By: Karen B.

Summary: E/O 100 word challenge. Word --Hold. Happy Birthday Tribble Master who wanted some Drunken! Castiel.

"What's wrong with, Cas?" Sam asked.

"Hopped up," Dean explained.

"He's drunk?"

"Not drunk," Castiel slurred, propped against the Impala. "Hopped up." He smiled, looking through the bottom of his empty glass.

"I'll get him to bed," Dean said.

"Thank you, Dean, but..." Castiel tilted. "I am forbidden to have relations."

"Cas, zip it," Dean ordered.

Castiel looked down. "It is zipped." He cocked his head, confused. "I feel…" Castiel leaned over the hood.

"Cas, hold it!" Dean cringed. "You're not…"

"Pretty sure he just did," Sam laughed.

"Sam, a little help."

"Not my party, man," Sam chuckled, walking away.


By: Karen B.

Summary: E/O 100 word Challenge. Word -- Hold. For SidJack some h/c Sam and Dean, with super-sweet moments, maybe some leg injuries thrown in for either or both boys. Happy Birthday!

Only one thing to be done, this was going to hurt.

"Sammy, take a deep breath, hold it," I ordered firmly. "Have to set this leg."

Sam's teeth clenched "I…it's broken?"

"I'd hold off on running the Strongman anytime soon, bro."

"Great." Sam looked away.


"Are you?"


Sam's not much of a complainer when it comes to pain, but the cry he let out as I set his misshapen leg nearly stalled my efforts.

Bone grated against bone, leg muscle going into spasms.

I slid around him, held him close.


"Won't slow me down."

"That's my boy."




By: Karen B.

Summary: E/O Challenge. 100 word drabble. Word - Hold. Happy Birthday IheartSam7 - who wanted a confused, concussed, sad, miserable, moaning, suffering, queasy Sam. Happy Birthday!

"Don't just do something, Dean, sit there." Sam winced.

"You really did bang your head hard." Dean dabbed at the bloody gash. "How you feeling?"

"Think my brain fell out." Sam jerked miserably. "I can't think straight."

"That's a first. Hold still."

"I'll make whatever I want to, Dean."

"You mean…you'll do whatever you want to."

"Out of whatever I want," Sam added.

"On the next hunt, Sammy, how about taking the less bloody approach."

Sam made an unhappy face.

"Dude, what?"

"Whooshing sound in my ears."

"The worst is yet to come, kiddo." Dean sadly hugged Sam to him.