Apology to Readers:

Hey there everyone!

Yes, um…you can write me a mean review if you want. I RICHLY deserve it. I can't even REMEMBER THE LAST TIME I UPDATED! But there is something much more important than spewing this Author's Note with apologies:

For the time being, this story is being put on hiatus. GASP!This is some serious stuff.

I know. You probably are thinking, 'Well, of COURSE it's on Hiatus, that's why she hasn't updated in FOREVER!' But now, this is official.

Due to my diverted interest from Maximum Ride, MANY other stories, and just pure lack of inspiration, I declare this story momentarily incomplete.

*SOB* Sad times, sad times…

I am interested in writing fanfics for a movie and TV. Show at the moment, and I think writing for what you have inspiration is better than slaving over a dead end story. PLUS! I am writing two other novellas from my own ideas and those take up a lot of time. School will be returning soon as well.

Well, I'm sorry and hopefully, it will be even better when I DO return to this story sometime in the future. I really enjoyed writing this so I want it to be good, not just thrown together so I can update.

Thank you faithful readers! This message will be added to a few of my different stories with a couple variations:

1.6 Years Later

2. Forgotten

3. Nudge Channel

4. Fallen

GOODBYE for now :(- MEGGEM