Ginny stared at her reflection. A sixteen year old girl with fiery red hair and deep brown eyes stared back. Even Ginny could see the pain clearly reflected in her eyes.

It was September first, and in one short hour she would be on the train to Hogwarts. Alone. Ginny felt a pang as she thought of Ron and Hermione. And Harry. Especially Harry. An image of him came unbidden to her mind.

He was smiling at her, his green eyes warm and thoughtful.

Ginny pushed the thought of him away. But it was too late. All the questions that had been plaguing her for weeks came back. Why did he have to leave? Where did he have to go? And why the heck couldn't she go with him?

Maybe, said a nasty little voice in her head, maybe he didn't want you to come. After all, he'd never told her he loved her. Not once. And he broke up with her, not the other way around.

"No," said Ginny sternly to her reflection. "You love Harry. And Harry loves you. So get over this inferiority complex you seem to have and trust him."

"Ginny, it's time to leave!" called Mrs. Weasley. Ginny turned her back on her reflection and dragged her trunk downstairs. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley were waiting for her, along with Fred and George.

It looked like Mrs. Weasley had been crying, and Ginny didn't need to ask why. Molly was still upset about Harry, Ron and Hermione leaving, and now she was losing Ginny to Hogwarts. Even though she'd never say it, Ginny knew that her mother was afraid that she'd never see them again. Ginny, however, had complete faith in all of them. They'd come back.

They all rode together to the King's Cross station. Mr. Weasley was thrilled to be going by Muggle transportation ("Look at this, Molly! Ingenious, these Muggles. Simply ingenious!") Ginny was hardly aware of what was going on as they went through the barrier and onto Platform nine and three quarters, where a huge black and scarlet train waited.

The platform was loud and busy. Before the war, only parents and siblings came to see them off. But now, the possibility that anyone would make it to see another day was low, so everyone in a family-parents, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles- they all came.

"Ginny, you be careful this year, you understand?" said Molly, breaking into Ginny's thoughts. "Snape is the new headmaster, so tread carefully. Don't do anything stupid. Don't do anything Hermione wouldn't do."

"What's this, Mum, you don't want her to have any fun at all?" asked Fred, trying to lighten the mood. George snorted.

"Yeah, Hermione's about as much fun at Hogwarts as a nosebleed," he said in agreement with his brother "Excuse us for a moment, Mum." He and Fred pulled Ginny away from Molly and Arthur, ignoring their glances.

"Speaking of nosebleeds and other ailments, little sister, we have something for you." And he looked pointedly at Fred, who handed Ginny a tiny black box that could sit in her palm. There were two tiny Ws on it that were a violent shade of magenta.

"Er, thanks," she said. Fred and George laughed, and Molly looked at them suspiciously.

"We've magically expanded that box to hold some of our products," explained George.

"Yeah," said Fred. "There's some Skiving Snackboxes, Canary Custards-"

"Peruvian instant darkness powder, a Jinx-proof cloak-"

"And, of course, fireworks and a few other random panic-inducing, havoc-wreaking things in there. So make sure and give the old bat what he deserves. Oh, before I forget- we imbued that box with an Undetectable spell so dear old Filch won't find it. It was a nasty little spell too, so I hope you appreciate it." Fred sighed and turned to George.

"And without further ado," said George, "we present you with our hypothetical scepter and we (hypothetically) crown you the newest Weasley Mischief-Maker. Do us proud, little sis."

Suddenly, Ginny couldn't talk past the lump in her throat. "I'll send you a toilet seat," she finally said. Fred and George grinned at the reminder of their old pranks. They both gave Ginny a hug, then they rejoined Molly and Arthur.

"We love you, Ginny," said Molly. She and Arthur hugged Ginny, then stepped back.

"Yeah, so do we," said Fred. Ginny had never heard Fred or George actually admit that they loved her. Of course she knew they did, but their admittance of that fact threw another into sharp relief: this might be the last time she would ever see any of them.

"The train's about to leave," said Molly. "You'd better get on it."

Fred and George helped Ginny carry her trunk on board, then gave her a parting wink and left. Ginny walked through the compartments until she found an empty one. Then she yanked the window open and scanned the crowd for her family.

They weren't hard to find; every single person had flaming red hair that was easy to pick out, even in a crowd like this.

"Mum! Dad! Fred!" she yelled. They looked up, and she waved wildly at them. The train gave a lurch underneath her, and it began to move.

"I love you!" she yelled. Molly said something, but Fred and George drowned her out.

"DO US PROUD, GINNY!" they roared in unison. Ginny felt a huge surge of affection for her brothers.

The train was picking up speed, but Ginny and the Weasleys waved. Then the train turned a corner, and they were gone.

"I will make you proud," she whispered. "I promise."

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