Heir of the Juubi

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Summary: During 'The End' something awoken. Something that makes even Trigon quake in terror. All hail the hing! All Hail The Eye! ALL HAIL THE JUUBI! Pairing undecided. May be Harem

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Translating to English

Beastboy lay on a rock surrounded by lava. He had fighting his doppelganger equally until he got lucky hit to his head. They had been fighting as pterodactyls at the time, so he counted his lucky stars that he hadn't fallen into the lava. His evil counter part landed on the rock, he covered in some cuts as well. He walked over to Beastboy, grabbed him by his collar, raised his clawed hand back, and with an evil grin said "Say hi to Mon and Dad for me."

Beastboy lowered his head, helpless as the clawed hand prepared to end his life. 'So this is how it ends? I'm sorry Raven, I'm sorry everyone. I've failed.' As he closed his eyes and waited for the end, he heard a voice.

"Do you want to live?"A booming voice sounded out. Beastboy's eyes went wide and noticed that time seemed to have stopped. He looked around and saw no one.

"Who there?" He called out.

"Do you want to live? Do you want to save them? Do you want the power to defeat your enemies? Do you want to have the peace you have been searching for?" The Voice asked again.

"Yes." He answered a little uncertain. Beastboy didn't know why, but he felt that he could trust it for some reason. He also wondered how it knew about not feeling at peace for so long.(1)

"Then become what you were born to be."The Voice told mysteriously.

"What do you mean?" The Shape-shifter asked growing confused.

"You have been denying a part of yourself on the assumption that it was a monster, the thing you call 'The Beast'. But 'The Beast' is only a side effect of you denying your power." The Voice answered, confusing Beastboy even more.

"You mean my Shape-shifting Powers?" Beastboy asked.

"No, when you first became that creature, you fought down your power causing your instincts to go berserk. If you accept it, become one with it, you will become stronger than Trigon himself." The Voice explained.

Beastboy pondered this. On one hand this maybe the only way to stop Trigon. On the other, he didn't know what would happen to him afterwards. "Wh-what will happen?"

"That is entirely up to you." The Voice answered.

Beastboy hesitated for only a second, "What do I have to do?"

The Voice sound pleased, "Reach for that power and bring it forth. Claim it as your own!"

Beastboy closed his eyes and concentrated on that power, letting it flow through him, and became one with it. His eyes upened again and saw he was back in his evil clone's grip. Time started top speed up again. At the last second he grabbed the doppelganger's hand, causing it to gain a dumb found expression. Beastboy raised his head and looked strait into the evil manifestation. His eye had changed; The whites had rings spinning around in them, the irises were steel gray and had three rings in them, each ring had three comma-like marks, and the veins seemed to be bulging(2). He had angry look in those strange eye.

"Die..."It was the last thing the doppelganger heard before dematerialised due to Beastboy sliced him diagonally across the chest, going over his heart and a few other important organs.

Trigon's eyes snapped open as he felt a tremendous of power. He saw that it was coming from the green shape-shifter, a unusual energy that didn't seem like any kind he had every seen before. This power went beyond that of regular demons, 'But the only creatures with this kind of power are....Bijuus!?!'Were Trigon's thought before he noticed that Beastboy was clutching his head and screaming.

Beastboy's body was changing; his skin and hair turned to white scales, he grew to at least as tall as Trigon if not more, wings sprouted from his back, his snout grew outwards, he grew two long tails, his neck seemed to stretch out, horns grew from his head, and his two eyes morphed into a giant one. There in Beastboy's place was huge white dragon(3) that seemed unaffected by the lava on his feet and tails.

Beastboy was still clutching his head for a few seconds. After he let go, he seemed to examine himself and then his surroundings, as if confused. When his eye rested on Trigon, it looked like he realized what was going on. Trigon, who was at full power at this point, merely looked at this creature in awe. It had been over a ten millennium since a Bijuu was known to have left Makai(4). He heard that fighting one was said to be like fighting a god of demons.

Before he could do anything else, Beastboy launched himself at Trigon. Trigon raised his hands too stop the dragon's fist. They were deadlocked for a moment, before Beastboy tripped Trigon with one of his tails. Trigon blocked a clawed swipe, will getting up on his feet, now more mindful of the tails.

Cyborg and Starfire watch the scene in awe, confusion, and many other emotions. They had finished off their evil counter-parts around the time Beastboy transformed and since then had merely watched not sure what to do. They almost didn't noticed Robin coming towards them them with a miniature white-cloaked Raven. "What is that?!?!" Robin asked in confusion.

"Friend Robin, that...that's Beastboy." Starfire answered worriedly, not taking her eyes off the two colossi fight.

Raven, whose eyes went wide at this, asked "Ho-how?"

"We don't know. We finish fighting these evil manifestation of us and then we saw Beastboy turn into this." Cyborg answered as best he could.

It seemed like Beastboy was winning when Trigon stayed down, until Beastboy got a little closer. Just when the one-eyed dragon was in front of him, Trigon fired energy beams(5) from his eyes. They went straight through where his heart was.

"NOOO!!!" Raven cried out, before being engulfed in light and Transforming into her regular age, still wearing a white cloak.

This caused Trigon, who was covered in scars and bites, to notice them. 'They were right. Even a young and inexperienced Bijuu is nothing to take lightly.' Trigon thought. If he had to be honest, he was impressed at the shape-shifter. He had come the closest to killing him. Never before had he had a fight like that. He was about to finish off his daughter and her friends when he felt many different demonic presences appear. All around different-colored glowing eyes surrounded the area. They seemed to be saying something.

"The Heir has Returned!" The voices all called out, "All hail the king! All Hail The Eye! ALL HAIL THE JUUBI!" The voices grew louder and more energized with every word. As they continued to chant, Trigon saw Raven's eyes go wide and heard something odd behind him. Before he could turn around, a white scaly clawed arm ripped through his chest, the voices had stopped at that exact moment. As he struggled in vain to stay alive, he looked over his shoulders to see the albino dragon standing there, the wound on his chest healing at an astounding rate.

Despite himself, Trigon couldn't help but smirk. If nothing else he would be known as the first to fall to the new king's claws. The last thing Trigon heard before he died was a thundering roar, followed by the roars of many other demons.

The Titans, including Raven, couldn't believe it. Trigon the Terrible, demonic creature that was considered to be invicible and a god in many cases, was out right killed by Beastboy. At least, they thought it was Beastboy. The eyes slowly disappeared. Beastboy was clutching something in his hand, something glowing. Raven squinted her eyes, before realizing what it was.

"Beastboy, don't!" she yelled her voice begging him not to do something.

Beastboy turned his one eye towards her and looked at confusingly. It then dawned on him what she thought he was going to. He sighed before saying, "Do you honestly think I would do that?" his voice echoed throughout the area.

He did something surprising next. He crushed the object in his hand. Out of it came billion and billion of glowing orbs. As they spread throughout the area, The Titans realized what they were. They were the countless souls Trigon had devoured. Some were a shimmering white. Some were a horrible black. A few were grey. No light, no shadow, just gray. No matter what they were, they flew around the dragon in what appeared to be joy. After a few minutes they started leaving. The white into the sky, the black into the ground, and the grey just seemed to vanished. They weren't sure, but the Titans thought they saw all of them smile at Beastboy before leaving.

When they all left, Beastboy looked as if he was gathering energy. The commas in his eye started to spin rapidly. He let loose a great roar as the world was engulfed in white energy. When the Titans opened their eye's they saw the city, and with that the earth, was back to normal. They quickly noticed that the dragon Beastboy had become was no longer present. Cyborg informed them that he had a signal from the tower. Raven teleported them to the shore of the island. They saw Beastboy there, unconscious and still turning back to human. When he fully turned, Raven checked him over and noticed some white streaks in his hair. She was happy to say he was fine from what she could tell. As they took him to the medical bay to make sure, Raven whispered something that most people shouldn't be able to hear. "Thank you." They never noticed Beastboy had a small smile on his face after that.

End of Chapter

1. He has been feeling like he was missing something for a long time.

2. Yes people, It's a cross of the three eye bloodlines. It's also what I thought the Juubi's might looked like(all I saw in the manga was a shadow like thing with a giant eye)

3. A white western dragon with one giant eye.

4. Demon World or the Tenth circle of hell.

5. I checked around and can't find a better term for them.

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