Ok, so I wrote this while watching a sick and twisted movie, yeah I know weird right? lol I welcome any criticism or ideas. :) enjoy.

I'll keep you safe." Desmond said with a sly smile. "You think I would let thoes bastards lay a hand on you?" By this time, Lucy had stood up and walked over to him, putting both hands on his shoulders. They were the only ones in the room.

"Desmond," a small smile played on her thin lips, "you know as well as I do that I could kick their asses way more better than you could." She gave him a challenging smirk. "Och Lucy, I was just trying to comfort you." She could hear the sarcasm deep in his voice, letting her know that she hadn't really hurt his feelings.

She suddley felt a lot better by Desmond trying to comfort her, she really had thought it was cute. Especially when he tried to act all bad ass in front of her, now that was really cute to her. Then something came across her mind, something... evil.

Her hands that were on his shoulders had now slipped down to the loop holes of his jeans. She tugged on them to pull him closer to her, her mouth only inches away from his. At this point Desmond was in shock, but also liking the feel of Lucy's hot breath on his mouth.

"You know what other way you could comfort me by?" She pulled slightly away from him to look him in the eye, giving him her most seductive look she could pull off. Hell she has never been seductive in unholy amount of years. It was her turn now to finally have her fun.

Her hands left the loop holes and slid under his jacket. His breath hitched as he felt her cold hands go up his warm back. Clearing his throat he said, "Uh, what?" Her mouth was close to his, her eyes finally leaving his mouth darted up to meet his. "By making hot..." At this point he had gripped her hips. Oh god, Desmond thought. Just say it, say it! His heart started to pound in his chest, he could feel his jeans tighten.

"... cup of coffee for me." She gave him the most biggest, brightest smile she had to offer him. The look on his face was priceless and she had wished she had her camara to take a picture. His hands quickly had left her waist and he slightly backed away from her.

"Oh, come on Lucy! You're killing me here!" All Lucy could do was laugh. He scratched his head and looked around a bit. "Lucy, you are, and I mean it, a very, very evil woman." All he got was a slight sympathetic smile with another round of laughter.

"Oh come on Desmond, you have to admit the look on your face was PRICELESS." She slowly walked up to him.

"Uh, Lucy, you made my jeans feel tighter. I need a fucking cold shower now." That made her break out into another fit of laughter and she just rolled her eyes at him. "I promise you, one of these days you can comfort me 'that' way." She said with a seductive smile and winked at him. She then proceeded to walk out of the room.

"Wait, what?! When?" He stood there completley dumbfounded. Lucy just kept walking with a smile on her face. He's such a sucker.

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