Heir of the Juubi

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Translating to English

No one spoke for a moment. The girl named Scarlet, that was apparently Raven's sister, remained kneeling on the ground before Beastboy, who was still a giant fox. Beastboy's eyes suddenly went towards a seemingly random area before grunting in what sounded like annoyance. They were all suddenly engulfed in light. The next thing they knew, they were the living room of the tower. Robin, Starfire, and Cyborg seemed a little nauseated. Raven just shook her head to clear out a few cobwebs(1). Scarlet was still bowing before Beastboy, who sitting on the back of the couch.

"You can get up now." Beastboy's voice was deeper and no longer childish. His expression was calm mixed with a slight amount of annoyance.

"Thank you, your Highness." Scarlets voice seemed to have the slightest bit of fear in it. She proceded to get up and stand to Beastboy's left, head bent down slightly.

Robin was about to say something when Beastboy raised his hand to give him a minute. He looked around for a minute before picking up a coaster on the table. He then through it into the kitchen, behind the counter. A distinctively female voice went "Owww!" before someone unexpected stood up rubbing her head. "That hurt you know!"

"TERRA!" four out of five titans cried in shock. The person before them looked exactly like the geomancer beside a single steak of snow-white hair.

The girl looked around with a confused expression, as if making sure she was the only one there, "Who me?"

"Wait, you mean your not Terra?" Robin asked, suspicious.

"I don't know. I was hoping he could tell me." she said pointing at Beastboy.

"And he would know why?" Raven asked.

"Because, apparently, I brought her back." Beastboy cut in, his voice and expression never changing at all. This caused his teammates to look at him in shock. Raven, however, felt a little depressed by this. At times like this, Beastboy was glad he could smell emotions, even more so now, "Not on purpose. How many of now exactly what I did two days ago?" Beastboy asked, seemingly out of the blue.

"I think I know." Raven said in a monotone, but slightly unsure voice. Anyone could tell she was happier then she usually was. Beastboy gave her the go a head, "You used the power of those souls to help undo what Trigon did."

"Along with a lot of my own and a little left over from Trigon himself. Since this was my first time doing something like that, I accidentally brought her back due to what happened to her having a similar effect to that of what Trigon did to the world. On another note, she seems to be wiped clean of her memories." Beastboy explained, surprising the others. Calm, smart, and willing to eat meat; what else had changed about Beastboy since his transformation? The fact he wasn't angry or happy that Terra was back surprised them.

"So, she's not going to try and kill us?" Cyborg asked.

Beastboy shrugged, "I don't know. I hope not though, I've already had my snack." The others didn't know what was scarier; Beastboy just said the would willing eat a human being or that they couldn't tell if he was joking. Terra chuckled nervously.

"We'll deal with what to do with her later. Right now, I want to know why and how you turned into that thing." Robin demanded approaching Beastboy. He either didn't see or didn't care that Scarlet seemed to be snarling at him.

"Hmmm, Interesting questions Robin. Here are mine; why do you want know so badly?" Beastboy's voice seemed to become amused as a small smile appeared on his face(2).

Robin glared, "I want to know if you becoming that thing is a threat to the team, the city, and possibly the world."

Beastboy's smile suddenly became a smirk, "And if I am?"

Robin's glared intensified as he moved his hand towards his belt, "Then you'd leave me no choice."

The tension in the room got thicker and thicker as they spoke. Just as it seemed Robin was about to do something incredibly stupid, Beastboy started chuckling, "Technically Robin, your the only one here that isn't a threat to the city and world."

"What?" Robin asked.

"Cyborg's strength, metal attachments, and cannon. Starfire's near invulnerability, starbolts, flight and strength. Terra's geomancy. Raven's and Scarlet's numerous abilities. Even before my recent change, I had the ability to become anycreature I wanted. So tell me Robin, what makes me more of a threat in your eyes then the rest of the occupants in this room?" Beastboy asked, becoming more and more amused.

The others thought this over. He was mostly right. Everyone of them could cause incredible damage if any of them went villain. One thought went through the four titans head's, "Why isn't Robin a threat."

Beastboy suddenly smirked. The air in the room got heavier and Robin felt an odd chill run up his spine. A gunshot rang through the air, and Robin collapsed to the floor. Before anyone could react the scene faded and Robin was standing where he was before, but he was panting.

"That's why you're not a real threat Robin. At one point someone would pull out a gun and you would have no way of surviving that. Earth and most space guns don't work on Starfire. Cyborg's metal is close to bullet proof. Raven could sense the shooter a mile away and might be able to heal the wound, same with Scarlet. Terra, well, that's our secret for now. No matter what you do Robin, you're only human." Beastboy explained, making Robin grit his teeth in rage.

"The reason I think you're more of a threat is because your attitude have changed dramatically since your first transformation. You've killed twice and have shown no problem with doing it again. You probably started a panic with your giant fox thing. There is also the fact that a demonic Raven look-alike is calling you 'Your Magesty' or 'Your Highness'. I think I have the right to be suspicious." Robin said, his voice it's usual way it was when he talked to criminals.

"You mean like you did with 'The Beast' ?" Beastboy shot back with a smirk.

Raven intervened at this point, "ENOUGH! Robin stop treating Beastboy like he's a common criminal! Beastboy, could you please just explain what happened and why you're acting different?" Her voice soften when she turned to Beastboy.

"Well I was planning on messing with Robin's head a little longer, but since you asked so nicely- compared to how you usually do- I'll stop beating around the bush." Beastboy's voice seemed to get serious near the end. "In all honesty I'm not sure what happened, but I think your twin here can answer that."

Scarlet nodded before speaking, "Yes actually that is why I'm here. To properly explain what happen I need to give you a small history lesson. Over ten-thousand years ago, there was a creature that is now thought to be a myth. It was what most call a Bijuu, or Tailed Beast. Tailed Beasts are exactly that, demonic creatures with tailes. The more tails they have, the stronger they are. The lowest ones have one tails, unless you count the false zero tailed Bijuu, and the highest now has nine. The creature I speak of, however, was the first and last known creature to reach the level of ten tails, The Juubi a god amongst demons.

It is said that a human sealed it into himself. Upon his death he separated the power into nine Bijuu, each having a different a number of tails. What no human knew was that Juubi had impregnated a human woman at one point before he was sealed. Demons have long since searched for the heir of the Juubi. We were starting to think they all died off until you awakened your demon power, my lord. Any questions?"

Most of them were gaping at this. Beastboy looked at this with no reaction outtside of a raised eyebrow. Terra merely looked around, trying to understand why they were all surprised. Starfire, surprisingly, spoke first, "So Friend Beastboy is the long lost descendant of a god like ruler of demons?" She continued after getting a nod, "So why is he behaving um..'out of the norm' I believe?"

Beastboy chuckled, "I'm acting like this because of one reason. Congratulation Raven, you got your wish." She looked confused at this, "I grew up." The others looked a little surprised at this.

"Beastboy, I-" Raven stopped as he gave a slight glare.

"What? Aren't you the one that's always telling me to grow up and stop acting like a child? Well, guess what? I did grow, I just became a demon instead of a man." As Beastboy said this Raven's cloak was starting to turn blue again.

"Whats going on?" Robin asked looking at Raven's cloak.

"It seem that that my lord's gift is starting to wear off." Scarlet said.

"What gift?" Robin asked with a glare.

"I believe that he prolonged my sisters time of peace with her emotion until now. I'm surprised he did it at all considering how she treated him before his ascension. Whether he could continue to do this I'm not sure, but I think she should obtain that peace by herself instead of relying on him like that." Scarlet theorized.

Raven looked up at Beastboy with a surprising look. Many thought she would be angry or sad. Instead she looked...thankful. As if she was happy for the small time of peace she had. She gave a look that was of shame for herself and gratefulness for what he did. He in turn gave her a forgiving smile.

"So tell me Scarlet what esle are you here for?" Beastboy asked curious.

Scarlet gave a small smile, "The Council of Makai would like a meeting with you, my lord."

End of Chapter.

1. Beastboy's first time teleporting others.

2. Think of Aizen's(Bleach).

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