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I was hunting with Carlisle and Esme. We had just polished off three deer and a bear. It was my idea to go for the bear, even though we all knew we would be sick to our stomachs. I was running through the forest at lightning speed, when I smelt an intoxicating scent. I stopped, abruptly.

What is it, son? Carlisle's voice in my head, full of concern. "Don't you smell it?" I hissed through my teeth. "Well, I smell something." Esme offered. "But it smells watered down." I looked down at her astounded. That smell is overpowering my senses. How could they not smell it?

"Its burning my throat." I moaned. Edward, no, wait-. I was running toward the smell, not even bothering to pay attention to my father's pleas. I came toward a clearing, and then broke through. Again, I was astonished at what I saw.

A little girl. A beautiful little girl. She had big, warm, brown eyes, wavy brown hair, pale skin, and full, pink lips. She was breathtaking. I stared at her and she stared back. Finally, she smiled at me.

For the first time in my life, I felt my icy dead heart melting. That smile was the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. All my life, I thought I could never love anyone. And here I was, falling for a little four year old human girl.

Edward! Edward! I heard Esme's frantic thoughts. Not taking my eyes off of the love of my life, I called, " I'm right here." A second later, Esme and Carlisle were right beside me. "Don't you ever scare me like that again." Esme scolded. "Look," Carlisle said softly.

He was looking right at her. Esme gasped. Edward ,Carlisle thought, you didn't hurt her, did you? A growl escaped from my chest. "Carlisle, I would never hurt her." Carlisle and Esme looked at me blankly. Then, a knowing look came across their faces. "I see," Carlisle said.

"Do you suppose she's lost?' Esme asked worriedly. She had a look of motherly concern on her face. "I don't know," Carlisle sighed. "Why don't we check her pockets? Maybe we could find something." I growled. I didn't want anyone touching her, but me. Possessive, I know, but I couldn't help it.

They both looked at me. "Why don't you check her pockets, Edward?" Carlisle said softly. I nodded. I went over to the stunning little four year old. Her eyes grew wide, as I approached. I walked slowly toward her, so I wouldn't scare her off. She stood still. She was watching my movements, with a fascinated expression.

I finally stood in front of her, bending down so I was at eye level with her. "Hello, love" I said smiling down on her. She smiled at me. If my heart was alive, it would probably skip a few beats right about now. "I am Edward. The two behind me are Esme and Carlisle. What's your name, love?"

She blinked at me. Then, she said, in the most beautiful voice I have ever heard in my entire existence, "My name is Bella." That's the most beautiful name I have ever heard. "Is Bella your full name?" I asked in my most silkiest voice, that I rarely ever used. Her heart was beating faster; she shook her head.

"What's your full name?" I murmured. "Is-Isabella." She stuttered. "I don't know where mommy and daddy are." I looked at her fearful face and felt an overwhelming urge to protect her. Without even thinking about it, I picked Bella up and held her in my arms. She didn't object. In fact she wrapped her tiny arms around my neck and held on for dear life. Then I remembered.

Her pockets. I have to check her pockets. I gently put her down, and then sat on my knees in front of her. "Can I look in your pockets? Maybe your mommy and daddy left you a note." She looked at me suspiciously, and then nodded.

I dug around in the small right pocket and pulled out two notes. One said Bella, the other said To Whom It May Concern. I opened the latter note first:

To Whom It May Concern,

Thank you for finding our beautiful baby girl. We ask that you please find her a good home, or perhaps welcome her into your own family. Please do not think us cruel parents. We want to keep her, but we can't. We can't support her. We already regret this choice, but there was no other way. We love Bella so much and do not wish to see her in poverty. She's a really sweet little girl. You'll have no trouble with her.

We ask that whoever has her when its her sixteenth birthday, that you give her the necklace in her left pocket. Tell her its her mothers. Also, we have a few video tapes in a box beside her. Let her watch those on her sixteenth birthday.

Again thank you so much.

Forever in your debt,

Charlie and Renee` Swan

I looked at the letter again, shocked. I couldn't believe this! They can't support her? How could they do this to her? She was just an innocent beautiful baby girl. How could they trust that the right person would come along, find her, and NOT hurt her?

Edward, son, calm down. Carlisle's commanding thoughts stopped my ranting. I looked down at Bella. She was looking at me with concern in her brown eyes. I smiled at her. I looked beside her and sure enough, there was a box full of video tapes hidden in the grass. I reached into her left pocket and pulled out her mother's necklace. It was beautiful. It was a handcrafted, iron heart locket, on an iron chain. I put it in my pocket, for safekeeping until her sixteenth birthday.

I opened the letter that said "Bella" on it:

Baby girl,

We love you so much and don't you ever forget it. We wish we could have kept you, but we couldn't. If we had it our way, you'd be home right now figure skating with daddy on the lake at the cabin ,right now. But, we can't have it our way and that hurts the most. Even though we are not going to be there, we at least want to give you some advice for life. We've complied it into separate lists:

Mommy's advice:

1. Don't talk to strangers

2. Always look before you cross the street

3. (This is the most important one) Don't get married at an early age!

4. Get through school, go to collage, and get a career you will enjoy.

5. Don't have sex before marriage!

6. NEVER do anything risky!

Daddy's advice:

1. Enjoy life at its fullest

2. Make lots of friends

3. Whenever you go out on a date, always carry pepper spray.

4. Try not to inherit your mother's clumsiness.

5. Don't let people walk all over you

6. Follow your heart on things such as love, friendship, and trust.

7. Always do your best in life

We love you baby girl. And that will NEVER change. We hope your life is full of happiness and wellness. When you wear that locket, we hope you will think of us and how much we cherish you.

Happy sixteenth birthday, baby girl.

All our love,

Mommy and Daddy

I looked at the letter again. Wow. Even though they left her stranded in a meadow, which was quite beautiful by the way, they must really love her with all their hearts. I can even see wet droplets on the paper from where they must have been crying. Of course, if I had to give up this magnificent creature, I would cry, too. But, still, Wow.

I looked down at Bella and found her sitting cross legged on the soft grass, studying her tennis shoes, with a curious expression. I smiled.

Edward. Carlisle called me. I turned around and motioned for him and Esme to join us. They did. Esme sat next to Bella and smiled at her. Bella smiled back. I gave Carlisle the notes. He took them from me wordlessly and began to read.

Finally he looked up. His face full of doubt and worry. "I don't know Edward. I don't want to put her in harm's way and I'm sure you don't either." Esme looked away from Bella and up at us. "Carlisle, I really don't see what harm it can do. Yes, there is the Volturi to worry about, but they have other things to think about. Besides, Aro trusts you. He wouldn't think to check up on us because we've never broken the law before. He doesn't have spies. So how is he ever going to find out? How are they all ever going to find out? And anyway, Edward loves her. We are not going to deny him his happiness. All this time he's been lonely. Now he's finally found love. We're not going to spoil it, just because of the Volturi." Everyone was looking at Esme. She always gave lectures to us, but never to Carlisle. "Besides, she's a little baby girl," Esme continued. "All of my girls are grown up. I want to raise this child. She's just like the baby I never had." Carlisle smiled at her.

"All right, sweetheart. We'll raise her just like our own." He kissed the top of her head. She beamed up at him. I mentally sighed. Someday, that would be Bella and I. Carlisle turned to look at me. "All right, Edward. We'll keep her, but I have a few conditions for you and the rest of the family.

I groaned. I knew that was coming.

When we finally pulled up to the house, the whole family was waiting outside, with excited expressions on their faces. They know. Alice must have had a vision and told the rest of the gang. As soon as I stepped out of dad's Mercedes, with a sleeping Bella in my arms, I was instantly bombarded by two family members. Alice (of course. I could hear her happy thoughts. Surprisingly, I learned I can't read Bella's. She must have a private mind.) and Rose. They both looked at Bella happily, so I put my fingers to my lips to warn them to be quiet. They did.

Edward. Go put Bella upstairs on your bed. Then, come back down here. We need to have a family meeting. I nodded my head at my father and ran Bella in the house ,and up the steps. I laid her gently on my bed and kissed her forehead. Then, I ran back downstairs to my family.

When I reached the family dining room(we don't use it for eating, but we do use it for family meetings.)my family was already there, in their usual places. I sat on the right side of my father. "Well," Carlisle began. "I'm pretty sure you all know what this family meeting is about." Everyone nodded. "We have a baby sister!" Alice almost shouted. "Yeah! I get to be a big brother! Wahoo!" This coming from Emmett. Rose and Jasper just grinned. Esme had a dreamy look in her eyes. "Yes, well, be that as it may, I have a few rules." Everyone groaned. "Rule number one: We WILL tell Bella we are vampires. Just not now. Maybe when she's older.

We all nodded in agreement.

"Rule number two: This is mainly for you, Edward," I looked at him with surprise. Me? "Yes, you. This rule might be hard for you, but you need to follow it. You and Bella can't be together, yet." If felt like he told me the whole world was going to end. "I am sorry, Edward, but you have to do it. It wouldn't look right to other people, for a four year old and a seventeen year old to be romantically involved. She is going to make friends and you know it. If they see you two kissing or doing what lovers do, they are surely going to tell their parents, and their parents are going to have questions. Or worse, you could be convicted of 'sexually harassing a child'. You can be companions with her for right now. But that's all. Do you understand?" I nodded my head ,miserably. "Good. Okay, then rule number three: We all have to protect her from other mythical creatures. Got it?" "Hell, yeah," Emmett said. "I'm not going to let anyone harm my baby sister." Everyone nodded their agreement.

Carlisle smiled. "Okay, that's everything. You can all go now." Everyone got up to leave. "Oh, and Edward?" I turned to look at my father. "Yes?" "Help me set up the guest room. We're going to make that Bella's room. Let her sleep in your room tonight." "Alright, dad." I raced back upstairs to watch Bella sleep.

5 months later…

I was sitting downstairs watching the news when I heard Bella come into the room. I smiled at her. I probably will never get used to how breathtaking she is, and how she can light up a room with just her presence. "Hey, Bells," I greeted her smiling. "Hey, Edward," she replied grinning back. I really loved her smile. She hopped up on the couch beside me. "Whatcha' watchin'?" she asked. "The news." "I don't get it Edward" "What don't you get, Bells?" "Why you guys always watch the news. It's so boring." I laughed. "What's so funny?" I shook my head. "You are Bells. You always know how to make me laugh." "Yeah, but I wasn't trying to be funny. I'm just calling em' like I see em'." I laughed even harder at that.

"What's so funny?" Alice asked as she came into the room. "Apparently, me," Bella replied. Alice laughed at that. "Oh, no" Bella moaned. "Not you, too, Alice. If I make you guys laugh anymore, I just might have to run away and join the circus." We tried to stop laughing, and surprisingly, succeeded. Bella's stomach started to grumble. She put her hand over it. "Ssssh, be quiet." I smiled at her. She was too cute. "Alright," I told her. "Breakfast time for the little princess." She groaned. "I told you not to call me that." I laughed, scooped her up, put her on my back, and galloped into the kitchen, with her laughing the whole way.

Mom was in the kitchen, making Bella's breakfast. "Mommmmmmy," Bella squealed. I sat her down at the table, and she immediately got up to give mom a hug. "Hello, baby," She murmured. She really loved Bella. She especially loved it when Bella called her mommy. "Go sit down, baby, I'll have your breakfast ready in a moment." "Kay." Bella skipped to the kitchen table and plopped down next to me. "Bella, what do you say we go to our meadow today?" I asked her. She squealed. "Yes, yes, yes!" Our meadow was the meadow we found her in. It has a small waterfall and a stream, soft grass, a small oak tree, a garden of roses, and a handmade iron swing that we installed. The best part was that no one else knew about the place. Just me and Bella. And my family, but they never go there. They know it's our place.

After Bella finished her breakfast, we went to the meadow. It was a complicated path, but I knew every twist and turn. "Edward?" "Yes, Bella?" "How come you know this path so well? I've been to the meadow as much as you, but I still can't remember the way." I sighed. I wish we could just tell her already. It would be much easier. And I want her to know who I am, not who I'm not. "I have a photographic memory. Which means I remember a lot of things by memory." "Oh. That's neat. Edward?" "Hmmm?" "I know that this is going to sound sappy and gooey, but…" "Go on. I won't laugh. Trust me, I really want to hear what you have to say." And I did. So bad. "Well…I love you so much Edward. You're the best big brother ever. I feel like I can talk to you about anything. Sure, I can trust the rest of the family, but I feel like I can tell you more than the others. Does that make sense?"

"Of course it does. And Bella?" "Yeah?" "I love you, too," I murmured. Just like a lover, not a sibling. I didn't add this part out loud, though. We finally reached the meadow. Bella squealed and ran to the big oak tree. I quickly caught up to her, picked her up, and carried her to our favorite spot.

Two weeks later…

It's a Monday and Bella is at school. Alice, Jazz, Rose, Emmett and I all decided not to go to school while in this town. I guess you could call us stay at home siblings.

We all hated Monday's because Bella had to go to school for another long week.

Alice was looking up cute five year old clothes for Bella, when she paused and stared blankly at the screen. Jasper was over by her side in seconds.

"Darlin? What is it? What's happening?"

I tried to get in her head to see what she was envisioning, when her vision stopped. She let out a gasp and flew into Jasper's arms, dry sobbing.

"Alice, dear," Esme tried to comfort her. "Please tell us what you saw. Honey, you need to calm down and tell us what and all you saw! Sweetie?" Alice finally calmed down and told us in a shaky breath," The Volturi."

Our eyes went wide. Alice drew in a shaky breath and told us all. "Aro suspected us having Isabella in our family. He, Caius, Marcus, Jane, Dimitri, Alec, and Felix are coming to stay with us for a few days to see if Bella is a threat. If she isn't then we can keep her on our promise to change her when she gets older."

Rosalie gulped. "And if they see her as a threat?"

"Then they kill her and us." I growled.

Alice looked at me with a sad face. "Don't worry Edward. We'll keep her safe."

Carlisle said with determination evident in his voice, "Then We'll just have to show them that Bella is not a threat. We're going to do everything in our power to see to that."

We all nodded in agreement with the same determination etched on our faces even though, all the while, we had only one thought in our heads:

'Shit! This is going to be hell!'

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