Heir of the Juubi

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thenormalfreak- It's amazing what happens when demons grow up. Terra, she has a surprise that only BB knows about. Scarlet, she can travel through dimensions, like Raven can.

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Beastboy nodded to the half breed, "Then we best not keep them waiting, eh?" He asked with a smile. After all, if he understood this right, he was the unofficial heir to Makai itself and keeping its lords and ladies waiting when they requested a meeting would be a bad first impression.

"You sure that's a good idea?" Raven asked worriedly.

"Of course. After all, if it wasn't for their help and others, I might not have gotten back up." He said with a chuckle.

"Wait...you mean those eyes are this council?" Cyborg asked, putting the clues together.

"Indeed. The Lords and Ladies of the Demon World, along with powerful loners." He answered simply, "Scarlet, as I've never been there, I'm going to need you to open a portal." He requested to the girl.

She grinned, almost ferally, "I live to serve, My Liege." She said, phasing through the floor.

Beastboy smiled in amusement before turning to the blonde geomancer, now with a streak of white in her hair, "So, Terra, you wish to stay with the heroes or come with me?" He asked with a small grin.

The memory-less girl looked between all of the occupants before shrugging, "With you I guess. Not like I know any of you, besides that you brought me back." She said carelessly.

"Friend Beastboy, are you coming back?" Starfire asked in concern.

"Assuming I don't get killed, definitely." He promised with a grin, "And just think, when I get back, I can bring you some demon pudding to try." He said as she smiled and hugged him.

"Be safe, my dear friend." She said softly.

He returned the hug, "You too, Kibibi Nyota Moto." He said, inwardly chuckling at her confused expression over his words.

"So...no more video games, eh?" Cyborg asked with a sad chuckle, not good with goodbyes.

"Ohhh, don't worry. I got a few things to work out first, but if I'm right, I'll know a way or two to come back and visit." He promised before sighing, "But in case I don't come back for one reason or another, it's been fun, Tin Man." He said with a small grin.

Cyborg smiled and nodded as they bumped fists. "It sure has, Grass-stain," He said, blinking as he noticed some dents in his hand now. The newly made demon looking a bit sheepish at that.

"Make sure Robin doesn't stay too much of a hard ass, especially with Star." Beastboy advised, getting a nod.

The paling green-skinned boy turned to the last occupant, "Beastboy," Robin said hardly, staring intently at him, the phantom feeling of the bullet still lingering.

"Robin," Beastboy returned before smirking, "Good luck. You'll need it." He said before turning to leave.

"I can handle things just fine." Robin said lowly and coldly.

"I didn't mean with being a hero," Beastboy said grinning over his shoulder, to Robin's confusion, "I meant with everything else." He said vaguely.

"What did that mean?" Robin asked as the changeling left the room with the mostly-silent geomancer.

"Friend Robin? What are the meanings of the words 'Kibibi' 'Nyota' and 'Moto?'" Starfire asked as she floated over to him.

'Oh...THAT's what that meant,' Robin realized- Beastboy meant his personal issues. He resisted the urge to blush as Starfire floated just a bit too close to his face, "I don't know, to be honest. Must be a different language." He answered with a straight face.

"Hey, you guys see where Raven went?" Cyborg asked, noticing she had apparently vanished at some point.

"I believe she went to keep an eye on her sister," Starfire answered, having seen the magic user teleport soon after her twin, "I imagine she has many questions for her, as I believe that Raven was unaware of her sibling's existence."

"You think that's safe?" Robin asked, more than a bit wary of the other half-breed in the tower.

"She knows that Beastboy will not forgive her if she harms Raven," Starfire said thoughtfully, "I believe that is reason enough to her."


Raven looked around as she appeared on the roof, wondering where her 'sister-she-didn't-know-she-had' was. She followed her powers to the top...

"What do you want?" Scarlet asked in a monotone voice, nearing mimicking Raven's, as she appeared behind her sister.

Raven jolted and turned to face her 'evil-twin', as it were. She took this time to truly take in the likeness between herself and this girl. The same shade of purple eyes, the same height, the hair styles were the same even if Scarlet's was longer, their skin was the same grey. The only real difference, besides the overall demonic feel from Scarlet and her greater capacity to show emotions without ill effect, was the overall red theme- red sclera, red shade of purple, and red cape.

'And the red chakra, can't forget that,' She reminded herself as she composed herself, "You're my twin. How is it we've never met?" She asked, getting straight for the point.

"Trigon only needed one portal," Scarlet answered plainly, "And I inherited just a bit more demon than human. Our mother, I'm told, doesn't even remember giving birth very well to recall that Trigon took me away when I was born." She explained as Raven went wide eyed.

"But how, Azarath's barrier-" She started in shock.

"As I said, I'm a bit more demon than you. Enough that he could use my own power in Azaroth and his own to manipulate it and teleport me to his realm." Scarlet interrupted before smirking.

"Than...why were you happy that Trigon was dead?" Raven asked, figuring her father would have brain washed this girl on some level to be loyal to him.

"Trigon may have brought me to him, but I wasn't there long. The Lords and Ladies of Makai are no fans or supporters of our father, or demons that follow his example. However, they have many issues to be watchful of. On the list of things the Council are concerned with, these lower dimensions are rarely even near the middle and our father was barely ever a concern. However, The Fox Lord took pity on me and brought me to the realm of the True Demons." Scarlet explained, smiling towards the end, "He and his family has raised me ever since."

"The Fox Lord?" Raven asked curiously.

"One of the High Tailed Lords, the greatest in fact. When the council needed someone to fetch the Heir, he sent me." She answered, sounding proud of herself.

"I'd love to meet this Fox Lord," Beastboy said with a chuckle as he and Terra stood at the door, "Sounds like a good man to me."

"Oh, I think you'll both get along," Scarlet assured, 'Assuming he doesn't think you're an arrogant asshole, anyway.' She added in her head.

"So, Raven, you coming?" Beastboy asked with a smile.

"What?" Raven asked in slight surprise, not expecting that one.

"Well, I figured you could use this to realize that not all demons are bad," He mused with a small grin, "That and I'm sure you and your sister have a LOT to talk about," He said as he looked between them ,'Or maybe not, it can be either.'

"But what about the team? We can't just leave them two members down." Raven reasoned.

"I might have a solution," Scarlet interrupted as she held up Raven's communicator. Raven blinked and checked, but found it gone, "You learn a few things when you live with a fox," She answered as she tapped the device, making red static appear around it for a moment, "There, it'll work in Makai now. And since a second here is an hour there, you should have no problem coming to help them." Scarlet explained, throwing it back to her.

Terra just watched this all silently. She had no idea why she was being ignored so much, but she wasn't complaining- everyone seemed to know her, and she had no memories of them. It just felt too akward to have that kind of attention on her right now. For now, she'd just follow this green guy- not like she could do much else. he 'revived' her and might be able to help with the memories. So, she played spectator to the drama show around her. It was kind of fun, to be honest.

"So, Rae, want to hitch along?" Beastboy asked again. At her indecisive look, he continued, "And maybe this Fox Lord can help you with your emotions." He baited, and suppressed a smirk. She took it.

"...Fine. When do we leave?" Raven asked after a few moments.

"Right now," Scarlet answered as a portal opened up behind her, a glowing rift of gold forming in the air, "Shall we?" She asked with a small grin.

Raven looked at the portal curiously. It didn't feel like her sister's power opened it, but she could only assume that Makaians had a way of opening a way to their how world without uing their own power- after all, Azar herself had said that the Tenth Circle of

Hell was so well gaurded that it might as well as not exsist to most beings, so well protected that it made Azarath look like a tourist attraction in comparison.

"Well, last chance to say no, Rae," Beastboy offered as he headed into the portal, Terra running after him with a 'Wait for me!'. Raven hesitated for a moment before walking in without a word.

"Well, that went better than expected," Scarlet mused before heading in herself. 'The sooner His Majesty met with the Council, the sooner we can deal with things.'

End of Chapter

Well, there we are, first chapter in a LONG time. Apologies for the long delay, ut I went through a bad and long rut that I finally got out of. I will now be updating at least three times a months, barring very bad circumstances. I'm sorry for dissappointing you all for so long, but I intend to make it up.

And here we have Scarlet's origin- rescued from Trigon by a sly fox and raised with his family.

Questions To Ponder: Who is the Fox lord? What does the Council want with Beastboy, exactly? Who/what opened the portal? Why does everyone keep forgetting Terra? What does Scarlet mean by 'True Demons' exactly? Will this fox lord hate BB? Will he help Raven? And what else awaits them in Makai? And bonus Trivia, figure out what Kibibi Nyota Moto means.