A/N: For SidJack, a Winchester hurt/comfort/chick flick moment.

Part 3 - reality check

Damn good drugs, Dean thought dazedly. The throb in his right leg didn't bother him anymore. He laid in bed, stared up at the water spots on the ceiling.

That one directly overhead looked like a buffalo.

Dean giggled.

The one by the door looked like a bunny rabbit.

Dean laughed. He liked rabbits.

Sam looked up from the laptop. "Dude, you okay?"

"Yep. My hold on reality has loosened."

"That's good."

"I love you, Sammy. I really really do."

Sam grinned. "We're having a chick flick moment here, Dean."

" 'm high, Sasquatch. This doesn't count. An' I won't 'member a thing in the morning."



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