Hello my name is Bella Swan. I am a witch. The last of the Royal blood. The Volturi is trying to killing me for my powers/throne. The Volturi is a group of vampires that have special abilities. The many witches and wizards fought to keep me safe but most have died. The others that lived hide in the human world. Now I even hide in the human world to keep the Royal blood at flow. I must make another Royal blood but this is going to be hard. For the future witches and wizards. To make a witch or wizard you must release the energy in you to go into the other. You will still be the same except you'll have another mouth to feed.

Princess of Witches , Isabella Swan.

P.S. Now I will start my journey to make more Royal Bloods.

Chapter 1: Human adoption or what I thought they were

"Okay, this is our richest kid. She comes from a very, I mean very rich family." Mr. Hamiliton chuckled at his joke.

"This child looks a lot different from the other children." Blond-haired man that looked like in his late twenties pointed at me.

"Oh, this is Isabella Swan. She is 17 years old. More mature than others. She is a very good girl. She does what she is supposed to do. Nothing else." Mr. Hamiliton told the two parents that were up for adoption.

"She is very beautiful. I don't think I saw anyone as beautiful as she is. Why hasn't she been adopted yet?" A woman with black hair that went down to her hips said.

"Well, they barely found her last week in a abandoned house. So yeah." Mr. Hamiliton explained to her.

"She was in abandon house! For how long was she in there?" She asked worried. Mr. Hamiliton shrugged. "Honey, lets adopt her. I have a good feeling about her." She said this to the blond man. They all didn't know that I could hear them through the glass window. I turned my head to smile.

The couple that was looking at me through the window ended up adopting me. The dark-haired woman name was Allegra Cromwell. The blond-haired guy name was Alexander Cromwell. I did a lot of studying of people names when I was in that house. Alexander was the protector of men. Allegra meant cheerful or lively. My name Bella meant beautiful. My mother thought I was so beautiful that she would name me in a French name.

"Bella, welcome to your new home," Mrs. Cromwell said cheerfully. Mr. Cromwell parked the car in front of the house. I opened the car door. Mr. Cromwell was already taking out my bags.

For some reason, I don't know why, I feel like the Cromwell's weren't human. Not that I'm complaining. They're skin was ice cold when we shook hands. Their eyes were golden brown. They had plain white skin also it was hard as a rock. Only one thing was like that. My nightmare of them returning has come true.

"Bella, are you okay? It looks like you seen a ghost." Mrs. Cromwell asked me. She laughed. I chuckled to break my tension. I looked around for Mr. Cromwell. He was not in sight.

"Mrs. Cromwell-" She cut me off.

"Bella, child, I told you to call me Allegra."

"Okay, Allegra," I said stiffly. "You're not human are you?"She stiffens.

"What?! I don't know what are talking about?!" She said.

"Don't worry I won't tell others that you are a vampire."

"How do you that?"

"Know what?" I raised an eyebrow.

"The vampire part."
"Easy. Your skin is hard a rock. Also cold as ice. Speak very formal. The beauty. Last is your eyes. The eyes of an vegetarian." Her eyes popped opened.

"How do you know such things?"
"I'm not a pathetic human. I'm a …. I don't really want to say. If the Volturi find me, it will be the end of the Royal Blood line." I begged.

"Bella, please, tell me what you are? I promise I won't tell Alexander." She begged me.

"I'm a- I'm a- witch. Or what the others call me. I hate my title but here it goes. Princess of Witches, Isabella Marie Swan at your service." I bowed. She looked like she was going to pass out. "Allegra, are you okay?" She nodded. "Then why do you look so scared?"

"The Volturi has set a price for you." She said in a scared voice.

"What is their price?" I had to face it, I was curious.

"One billion euro." Ha.

"One billion euro? Ha. Do you know that is fourth of what I'm worth?" I raised an eyebrow.

"You mean you are worth more than that?" I nodded. "So how much are really worth?" She asked in a shocked voice. It seemed that her emotion went to voice.

"Well, to the gala I'm worth four billion euro." Her mouth fell opened. Her eyes went blank. Then she fell. I never heard of a fainting vampire. I hurried and caught her before she hit the ground.

Alexander came running outside in human speed. "What happened?!" I shrugged. He grabbed her from me and carried her in bridal style. I followed behind. But, still I never heard of a fainting vampire. This is probably why she looked very rest.