Bright colors danced in front of my face, the light showering in front of my eyes shielded by the silhouette of the figure in front of me. The sound of voices in the background was distant and foreign, similar to the feeling on being submerged in water. The sweet smell of sugar and rice wafted lazily towards my nose, and I inhaled deeply, holding my breath for a split second to savor this beautiful moment before I reached out and grabbed one of the onigiri being held only inches from my face.


"Hey, moss ball, don't touch Nami-swans food!" screeched the now all too familiar voice of that hateful, womanizer cook of ours.

Why did Luffy have such a fetish for weirdoes? I mean sure he's strong enough, but that cook has no bigger goal that to make my life miserable and to hit on our lady nakama, on top of never allowing me food!

"Fine then." I said, sitting up from my position against the mast of the ship, acknowledging the fact that he's the only reason we don't starve like the first couple of months I had with Luffy in that horrible rowboat he called a ship. I shivered at the thought. "Where can I find my portion?"

"Oh, that? I left that in the kitchen with Lu-" he answered, his eyes widening in terror and I looked over him.

"Do not finish that sentence the way I think you are going to." I sneered menacingly.

"… Sorry?" He whispered, his voice high pitched and I dashed towards the upper decks to save my lunch and favorite food, paying no attention to the girls laughing at me from their seats near the lion shaped figurehead on the bow that has recently replaced the lamb of the Going Merry. Along with the addition of a new crew-mate, the ship has gone through many modifications.

As I crashed through the doors of the kitchen, I was attacked by an unknown flying object as it speed towards me, wrapping its limbs around me and wailing in a high pitched voice.

No wait, it was only Luffy.

"Zoro, I'm huuuungry!" he wailed, burying his face into my shoulder "And Franky won't let me eat those rice balls!" he said pointing his finger towards a plate being held in the oversized metal hands of the newest addition to our family.

Franky, the shipwright, isn't someone I would expect to do such a thing but, as it was, I was overly grateful.

"I already told you why you cant have these Luffy." He said, rolling his eyes and pulling a large hand through his hair." These" he motioned towards the sweet rice balls "Belong to that man you are grovelling to." Earning him a look of pure horror from Luffy and a smirk from myself.

"You all want me to starve don't you!" he shouted as le left the room, even though he would probably forget all about it and go grovel for food from Sanji.

Silence ensued in the room. Now that I was all alone with my new crew-mate, I didn't know what to say, but it seems my stomach did.

"Want these?" he said, extending the plate to me, I quickly grabbed it and started to eat hungrily.

"Fanks." I said, in between mouthfuls, better finish fast before Luffy comes back.

He chuckled at this as I paused from my gouging just long enough to give him a questioning look.

"You look so different than your serious self in these kinds of situations. It's… SUPA!" he said, knocking his chair over and posing with one food on his overturned seat, causing me to almost choke from laughter as he grinned like a silly child.

I swallowed the last bit of food on my plate, before moving towards the fridge to pull out a bottle of sake and two glasses, bringing them back to the table and pouring myself a cup. He reached towards his glass and poured himself some of the sweet scented liquor before sipping slowly, never breaking contact with my eyes.

"So Mr. Swordsman, for the cook to leave your food in the company of Luffy you must have some sort of bad blood. Steal his woman?" he joked quietly, stealing quick glances towards something out of my own range of vision, god knows I should have been following his eyes.

"Not really. Honestly, I think it's just our personalities. I really don't get why he's so hateful towards me, but the guy sure doesn't know when to give up." I reply leaning back in my chair and putting my feet up on the table before downing my drink.

"Hm, not so super is it? I mean, Luffy and I had our moment, but after that we patched things up quite super I must say." He said, grinning "But I guess there are always those who decide to leave it."

"Hm, I guess your right." I said, analyzing the cyborg before me. He was tall, 7'4½" I believe, and his blue hair framed by his sunglasses. His metal nose, the star tattoos on his arms and strange body shape were some of his most defined features, although bizarre, they suited him. My eyes ventured further, past his golden chain to his stomach and lower abdomen followed by his Speedo. His body was well maintained and muscular.

I had never really had a preference, men and woman are no different when put in front of a blade, and I found no reason to view them differently in maters of sex either. Though Sanji would swear up and down I'm crazy, I rely entirely on first impressions, and boy was Franky making one. Turned on, I found it hard to peel my eyes away form the man.

I also didn't notice that the man in question had gotten noticeably closer.

"Hey Zoro, let's play a game. I have 3 questions for ya." Stated the shipwright, pulling up a new chair right beside me, as I nodded, suddenly unprepared for this.

"1, how old are ya? I hear different stories from everyone. Luffy says you're a number, Usopp 45, Nami 22, Robin 18, so what is it?" he said, staring into my eyes, quietly waiting for my answer.

"A number? Is that really all he knows?" I asked, not surprised by my captains lack of personal knowledge about his crew. It wasn't all that important to him to know how old, just who you were. "I'm 19 at the moment." I answered, crossing my arms.

"So a teenager" he stated.

"You could say that, or you could say a young adult." I replied hopefully.

"Yep, teenager." He smirked.

"Alright, just get on with the next question." I grumbled sarcastically, waving my hand in his direction.

"So, super number 2. Why did you become a pirate?" he asked.

"Execution by the marines for defending a little girl comes after wanting to become the worlds greatest swordsman on my list of things to do." I answered.

"Oh, do we have ourselves a little smart aleck?" he joked, staring at me intensely.

"Perhaps. 3?" I pushed on.

"All right, but promise to answer?" he said, faking innocence.

"Cross my heart and hope to lose my arms." I replied, placing my hands in a defensive manner, while chuckling.

"3. I may be wrong, but the way you're undressing me with your eyes makes me think I'm right; do yo have an interest in men?" he asked, the tone in his voice serious.

My eyes widened. What kind of question was that?!

"I have no interest in men the same way I have no interest in women." I replied, my voice unsteady from the awkward position it placed me. What was this guy thinking?

"You lied." He said before reaching over and placing a kiss on my unsuspecting mouth.

I fought to pull him off of me but my desire melted like snow in July as his mouth started to move against mine. I didn't know what to do, so I sat there, and started to move my mouth in match with his. The contact of our lips never breaking, he pulled me into a straddling position on his lap. The feeling as if our mouths were made for each other was overwhelming, and I started to fully participate and lose myself in the kiss.

Franky started to bite gently at my bottom lip, causing me to open my mouth more as he slowly snaked his tongue in, entangling mine with his. His mouth had the most original taste of cola and wet metal, strange, yet addictive.

Soon, I wanted more.

In my attempt to move get a better taste; the cyborg took the opportunity to lift me from his lap, into his arms. He carried me backwards towards the trap door that led down beneath the ship to his mechanics room, grabbing something from the fridge simultaneously. I was too lost in the feeling of bliss to realize what had happened, so when he pulled away from my mouth, the whole realization came rushing back to me in a flurry.

I gasped and jumped out of the man's arms, rushing into the far corner of the kitchen. A look similar as to than of a deer in front of a headlight, or Luffy when Sanji catches him fetching his midnight snack, was apparent on my face.

Franky, who was no longer startled, had a sincere, hurt and apologetic look on his face as he slowly approached me.

His large hand gently caressed my face. "Sorry man, I assumed. It's just… it's been a while so… sorry."

I cringed, and his hands left, leaving the exposed flesh cold as a winter night. My mind told me to stay away, but my heart told me to jump into his arms, and save him from the sadness apparent in his expression.

Funny how that happens, isn't it?

He paced a little bit then stopped above a table, pulling his hair back with his hand and resting his elbow on the edge of the table in silent contemplation.

My heart raced, surprising me.

Did I care for the man?

I certainly enjoyed the kiss, and what came after… I could barely describe the feeling. It was like nothing I've ever experienced. Flesh on flesh, his arms around me.

For a while, there was lust.

For a while, there was only him.

Thinking hard, I stood up, walking quietly towards the now unusually quiet man in front of the table. I stopped short, waiting for my brain to conflict with my motives.


I gently put my callused hand on his large shoulder and waited for any sign of rejection.

There was none.

Gathering my courage and, if you could still call it that, manliness, I bent down to whisper in the blue haired mans ear.


The man turned around slowly, tears, grief and confusion in his face, a look of questioning in his eyes.

"Were you crying?" I asked.

"No way! I never cry!" he said, a stream of fresh tears making it's way down his face.

"Good. And the answer to your 3rd question, it's yes. But, well, right now only on in particular." I said, a blush creeping up my neck to my face as I held strong and looked Franky in the eyes.

"Se-seriously?" he stammered, turning the rest of his body around, a hopeful look on his face.

"I guess…. Yes." I murmured softly before two strong arms were wrapped around my torso and our lips met for the second kissed passionately, as we lost ourselves in time.

Had it been seconds? Hours? Days? We may never know. All I know was I was with him and it felt amazing.

Franky pulled away from my mouth, no longer crying, passion and lust burning in his eyes. Before I knew it, he has swiped his across the table and knocked over everything on the surface. He cautiously placed me on top, kissing his way down my exposed neck, as I moaned and tugged at his shirt.

He carefully removed my shirt before continuing his trail of butterfly kisses. When he bit down on my shoulder, a wave of excitement electrified my body as I rose in temperature. When he reached my nipples, he slowly licked around my biceps, putting his hands around them and lightly squeezed them, excitement coursing through my body like high electricity. He moved lower, towards my exposed abdomen. He gave me an apprehensive glance, as I grunted, wanting him to go all the way, whatever that was.

I jumped when my pants and underwear were removed simultaneously and I was greeted with the frigid air. I tried to cover myself, causing Franky to laugh, while removing his shirt.

"W-what are we doing?" I stuttered, confused as to how we would proceed. I mean we're both men aren't we?

"Ah, you don't know, right?" he said, smirking. "Then let me show you. It'll be my first time like this too." He finished, pulling my legs forward, so my back lay flat on the table and my legs spread. Placing my legs around his hips, he positioned himself in between them. Now I was really confused.

Removing his Speedo, he lifted me up slightly.

That's when reality dawned on me.

"You are not going to stick your dick in my ass! No way-" I started, scared and nervous and he smirked at me, lubricating his cock with the butter he had swiped from the kitchen.

I was cut off mid sentence when I felt something spread my cheeks and enter my tight hole.

"G-Gaah! Get it out; get it out get it-" I chanted like a mantra, hoping it would get rid of the pain.

"I only got the tip in, just wait, it'll fee better, I promise." Said Franky. But I was far beyond believing that.

With a quick, hard thrust, he was sheathed in me completely, and the pain roared. I cringed at the foreign feeling then, started to relax. And, after a while, it wasn't that bad, a bit awkward, but not bad.

After what felt like minutes, the silence was broken.

"Are you ready?" asked my, well, lover I guess.

Ready for what? Do I really even want to know? I thought.

Apparently I was ready, since seconds later, while I was still contemplating the idea, the large shaft in my rear pulled out to the tip. A feeling of relief over flowed me then, it slammed back in.

But this time, there was no pain.

Somewhere inside of me, a pleasurable spot was hit, which lit of my vision with fireworks. I heard a high-pitched moan, and wondered if Franky could really make that kind of sound., before noticing from the expression of lust on Franky's face and that it was me.

Franky slammed into me again, hitting the same spot as we moaned in unison. The pace of our love making quickened, and before long, I was feeling the coming of my orgasm.

"I, I'm going to come." I whispered, my voice hoarse form the moaning. A short nod form the man on top told me I wasn't alone.

He started to fondle me, and, within seconds, my orgasm shot throughout my body, and into Franky's awaiting hand.

My muscles clenched tightly around his cock, and, after a couple last thrusts, he released his seed into my body, the liquid dripping down his dick as he pulled out of me. He flipped me over, and grabbed one of the blankets he left down here in case he should ever work late, and spooned me from behind, our naked flesh rubbing against each other creating a warm friction.

He pulled the blanket on top of us and, before I drifted off to sleep, the world of which I was a part of before this entire adventure, he whispered into my ear.

"Your super."

"Thanks." I mumbled, giving him a quick kiss before falling asleep in his warm embrace.

Soon, my thanks turned into words of love, and that is where it all started…


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