Prologue: The Lost Child

BlueTiger321: To the reader I greet you and thank you for selecting my story. This is a fan fiction based on the 1993 movie Super Mario Bros. that uses characters from various television shows and video games as the cast. I really liked this movie growing up, and I felt as though I should write my own fan fiction about it. First, some legal parts: the movie itself is property of Hollywood Pictures, the Super Mario Bros. name is property of Nintendo and Shigeru Miyamoto, and all the characters used in this story are property of their respectful owners. And just so you know, I happen to like video games that are intended for mature audiences so any characters you don't recognise you may have to look up on the Internet if you can't picture them in your head. I'll be introducing the important characters through the opening credits like in a real movie just to give you an idea of what to expect. Since I'm from Canada, I'm using the British spelling because that's how we spell everything here. I've written this story from my memory (or parts I feel should be changed) and I'll also add my own humorous bits into it as well. I hope that you enjoy reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it. So sit back, relax, and get ready to laugh.

BlueTiger321 presents

The planet Earth was formed billions of years ago. It was a lush and green place that was filled with life. Many different species inhabited the earth and they would be free to do as they saw fit. The narrator begins to speak of what's happening.

"A long, long time ago, the Earth was ruled by both dinosaurs and magical creatures. They were big so not a lot of people went around hassling them. In fact, no people went around hassling them because there weren't any people yet; just the first tiny mammals."

Sam Vincent as Aerrow and Dark Ace

A small mammal, which appeared to look like a skunk, crawled along the ground in search of food. It stopped when it saw what looked to be a giant rodent with large horns on its head. The mammal was scared by this magical creature called a Racatan (The Life and Times of Juniper Lee) as it started gnawing on a fallen tree. The mammal ran off from the Racatan just as it turned to another magical creature called a Fustertroll (The Life and Times of Juniper Lee).

"Basically, life was good," continued the narrator.

"You know," said the Racatan, "it just don't get no better than this."

"Yeah," said the Fustertroll.

David Kaufman as Danny Fenton/Danny Phantom

This took place over sixty-five million years ago in what would soon be Brooklyn, New York. All was going normally in this place, but a large orange object in the sky was approaching the planet at an alarming speed.

The narrator continues, saying, "Then something happened: a giant meteorite struck the Earth. Goodbye dinosaurs and magical creatures."

The meteorite then crashed into the planet, sending a large cloud of dust and rock into the air. This would mean the end of all the dinosaurs as well as the magical creatures as some people would come to believe. In some remote part of Earth, dust begins to swirl around as though some supernatural force was manipulating it.

Lara Jill Miller as Juniper "June" Lee

"We all know the dinosaurs are gone," said the narrator, "but what if the magical creatures weren't all destroyed? What if the impact of that meteorite had created a parallel dimension where the magical creatures continued to thrive and evolve into intelligent, vicious and aggressive beings... just like us? And hey, what if they found a way back?"


It is now the city of Brooklyn, New York twenty years ago. It was night time and rain poured down heavily from the sky. Lightning occasionally flashed and roared, making it seem like a night where something diabolical was taking place. Among the people of Brooklyn was a woman running through the streets. She was wearing a brown-hooded robe because she was trying to conceal herself. In her arms she was carrying something wrapped in a red blanket.

The woman stopped for a moment to see where she was currently standing. She looked up and saw the street signs, and then she nodded because she knew where she needed to go. The woman was of Asian appearance with black hair and brown eyes. She was known as Barbara Lee and she resumed her running for she feared that time was running short.

Grey DeLisle as Azula

Barbara finally reached her destination, which was a large white building with stained glass windows. On a golden plaque on the side of the large wooden doors were the words St. Theresa's Orphanage written. Barbara set the object in her arms down carefully on the stone steps. She then removed the red blanket to reveal that she was carrying a metal oval-shaped container. Barbara then removed something from her robe and set it in the centre of the container. It was a brown bracelet with a large purple gem in the middle.

Robin Atkin Downes as Travis Touchdown

Danny Cooksey as Jack Spicer

When Barbara was finished, she knocked on the door several times, desperate to get the attention of the people inside the building. She paused a moment to look out in the street and then continued knocking. She knew that she had to leave, but not before hugging the object one last time as a single tear rolled down her cheek. Barbara knew that this was for the best but she still couldn't help but feel sad.

Barbara placed the blanket back over the container and then left the orphanage, running back out into the streets as lightning flashed once more in the sky. Periodically, she would turn her back to make sure that she wasn't being followed.

And Chiara Zanni as Piper

The doors of the orphanage finally opened to reveal a yellow-skinned, blue-haired nun named Marge Simpson. She was wondering who was knocking on the doors earlier but was surprised to find that no one was there. She was about to go back into the orphanage when she spotted something covered in a blanket at the top step. Marge thought that this must be what the mysterious knocker intended to leave so she picked it up and took it with her into the orphanage, closing the door behind her.

Barbara began running through the streets without looking where she was going. Eventually, she ran into open traffic as the cars honked and swerved to avoid her.

"Hey lady, what are you, nuts!" shouted a driver named Eddie Riggs (BrĂ¼tal Legend).

Casting by BlueTiger321

Barbara ignored the shouting as she headed for an open sewer hole in the street. It was being guarded by safety pylons so the cars wouldn't run over it. When Barbara was sure she wasn't being followed, she climbed down the ladder and into the sewer.

Back in the orphanage, Marge had brought the container before the other nuns. They were all curious to see what was inside and why someone would leave it in their care. The blanket and the bracelet on top of it were removed and then there was a hissing noise coming from inside the container. The nuns all froze when the container was opening, and in the centre was a large egg.

Screenplay by BlueTiger321

All the nuns were amazed by what was in the container. Marge felt the most overjoyed as she awed at its magnificence and gently placed her hands over it.

Barbara was now running through the sewer so she could return to where she originated. Now that her task was complete, it was time to go back and do as best she could to keep her mission a secret.

Written by BlueTiger321

She was now standing in a large area where there were wooden beams supporting rocks over an opening. Water drops were heard coming down from cracks in the ceiling as the rain fell down and landed in puddles on the ground. Barbara stopped to catch her breath and turned her back to the opening behind the wooden beams.

Everything seemed quiet, but then a malicious figure stepped out from the shadows. It was a tall man with black hair and red eyes who appeared to be in his late twenties. The man was dressed in red and dark green clothing with pieces of armour covering various parts of his body. The metal piece on his chest had a red, menacing raven painted on it. On his head was a metal headpiece that only covered his forehead and the sides of his face.

When Barbara was close enough, the man grabbed her arms and said threateningly, "Where's the rock?"

Barbara was shocked when she was grabbed. She squirmed free of the man's grasp and turned around, looking at the reason why she was running and why she was hiding her package.

"Dark Ace!" said Barbara, referring to the man.

Produced by BlueTiger321

Barbara was desperate to prevent this man from unleashing his plan, and so she looked around to see what she could do. She then pushed the wooden beams away, causing the rocks on top to start falling. It was her last effort to try and stop Dark Ace from getting what he wanted. Dark Ace saw what Barbara was doing and was forced to run back from where he came, knowing that his plan would only be delayed. As the rocks continued to fall, Barbara screamed as she was now meeting her fate.

The orphanage was quiet until all the nuns turned around to hear crying. They looked and saw that the egg was hatching. What really amazed the nuns was that the egg was holding what looked to be a baby human girl.

The baby continued crying and thrashing about in the container. She was very beautiful, and she looked Asian in appearance with black hair and brown eyes. Marge looked at the baby and did the Sign of the Cross in welcoming the baby to the world.

As the baby looked out of her eyes for the first time, Marge picked up the bracelet and looked at the purple gem in the centre. It was all the baby would have as a reminder of her past. The gem then shined as light was cast off from it.

Directed by BlueTiger321

BlueTiger321: Well, that's the prologue folks. I hope it leaves you begging for more. In the next chapter, we get to meet the main characters and see some possible romance brewing between two of them. Until next time, read and review.