Epilogue: Heroes

BlueTiger321: So here is the epilogue to my story. All I'm going to say is read it to find out the ending.

It was now three weeks after everything happened. Aerrow and Danny were now back in their apartment going about their lives as usual. Their plumbing business was now the best in Brooklyn since Moss was no longer qualified to do anything. The families of the missing girls had also offered rewards for their returns, and all the girls agreed that Aerrow and Danny deserved them. Now the two brothers got to keep both their home and their business.

(A/N: That's not what really happens in the movie, but I decided to add it.)

The television was on and was now showing Our Miraculous World. Some odd music was playing and the show's host, Kisuke Urahara, said, "Are these the sounds of a music that comes to us across the vastness of space? Judge for yourself."

While the television played, Aerrow was in the kitchen with Piper getting dinner ready. Aerrow looked over to his girlfriend and said, "Hey, I've never seen you wear that crystal before."

"That's what you said the last time you saw it, Mr. Wonderful," said Piper jokingly.

The two of them shared a quick kiss before Aerrow noticed his brother wasn't at the table. He looked out at the living room to see his brother watching television depressed. Danny was now back in his human form. Over the last three weeks, he'd been able to take control over his new magic abilities, but not being with June had made it feel worthless.

"Danny, are you gonna stop moping?" called Aerrow. "Come on! Danny, come and eat."

Danny was about to come to dinner, but that's when he saw something on the television. It was a special report on Our Miraculous World that talked about the previous incident with Dark Ace. Kisuke said, "We now bring you the story of the Aerrow Brothers."

"Aerrow, we're on Our Miraculous World! Hurry up!" called Danny, gesturing with his hands.

Aerrow and Piper went over to Danny to look at the television. Kisuke continued saying, "These two heroes courageously crossed a dimensional bridge"—as Kisuke gave his report, video footage of a Heaven Smile was displayed on the television; it switched back to Kisuke reporting in front of a live crowd—"and managed to return the missing Brooklyn girls, and save a parallel world from a ruthless dictator."

Aerrow and Piper both laughed in joy to see the report. To Aerrow, it felt good to get some kind of recognition.

"You're preaching to the choir," said Danny, responding to the report.

"I'd call them the Super Aerrow Brothers," said Kisuke.

The two brothers gave surprised looks to be given that title, but they didn't seem to mind at all. Piper even agreed with it when she said, "Yes."

It has a nice ring to it, Aerrow thought.

Aerrow and Danny smiled at each other and then brought their hands together to do their secret high five. "Glug, glug, glug, glug!" they said in unison.

The group then heard a knock at the door.

"It's open," called Aerrow.

The door swung open to reveal June. She was back in her regular clothes, but they were singed at the tips of the sleeves. She had a look of distress on her face and her cheeks were spotted with soot. In her right hand she carried a fireball gun and ammo carriers were criss-crossed over her chest.

"Danny, Aerrow!" she called out.

Danny ran to the door, feeling ecstatic to hear that familiar voice. "June!" he cried out in jubilation.

"You've gotta come with me! I need your help!"

Aerrow and Piper went over while Danny asked, "Why, what's wrong?"

June swung the fireball gun into her other hand and said, "You're never gonna believe this."

Aerrow was quick to respond as he reached for his pieces of armour and said, "I believe it."

"You do?" asked Danny.

Aerrow nodded his head and replied, "I believe." If this whole experience had taught Aerrow one thing, it's that there are certain things worth believing.

Danny smiled at his brother and quickly changed into his half-ghost persona, saying, "Well, what are we waiting for?"

June simply smiled, happy to see that the two men she trusted would once again help her in her time of need.

Back in Aerrow and Danny's apartment, two Japanese businessmen named Byakuya Kuchiki and Jushiro Ukitake (both from Bleach) were speaking.

"Well, I must say," said Byakuya, "we have a very exciting proposal."

"A video game based on your many adventures," said Jushiro.

"What would you call it?"

The two businessmen were, in fact, speaking to Travis and Jack sitting on the couch. They figured they might get something out of this whole adventure.

Travis held his hands up and said, "Travis's World."

Jack shook his head and said, "The Indomitable Jack."

The two cousins looked at each other and they both agreed on the perfect title. Looking at the businessmen, they said in the unison, "The Super Dark Ace Cousins!"


BlueTiger321: And thus concludes my story. I hope you all enjoyed it. For my next story, I'm thinking of doing a crossover with Storm Hawks and Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Aerrow: A crossover involving me and my friends? Sounds good to me!

Piper: Yeah, and hopefully I'll have a bigger part in it.

Danny: Hey, how come Travis and Jack get to have their own video game?

Travis: Because we're the smart ones!

Jack: I concur, cousin!

Travis: We're not really cousins, you numskull!

June: But Danny, you and I got back together. Isn't that good enough?

Danny: You're right, June! *kisses June*

June: *giggles* Oh, Danny.

BlueTiger321: So folks, just you wait when I get my next story up. But until then...

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