Enkidu07's Drabble Challenge - Happy Birthday, Sidjack. She wanted some h/c Sam and Dean, with supersweet moments, maybe some leg injuries thrown in for either or both boys. Not sure this fulfills your wish, but I hope you like it anyway.

Prompt Word: "hold".

Word Count: 100 words on the dot.

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Rock Meet Head

By: Vanessa Sgroi

"S'mmy, my h-h-ead h-hurts."

"I bet. It collided with a rock."

"It did? Why?"

"I dunno, you'll have to ask the rock."

Dean's glazed eyes searched the ground as if intending to find the offending stone and to do just that.

"Here, hold this on your forehead to stop the bleeding."

"I'm bleeding? Why?"

"Yes. Same rock."

"Boy, that rock sure hated me."

"So did the ghost who threw you into it. Think you can walk?"

"Uhh, yeah, if you tell the ground to stop moving."

"Stop moving ground. How's that?"

"Good job, S'my."

Sam caught him when his knees buckled.