Immortally Gifted

My name is Isabella Swan, and I just turned seventeen, I have exactly one year until I become immortal. My heart will stopped beating and the blood stopped flowing, I am what my 'father' Aro considers gifted.

Yes. That is correct, I have lived with the Volturi for the past seven years, staying with my adoptive family over the school years and visiting my each of my parents during the summers, for two weeks each.

Renee had taken a long time for me to convince her that I wanted to live with the Volturi. She thinks that the Volturi is just a special school for me to learn different things for a higher education, boy was she wrong, but we had to keep up pretenses. Charlie was none too pleased but accepted it, thinking that it would be good for college.

The Volturi had taken me in and raised me as their own child, they were a second family to me and I loved them very much. Aro and Jane had talked to Renee and convinced her to let me be 'schooled' from the Volturi. The fact was that I was already smarter than most college graduates was an understatement, I had learned all human subjects, vampire, shape shifters, witches, and all other mythical beings. Everyone pitched in with knowledge of the things they have learned in this life and it made me gain that knowledge. My family all thought that it would be best if I knew everything there is too about life.

My second family is quite large, and always a little overprotective of me. The man that I consider my father would be Aro. My blood father, Charlie would always be my father but I consider him more of a friendly acquaintance. Aro is the man that I call 'father' everyday but I wouldn't dare tell Charlie that, it would hurt him a lot. I also consider Sulpicia my mother, because she acts like one, so I call her that, but again I would never tell that to Renee.

I have my aunts and uncles of which included Marcus, Caius, and Didyme. They always treated as their own child when I was in the castle, but I only considered Aro and Sulpicia my real parents, I mean I already have Renee and Charlie, I don't think that I needed anymore than the four. I was luck enough as it was.

I also had my sister Jane, and Heidi, we were the best sisters. It took a couple of months for Jane to get used to me but when she did we hit it off fantastically. We had many good laughs playing pranks on our brothers and other guards.

Felix and Demetri were assigned as my guards even though I didn't need it; I knew that it helped assure my parents though, they always worried. I knew that there was no need though; I was perfectly protected by one of my two gifts. I considered Alec, Felix, and Demtri all my big brothers; they always got me into trouble with father though, saying things that I did which usually they did so they could blame me, but I would tell mother or father to check the scents and they would always conclude that it was just them trying to get me into trouble.

We had gotten in trouble a few times because Mom was not happy with our actions, while Dad just looked amused. We were in trouble for 'robbing a bank'; Felix had come up with the idea that with my special gift and their vampire speeds. We would sometimes make it to the main vault take a few hundred dollars, and then take a private jet to an amusement park. We didn't need the money it was just fun to do, they would wear their Batman and Robin tee-shirts, and I had a pair of leather gloves that were my signature just like their shirts. When they dressed like that I knew what they wanted to do, they usually got bored in the guard, so we did this about once a month to keep ourselves entertained.

The rest of the guards were all just friends of mine, we all knew each other well, and had a good relationship.

I was gifted with two special gifts when Aro and Sulpicia were visiting Phoenix on a rare rainy day while the sun was hiding. I was being attacked by a vampire but luckily mom stepped in on time saying that I was just a child, and then Aro came up to me held out his hand, his face was completely shocked. That was the day that I found out I had one of my gifts, I am a shield both mentally and physically.

My shield is special, I have never once received a cut or even a bruise, it protected me easily. Renata had taught me how to expand my shield and protect other things too. My metal shield was also just as strong, I am able to protect other people if I wrap them in my shield. I have worked on my shield for so many years that I now have it down to a T. Everyone was impressed, and I could even make it seem like I am a vampire sometimes, because with my protective shield, I can do just about anything a regular vampire can do. Even all of my senses are heightened do to the fact that I live with Vampires, so it became another trait that was maintained as my own personal defense mechanism.

Aro taught me all about mythical beings, and took it upon himself to figure out what I was when he found out my second gift. It was a sunny day in the forests of Europe, we were on vacation, and I just turned fifteen years old. Father and I were running through the forest when we stopped for a short break to enjoy the scenery. That was when a small bird landed on my shoulder, she was talking to me.

That was my second gift, the ability to talk to animals. The small bird that landed on my shoulder tried to tell me that a larger animal had killed her mother, it took over a year for 'Willow' my little bird to get over the loss of her mother. Aro was extremely excited about me new gift, and told me that I was one of the most incredible women he has ever met, other than Sulpicia. So my whole family accepted Willow into the family, and never once left my shoulder or more than a few feet from me for the course of our now two year anniversary. Aro told me that during my conversations with animals that I can understand in perfect English what the animals are saying but the people around me are completely ignorant towards the conversation. Father had called me natures- seeker, like an angel he had said, and he and mom kissed my cheek.

I lived in my own part of the castle with the biggest of all the rooms, Mom wanted me to be comfortable and to be able to design my room with my sisters, and they were pleased. Willow even received her own small bed that was made from feathers that was placed by my head; she always told me that she loved me before drifting to a peaceful sleep.

We were like two peas in a pod, Willow and I. I did talk to other animals but it just wasn't the same with Willow and I, she couldn't communicate with anyone other than birds so I had to repeat conversations out loud often for her to understand.

Everyday usually stayed the same, everyday Willow and I would wake up from a peaceful sleep we would take a quick shower (it took hours at first of convincing but she finally caved when I told her I would leave her in our room all day if she didn't clean herself), and then head to our kitchen for breakfast.

I had a very nice kitchen, one that you would see in a magazine somewhere, and that's really how I got the kitchen; mom picked it out from a magazine and decorated it with the help of the men for the heavy lifting. It was mostly created for me but once father called ahead and told them about the new addition, they had stocked it with the special bird seed for finches.

Mornings always seemed to drag on, the only thing keeping me awake would be that Willow is singing again, and her voice is always so beautiful. This was one of the things other people could hear, her singing, it sounds like humming to other people. She was singing Clair De Lune, one of my favorites just to keep me awake, it angered me because she was definitely a morning bird, and it's just irritating.

Heidi came in shortly after breakfast and helped me pick out my outfit for the day, like she did every day. My hair was dry now so she made curls from my curling iron, while I dried off Willow; it took about ten minutes because I had to get all of the feathers. I did not want to deal with a sick bird right now, she gets so cranky when she is sick, and can certainly attain the quality of 'Bitchy Bird', it's much worse than her usual stubbornness.

The rest of the morning passed quickly with a few lessons and then Dad called me into the throne room. "Sweetheart would you come in please your mother and I would like to talk to you," he was eerily calm.

"What is it father?"

"Honey, we found some stuff out today about what you are. They don't have a name for it, but from what I understand, you will stop aging on your eighteenth birthday," he looked at me hesitantly.

I mulled this over for a minute, it seemed right somehow. I knew that if this didn't happen then I would be changed into a vampire, by Dad. "Thank you for finding this information out father," I hugged him and mom before kissing their cheeks. "But we have a problem, what about Charlie and Renee?" I couldn't just abandon them right now while I am still aging.

"That's what we wanted to talk about honey," mom sighed. "We think that it would be best if you went and lived with Charlie until you finish high school," she did not look happy but incredibly sad, I understood.

"So if I go and live with Charlie he would be happy but then what about Renee?" I couldn't make all my parents happy. I could hear Willow asking me what I was talking about because she was only getting half of the conversation. I told her that I would tell her later, when we were alone.

"Well when you talked to Renee last week she told you that she was happy with her new husband Phil so you should be fine on telling her that you would be living with Charlie," she sighed unhappily, I knew that she didn't want to leave, I had spent seven years with her and now I had to go back with my real father for two years or so.

"That would make sense. I guess you guys are right; it would make the most logical sense to live with him while I still can. I am just going to miss my other family," I told them sadly.

Sulpicia looked like she was about to break down into sobs any second, and I knew she wouldn't want me to see that so I made my exit. "I have to talk to Charlie now, and then later we can tell the rest of the family," I smiled sadly while I took my exit with Willow looking bewildered on my shoulder.

My phone conversation with Charlie was brief. "Hey Dad, its Bella," I tried to make my voice sound happy.

"Hey Bells! How's it going? How's your special school going?" He was so excited, well at least that makes one person.

"It's going great, but I needed to ask you something?"

"Sure Bella, anything, and what do you need?" He sounded concerned now.

"I was wondering if I could stay with you till I finish high school," I asked uncertainly, I had no idea how he would react.

"Bella that sounds amazing," his gruff voice bellowed into the phone! With my extra hearing it sounded like he announced it through a megaphone, so I winced and rubbed my ear.

"How about I'll be there in a month alright?" I had so many things to do with my family before I left.

"That sounds great! I will enroll you in school here, I am so excited about you coming here Bella," he sighed happily into the phone, while I felt guilt ride up on me. I only talked to him about once a month.

It was awkward the past two years I have been to see him because of Willow; he was confused as to why I would have a bird on my shoulder that never left me.


I was just finishing cooking dinner, and put everything on the table. Charlie came to the table smiling appreciatively in my direction, then he looked at Willow. "So how long have you had the bird?"

"Willow and I have been together for a couple of months now," I replied smiling at her, and although it was hard t see if a bird was smiling, I could still see her small grin.

"So what pet store did you get her at?" I blinked.

"There was no pet store, I found her in the woods on a hike," I told him a little frustrated, how he dare think this angel was from some gross pet store was beyond me.

The rest of dinner passed by quickly with no conversation, talk about awkward.

End of Flashback

I didn't know what Charlie would think about me bringing Willow back with me, and this time with all her toys, beauty supplies, and bedding. I knew that people would think that I am a nut job, but I couldn't bring it in me to care, it's just a small town with small minds.

I just hoped that the teachers would let me bring her with me to my classes; I would have to contact the principle.

Later that evening after we told everyone that Willow and I were leaving they were not happy but eventually accepted it. Surprisingly these vampires had all made room in their hearts for a human, and then a bird, I still find it hard to believe, if I brought home a bear, I am sure that they would have accepted him too. They were my family in every sense of the word, and I was going to miss them all dearly.

So after two hours worth of my sobbing family, and many promises to visit at least once a month they finally let me go back to my room for some much needed sleep. I was going to step into the human's world, but all I have known for the past seven years is the vampire world.

I made sure my shield was wrapped tight around Willow and myself before falling into another dreamless sleep.