the street Snape lived on. If she could only remember the address number…

Mira was about to just start down the street when she heard the unmistakable crack of someone Apparating. Knowing that in this chaotic 2019 Voldemort was still at large, Mira quickly hid behind some trash cans. She heard a lot of whispering before she saw the newcomers. There were seven of them. One was distinctly female, the rest male.

One pulled down their hood and Mira gasped. It was Teddy. She knew it was safe so she stepped out from behind the trash cans. Three wands whipped in her direction. She held her hands up in surrender.

"It's okay, I'm a friend. I know Teddy." She said carefully.

"I don't know you." Teddy said.

"Well, no, you wouldn't." Mira said. "I'm from 2064."

"Wow, that's a long time from now." Sirius said.

"Yes it is, but I would assume you want to go back to 1977?" Mira asked.

"Yes, we would." James said in relief. "You can help us?"

"Yes, I can. Even better, we don't have to go to the Ministry." Mira said.

"We don't?" Peter asked in relief. Mira shook her head.

"I opened the door to get here so it'll let me go back to my time from here. Once we get there, it'll be safe to send you back."

"Thank goodness," Peter sighed in relief.

"This won't mess up the timeline anymore, will it?" Remus asked.

"It shouldn't, you won't be in 2064 long enough." Mira said.

"Then let's go home." Remus said.

Harry woke with a start. He was slumped on the floor in the Hall of Prophecy. He couldn't remember how he had gotten there, but there he was face first on the floor. Hermione was sobbing and someone was soothing her. Harry blinked. His vision was bit blurry but he was otherwise unharmed.

"I killed him! What am I going to tell Ginny?" Hermione cried.

"Maybe he just got the breath knocked out of him." Cho said. "I'm sure he's fine."

"What happened?" Harry asked groggily.

"Harry!" Hermione shrieked. She ran over and hugged him tightly. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, I didn't think it would hurt you!"

"I don't think you did." Harry said. "Did anyone follow me?"

"I think the Marauders tried, but I closed the Door on them. The only thing that came through was a few strands of Sirius's precious hair." Hermione said. Harry laughed.

"He won't be pleased."

"No, but that hardly matters. Let's go home." Hermione said helping Harry to his feet.

The two thanked Cho and went home. Their kids were playing Quidditch in the yard when they arrived. They had a splendid dinner in which Giselle announced her engagement to her boyfriend, Max Peterson. Then Molly insisted on making a hurried cake for dessert to celebrate. Everything was normal, though Harry had the strange feeling of déjà vu the whole time.

The Marauders were irritated that they had missed their opportunity to follow Potter. Dejected, they went back to the Gryffindor common room. Sirius immediately went to sit with his girlfriend, Savannah who promptly asked if his hair was already thinning. Peter said he had some homework to catch up on so he went upstairs to finish it. Remus and James sat down at a table together, both deep in thought.

"He really was my son, wasn't he?" James finally asked. Remus nodded.

"I think so,"

"Then…who's his mother?" James asked. Remus shrugged. He began to look around the room.

"Maybe it's… Alice?"

"I hope not, Frank would kill me." James said making a face.

"Mary perhaps?"

"You would kill me." James laughed. Remus laughed too.

"Yeah, you're right, I would."

"Potter!" James and Remus jumped at Lily's shout.

"Yes, Lily?" James asked.

"You have Head duty tonight, remember?" Lily scowled.

"Oh, yes, erm, with you, right?" James asked. Lily rolled her eyes.

"Of course, who else?" she snapped but James was no longer listening. He suddenly realized where he had seen Harry's eyes before.

"It's Lily!" he suddenly shouted.

"Oh well spotted," Lily said acidly.

"No…I mean…"

"I know what you mean." Remus chuckled. "Congrats," he said before drifting off to find his girlfriend.

"What was that all about?" Lily asked.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you." James said. "We have some patrols to do."

With that James happily walked out of the common room, content for once at being made Head Boy.

Mira got home late and she was exhausted. Her parents were already asleep when she got home so she went to her room quietly. She turned on her lamp and looked at her wall. She had tons of family photos on her wall. The one she was currently looking at was her great-great grandfather's. Harry sat holding Ginny around the waste. Standing behind Harry was Uncle James a wide, mischievous smile on his face. He was putting bunny ears on his brother, Uncle Albus, who was standing beside him. Ginny held Mira's grandmother, Lily, on her lap.

Her grandmother's family was in the photo beside Harry's. Lily had married Sirius Black's grandson, Regulus. The two stood holding each other in the back while their two boys stood in front of them. Uncle Ezekiel had allowed his mother to put her hand on his shoulder…mostly to prevent him from accosting his little brother during the picture. Mira's father, Alexander was standing in front of his father, the perfect replica of Sirius. Mira had always liked that her father looked like his great grandfather. It made Sirius seem a little more real.

Next to this photo was her family. Alexander had married an Italian woman he had met when his friends and he had vacationed there after graduating. Isabella had captured his heart and she willing followed him to Britain. The two sat on tall stools in the back of the picture. Mira's older brother, Giovanni, sat in a slightly smaller stool in front of his parents, next to their sister, Bethany. Bethany was the only one in the picture with red hair. Everyone else had black hair. She was also the only one with blue eyes, wile everyone else had grey. In the front on shorter stools sat Mira and her twin brother, Myron. The two of them had identical grins on their faces.

Mira smiled as she looked at each picture. She didn't have any others in her room; her twin had most of the Black family in his room. Unfortunately, neither one had managed to find one with James, Lily and Harry or Sirius, Savannah and Patrick. Mira thought about this as she got dressed for bed. As she got into bed, s smiled. She may not have pictures, but she got to see the real James potter and the real Sirius Black. That was better than any picture.

"I can't wait to tell Great-Grandpa Harry what happened today." Mira said sleepily. "He'll be thrilled."

And with that happy thought in her head, Mira drifted off to sleep.