Zoro rolled into the warm embrace of his blue haired lovers strong arms, placing his strong hands on the mans forearms and tracing the all too familiar shape of the blue star tattoos. He didn't need to open his eyes to find them, he had been around the man long enough.

I thought back. It had been almost 5 months since I started seeing the shipwright in private. We had kept our relationship a secret, deciding that it was not the time to tell their crew about it yet, mostly out of fear of rejection by our crew-mates.

"Morning sunshine." came the deep voice I loved so much from the mouth hovering centimetres from my left ear, as he nibbled it lightly.

"Ah, morning." I said, snuggling into his embrace, tilting my head to kiss his awaiting mouth. The same taste of metal and cola awaited my tongue and I hungered for more. When we reluctantly broke apart, panting for air, we lay there, completely still, hoping this moment would never end.

This had become the morning ritual.

Jumping out of the cot Franky had set up in his work area, I got dressed, thinking only of breakfast. Today, we would be landing on a new island. I groaned. I just knew I had to be prepared for whatever money making scheme Nami had come up with this time.

As I was putting my shirt on, Franky snuck up behind me and started to place kisses down my neck to my spine.

"Can't you see I'm trying to get dressed?" I asked sarcastically.

"Can't you see I'm trying to get you undressed?" he threw back at me, earning him a kiss on the cheek.

"Unfortunately, I'll have to decline whatever offer you had in mind." I said, the smile on my face growing.

"Even if it involves whip cream?" he asked with a smirk.

"Even if it involves whip cream." I answered, attaching my headband to my arm, and grabbing my swords, and giving him one last kiss on the cheek, before running up the stairs.

"Hurry up Zoro! I want to get some meat!" squealed the over excited captain.

The entire crew was excited for some shopping, and everyone had a different want. Franky and Usopp we're going off to hunt for mechanics and gizmos, the girls were looking for clothes books and maps, Chopper wanted some medical herbs, whilst Sanji and Luffy wanted to get some food. Myself, on the other hand, I just wanted to browse, and that is how I ended up lost, as usual.

Trudging down the back alleys, it was hard to tell which way the water was. Instead, I decided to make the most of the situation, and stopped by a little stall of which the sign read:

"The sleeping tiger; anything and everything you need."

Stepping through the threshold into the musty little building, the floorboards creaking menacingly, I cleared the dust of a glass case and browsed the bizarre arrangement of wares. I was so engrossed in my browsing, I nearly missed the presence of another being in the room. Turning around, I met only the air. I was about to turn back, until I heard a sound similar to a person clearing their throat and looked down.

There, stood a little kid, maybe around 13 or so, staring up at me with eyes that seemed ages too old for him. At least, that's what I though, before he spoke.

"Nice 'ta Meet'cha there! Name's Colyn, owner of this wonderful little franchise! What may I do for ya?" he said with a gruff voice as I realized he was probably much older than I. Funny people here on the Grand Line….

"Um, I'm just looking around so-"

"nonsense!" he cut in "I know a buyer when I see one, and sir, you are one!" he said, before dashing behind the counter and rummaging through something.

Apparently he found what he was looking for, since his face showed an sign of absolute joy as he jumped atop the counter and thrust the item in my face.

Taking it, I observed the particular item. It resembled some sort of talisman. It was a little black stone, carved into the shape of whirlpool. Engraved into it, there were symbols I have never seen in my life, and they covered the entire stone,. In the faint light shining through the dusty windows, I noticed the faint turquoise hue of the symbols, like some sort of protection.

I was mesmerized with the trinket.

"like it, don'cha? You know what, take it, it's no good lying around my dusty ol' shop! " He said with a chuckle. "Besides, I'ma sure your boyfriend will like it." He said with a wink before bursting out into laughter as I jumped and blushed.

"H-how did you-" I started.

"I have a way with People kiddo., besides, this will bring you good luck in the future." He answered, jumping off the counter to open the creaky door for me.

"Your ship should hap'en to be east of 'ere if you follow the road." He said, motioning down the street and I walked out the door, bidding him farewell.

"And may I add, congratulations!" he finished, slamming the door behind me as I stepped out.

I took a few steps before glancing back at the shop window.

"What a weird guy." I mused , before opening my hand to reveal the talisman clutched between my fingers. I carefully put it around my neck and, without turning back, headed home.

"Come on Sanji, I'm hungry!" I cried, my stomach rumbling.

"Hungry, you just ate!" screamed the cook, kicking me in the head to prove his point further.

"Ahhh but Sanji!" I whined, getting the death glare from the cook, which pretty much means whine any more and you starve.

"Ah well." I thought "I wonder how Franky and Zoro are doing. Maybe I should pick them up a wedding gift! I mean, Franky did spend a while looking at rings and all."

"Luffy!" shouted the now impatient cook.

"Coming!" I screamed

"I'll think about that later. Besides, Franky will come to me first anyways. He knows I saw them that day 5 months ago~!" I thought, jumping on the cook as we headed home to the Thousand Sunny.

I was dead tired when I arrived back at the ship.

Everyone seemed to have found something they wanted, and were relaxing on the deck. Sanji was busy cooking some delicious steaks on the barbecue Franky had built him when he was complaining that he was never part of the fun in the kitchen. The girls we're taking a break from their books to watch the little dance show Franky and Usopp we're putting on for them. This made me green with jealousy. Franky just danced around in front of girls anytime he wanted while, as Franky had oh so kindly put it after one of my shirtless summer training sessions, didn't want me showing off to anyone but him. I thought about this as I slowly ate my portion of steak.

"I think I'll do what I want tonight"I decided, stalling momentarily.

This was entirely unlike me.

Looking down at the talisman pendant hanging around my neck, at the engravings shined from green to blue hues, I made up my mind.

Taking long, confident strides, I marched towards Franky and Usopp. Giving the cyborg a tap on the shoulder, I directed his attention to myself.

"I'll be taking the stage now Franky." I said, confidence and determination showing in my voice.

Obviously surprised, the two men stepped back, so as to give me room for whatever I was going to do.

The silent murmurs of the crew died down as I reached for my katana.

The crew must have been expecting me to do my usual santoryu style, but we're surprised when I threw them to the side, reaching for my waistband instead.

Throwing all but one of my swords to the side, I unwrapped the piece of fabric from my waist and removed my shirt, to show my strong chest and muscles. Everyone's eyes widened at this, probably wondering why I needed to remove my shirt, especially Franky, seeing as I haven't done so in the past 3 months or more.

Kicking off my shoes, I moved towards the gramophone Usopp had found in one of his thrift store sprees on a past island, and put on a southern island track. The rhythmic tune calmed my few nerves, as I stood in the centre stage, motionless.

A shock wave spread across my comrades as I started with a back flip, followed by 6 handsprings, landing on my feet before twirling in a handless cartwheel. The amazed faces of my nakama were nothing to the spellbound face of my lover. I continued my dance, a complicated mix of capoeira and break dance, in time to the beat of the music.

As I neared the end of my dance, the music slowed down. I added some complimentary Jiu Jitsu moves into the mix as I finished in a defensive stance.

Luffy and Nami rushed over to congratulate me, the first rewarding me with a hug. Franky stayed back, probably hoping to keep from arousing suspicions, a proud and loving expression on his kind features.

Suddenly, I wanted to kiss him.

My mind told me not, going against the whims of my heart. I looked down, agreeing with my mind, when the talisman caught my eye.

It was such a beautiful color….

Before I even knew what I was doing, I shrugged past my friends, making a bee line for Franky. I grabbed the crook of his arm, dragging his confused self to center stage, before spinning around quickly to look in his eyes. My heart almost bursting at the outrageous thing I was about to do, I reached out. Grabbing the back of his head, and dragged him down to my level. Realizing the situation I was putting us in, something told me it was the right thing to do. A gasp arose from my unsuspecting nakama as I attached myself to his mouth, but I never heard it. All I could do was move my lips against his, waiting for a reaction.

He tried to pull away, but I was adamant, as he soon realized. He gave in to my want, kissing me back passionately. My fingers lay on the back of his blue tresses, as his large arms swept behind me, embracing me and laying his large, warm hands on the small of my back. We stayed like this for what seemed like hours, before breaking away for some much needed air. As our mouths separated, our eyes connected as we panted heavily, a blush creeping it's was up my face to match his own.

A cheer arose from beside us. I looked around to see Luffy, cheering and clapping on his own, surrounded by astonished faces.

"I knew you two would tell us eventually! I mean, it's been 5 months since you-" he started before Nami cut him off.

"What?! They've been together for 5 months without us knowing?" she asked, shocked at her lack of information.

"Luffy, s-since what exactly?" asked Usopp nervously, afraid of the answer.

"Since they had kitchen sex, duh." He stated, matter-of-factly.

This caused Sanji to spit out his cigarette, which inevitably caught Chopper's hat on fire, but everyone was too shocked to notice until they smelled the smoke and put it out with Usopp's coffee.

"You did WHAT in my kitchen?!" asked the furious cook.

"I already told you they had s-" he started again.

"We KNOW Luffy!" he shouted back.

"The quit askin'!" the young boy huffed before sitting back in his chair. "Besides, I'm sure Franky has something to say now that it's public."

I looked up at my boyfriend expectantly, surprised myself that Luffy knew about our relationship and about whatever announcement Franky had for the crew, but trusting his judgment completely. Franky let go of my waist, taking a few steps back, a pulled a square box out of his front pocket. He knelt down in front of me, looking into my surprised eyes.

"As long as this is okay with the rest of you…" he said, opening the box. When I saw the content, tears rose in my eyes. Inside of the box, we're two rings, one green and gold, one silver and blue, shaped like waves.

"Zoro, will you marry me?" he asked, looking deep into my eyes.

As I stood there, trying my best to remain calm, without success I might add, the tears started to fall, until I gave up and jumped into my loves arms.

"Of course you idiot!" I shouted.

This time, the cheer wasn't only from Luffy, but the entire crew, even Sanji.

The rest of the night went by in a flash. Franky and I thanked the rest of the crew profoundly, and received a warm embrace from all, well, almost all, the crew members. Robin told us she had read up on marriages, and could minister the ceremony, and Luffy wanted to be the ring bearer, the best man, and the flower girl. After that, we told stories of our times together, sneaking past the crew, hiding, scheming, our sentimental moments and , apparently most importantly, how we got together at the girls requests. Sanji received a big thank you from Franky and I for hooking us up in the end, but all was good once Nami and Robin thanked him of their own accord by giving him a kiss on the cheek. Yes, it was a great night on the Thousand Sunny, of which will be followed by many others.

Near the end of the night, Franky pulled me away to our makeshift bedroom.

"So, just wondering, who's the woman in the relationship?" he teased, picking me up and swinging me around.

"Hm, I'm the one getting it up the ass so I'd have to guess me?" I teased back, kissing him chastely. "

"No, you'll always be my man." He whispered into my ear lovingly, kissing along my neck. "Now, I believe we should do something critical. I believe it's called consummating the marriage?" he said, kissing me down my abs as I gasped for breath.

"Gah…Hah… Isn't that done… after… we're married?" I questioned.

"Do we have a little smart aleck here?" he said, as he reached down to remove my pants.

I could no longer talk. It felt so good!

He looked up, and stopped abruptly. "I don't remember that ever being there." He said, staring at my chest.

Not understanding what he meant, I looked down to see the talisman, dangling from my neck.

"Oh, that. A young, well, old, but young looking man gave this to me. Told me my … boyfriend would like it… and… congratulations." I said, looking away as I blushed.

"Supa! Was he psychic? How did he know?!" Franky asked, ecstatic about my little adventure.

"I… don't know. But it makes me feel more confident." I answered.

"Ha, now I'm scared. You more confident? You'll kill yourself!" he laughed.

"Hey, thank the talisman for having me dance and kiss you tonight." I said, as he got up to remove his clothes.

"Alright. Let's do this now."

He said before we melted into bliss.

If only we knew the consequences of that moment, and the real meaning of congratulations, we might have known what that talisman had thrown us into…

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