Title: Breathe Deep
Author: Enkidu07
Challenge Word: Hold
Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me.
A/N: Happy Birthday iheartSam7!!! Some feverish Sam is headed your way.


Dean watched Sam shoulder his way across the smoky bar and then looked back to the bikers around the pool table. "Sorry guys, gotta go." Knuckles cracked to his left and Dean reluctantly gritted out, "Keep the cash."

"Sam?" Dean caught his brother outside. Sam wouldn't look at him. "You ready to jet?"

A terse nod.

Loud silence reigned during the ride to the motel.

A hand to Sam's head after he hit the mattress revealed feverish heat.

"You okay?"

"Feel sick."

"Come on. Don't hold your breath. Breathe deep."

Cool rag and soft touches and Sam settled.

"Just sleep."