Renee and Charlie were very strange people. Every once in a while they would glance back at me through the mirror, like I was some kind of science project. I was relieved when we finally reached my house. The man, Charlie, let out a low whistle at the sight of my home and even I had to admit it was beautiful on the outside, but on the inside there were lies, deceit, mistrust, and stories untold.

Renee smiled weakly. "It's a beautiful home. I'm sure you've had a good life so far."

I looked at her and this time, I really looked at her. She had brownish red hair; almost the same as mine, except it was shorter. She had a heart shaped face and her upper lip was smaller than her bottom. Just like mine.

I studied Charlie, too. He had big, wide brown eyes that crinkled in the corners whenever he smiled. He had short brown hair and a small pointy nose too.

I remember Emmett making jokes about how my eyes were so big. He'd call me bug eyes and then he would run around me, making buzzing noises. I could see that Charlie had the same problem as me.

Realizing that I hadn't said anything, I spoke up. "Yeah, I suppose so."

Charlie turned around and stared at me. "Do you not like these people? Have they ever hurt you at all? If they have, I have a few guns in the trunk…"

My eyes widened. No matter how much pain my family had put me in, I wouldn't want them to get hurt. Can vampires get hurt? What are their weaknesses? If Charlie barged in there and shot Edward, would he die?

"Charlie, stop! You're scaring her! He's not going to hurt your…family. I promise." Renee smiled slightly, her eyes watering.

I sighed. "I know. Would you two like to come in? I'm sure my...Carlisle and Esme would like to thank you." I couldn't find it in myself to call them mom and dad. Not when they weren't.

The couple smiled and nodded and together we made our way to the front porch. I was about to open the door, but he beat me to it. He looked down at me, with anger and sadness in his eyes. I instantly felt bad, but then I realized all the crap I had been through in the past 24 hours and suddenly I didn't feel so sympathetic. I walked past him and brought Charlie and Renee with me. They smiled politely towards him, but his face remained impassive.

Esme rushed up to me and gathered me into a hug. "Oh Bella, I'm so sorry about everything. We should have told you sooner, but we were afraid. We didn't want you to hate us! Please baby, please. We promise we won't hide anything from you again. Please, just forgive us. Please?"

Her sobbing was the worst sound in the world. It broke my heart. I returned her hug with vigor and I realized that I couldn't really stay mad at them. They raised me, they took me in and despite all of the lies about whom they were, there was one thing that wasn't a lie, and that was their love for me. I knew that for sure. You can't fake love.

I pulled back, but it seemed Esme wouldn't let me go. She just held on tighter, almost as if she was afraid that I would run away again.

"I forgive you. I can't stay mad at you guys. I love you all too much to let you go."

Esme finally pulled back and stared at me with so much love in her eyes. I reached up and kissed her cheek to let her know that all was truly forgiven.

I looked behind her and saw Carlisle, looking at me with so much sadness. I walked over to him and gave him a hug. He wrapped me up in his arms and kissed the top of my forehead. "I'm sorry that you don't see us as your parents anymore, but you need to realize that it doesn't matter if we're not related by blood, I'll always love you as a daughter and so will Esme."

I suddenly realized that they must have overheard me in the car. I forgot all about their special hearing.

I glanced up at him and kissed his cheek. "I'm sorry; I shouldn't have called you two by your first names. No matter how different we are, I know that you two love me. You guys aren't Carlisle and Esme. You're mom and dad, and nothing can change that."

They both smiled at me with so much love and I felt my heart swell.

Charlie cleared his throat and I turned around to face the two strange people, all the while avoiding his eyes. I could easily forgive everyone else, but Edward and I have, or had, a special relationship. I could never put my finger on it, but our relationship never felt like a sibling relationship. It felt like something more. Something more powerful.

"Well, I suppose we should head on out, Renee," Charlie spoke so quietly that I had to strain my ears to hear.

"Oh," Renee's face fell with heavy disappointment. What's her deal?

"Wait," dad's arms immediately dropped from my waist. "Did you say Renee? As in Renee Swan?"

Renee perked up and smiled. "Yes, and this is my husband, Charlie Swan."

"Bella, how about you go up to your room. I'll bring you some lunch later," mom said lovingly.

"Yes, momma," I didn't need to cause them any more trouble.

I walked up the stairs slowly, but was stopped by Emmett's booming voice.

"Bella banana!"

I turned around and smiled at my puppy eyed brother and my other two siblings.

"What Emmy bear?"

Emmett's eyes lit up when I used his nickname. "Are we good in the hood?"

I laughed. "Yes, it's all good in this neighborhood!"

Next thing I know I'm being swung around by my huge gorilla brother.

"Emmett," he hissed. Emmett set me back down and faced him solemnly. Until now, he had been silent and now he looked like he wanted to rip Emmett's head off. Heaven knows why. Can male vampires have periods? If so, then I'd say Edward is probably on his. That's sad that he might have his period and I haven't even started mine.

"What?" Emmett demanded angrily. "Is Eddie pissed because Bella banana forgave everybody else except for him? You know Edward just because she's your-"

"EMMETT THAT'S ENOUGH!" We all jumped at his velvety outburst. Edward almost never yells and when he does, then you know you've crossed the line. Emmett's eyes held nothing but hurt and Edward was clenching his teeth.

Mom and dad looked ready to intervene while Charlie and Renee looked uncomfortable and awkward.

"You know Emmy bear," Edward sneered. I felt my temper start to boil. "You really need to learn how to check yourself, you mother-"

"Edward," mom exclaimed, shocked.

"No mom! Let me get this out! He's been pissing me off all week and-"


Everyone turned to look at me with shock. I've never yelled before at any of them.

"Bella," Edward intoned more softly.


"Love," Edward looked as if he was in pain and that broke my heart and made me angry at the same time. He doesn't have a reason to be sad. I do dammit!


Edward looked as if he was going to die, so I turned around and stormed up the stairs. I couldn't take it anymore. I had hoped to make up with him, but planning something and doing it are two separate things.

I slammed my door shut with enough force to knock down my favorite picture of Edward and I. I just ignored it and crawled into my bed. Well, if I wasn't worth the truth, then that picture was not worth picking up.

Edward POV

My heart was splitting in two. The pain on Bella's face was stark and bare as all can be. It hurt to see all of that pain on her face. It hurt hearing her question my love for her.

Sorry Eddie. Emmett thought.

I sighed. "It isn't your fault Emmett. I shouldn't have gotten so nasty with you."

I looked up and thankfully Carlisle and Esme had led Charlie and Renee out of the room, so at least they didn't witness our weird exchange.

"Do you think that Bella's real parents would try to take her away from us?" Rosalie finally spoke up.

Alice's face went all cloudy and I knew she was trying to see Bella's future. "Hmm, so far, nothing bad is going to happen where Charlie and Renee is concerned, but as for Caius and the Volturi…"

I growled.

"Over my undead body," I snarled.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that's a good one Eddie! Undead body! HEHEHEHE! OUCH ROSIE!" Emmett rubbed the back of his head while Rosalie rolled her eyes.

"Emmett, this is serious," Jasper said solemnly. "Edward could lose his mate and we all could lose our lives."

"Pssh, well excuse me for trying to lighten up the atmosphere sweet cheeks. Ow! Dammit Rosie! Stop!"

"Well Emmett, after Rosalie finishes serving you your balls on a silver platter, how about you sit down and help us grownups figure out a way to sort this mess out?" Jasper spoke, calmly.

Emmett growled and Rosalie smirked.

Before I could say, "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that's a good one Jazz," my cell phone rang.

Unknown caller

I pursed my lips together and answered the phone.


"What's up penny head?" Jane's nasally voice rang through the speaker.

"Ah Jane. To what do I owe this pleasant phone call?"

"Cut the bull penny. Long story short, Felix and I just caught Bella with the two humans and if I'm correct, which I always am, they are in your place of rest?"

I swallowed. This could be bad. This could be very bad for Charlie and Renee. "They are Bella's biological parents. They found her sobbing in the park after your masters delivered the news." I growled into my phone.

"Is she alright?" Jane asked, worriedly.

"Barely," I gritted out.

"Just answer this sullen Cullen: do they know what you are? The parental humans, I mean?"

"No, and they never will. Alice had a vision that they won't be a problem. This will probably be their first and last glimpse of their daughter."

"Very well, then. Oh and by the way. The show that you and Bella put on was delightful. I recorded the whole fight on this cell phone and just sent it to Master Caius. He will be so pleased to find out that his plan is coming together quite nicely."

Oh hell no! Now THAT was the final straw! "Listen to me and listen to me well short cake. No one and I mean NO ONE will take her away from me! If I have to kill your precious master to ensure that, then believe me, I will not hesitate to do so and you can tell him that yourself. I would come in person, but I'm too busy trying to make things right with Bella, watching her sleep, and spending time with her. You want to know why I can do that, because I'M her mate. Not that pretensions blonde douche that you placed on a pedestal. So, tell your master that that little video may have given him hope, but the outcome of this war is going to dash his dreams and fantasies because Bella is MINE." Before she had a chance to reply, I hung up.

Rosalie, Emmett, Alice and Jasper all stared at me in shock and all I could manage to say was, "It…is…on!"

Caius POV

I smiled at the little video that Aro's pet had sent me. It was all coming together so nicely. Although it hurt to see my angel in pain, it was for the best. Maybe when she's mine, we can both watch that boy's slow death together and have a good laugh. My phone vibrated again and I glanced down to find that Jane had sent me a death threat from penny head. I laughed whole heartedly. Oh did he really think that now? Well, Cullen, we'll just see about that.

You might get to watch her sleep, you might have a chance to try to patch things up with her, and you might get to spend more time with her, but trust me when I say that you won't have the privilege for long. Do you want to know why? Well, it's because before we left, I had Jane slip into Bella's bedroom and slip her a little surprise.

Soon Bella. Soon you will be mine!

Bella POV

I lay down on my bed with dry eyes. I had no more tears. I couldn't even shed one. I was all cried out.



"Come in," I muttered weakly.

Mom's head popped out from behind the door and she gave me a small smile.

"Honey, are you alright?" I immediately felt guilty. I was causing her so much pain and all she has ever done is treat me like a princess.

"Yes, momma. I'm sorry that I yelled and cussed like I did earlier."

Mom sighed. "It was bound to happen. I can't say that I blame you. However, if you do cuss like that again, I will ground you, young lady. I didn't even think you knew half of those dirty words."

"I heard them whenever Emmett was losing a video game to Jazz or…you know…him." I still couldn't say Edward's name.

Mom rolled her eyes. "I knew I should have canceled that boy's World of Warcraft account."

I giggled.

Mom set down the tray of food and I realized that she had made my favorite lunch. An Italian BMT: salami, peperoni, black forest ham, oil, vinegar, mustard, lettuce, provolone cheese, pickles, cucumbers, bell peppers and banana peppers. Along with apple slices, all peeled and fruit dip. She even made her famous freshly squeezed lemonade for me. It was perfect.

"Thank you momma," I whispered. I knew I didn't deserve this special treatment.

Mom kissed my forehead. "Anytime sweetie."

I smiled up at her. "I don't know what I would ever do without this family. I don't even want to think about it!"

"What would you do if your real family ever wanted you back, Bella?" Mom surprised me.

I scrunched my face up in concentration. "Well, I would tell them no."

Now mom looked surprised. "No? Why is that?"

"Well, because they're not my family. They're just simply the people who created me. A family loves each other. A family never gives up a member, no matter how hard the struggle. Family never gives up on family. You guys are my family."

Mom smiled, kissed the top of my head and walked to the door. Before I could take a bite of my sandwich, though, she spoke. "Bella, you might want to tell that to keep that in mind when you think of Edward."

I looked at her in astonishment, but before I could say a word, she closed my door. After she left, I slid up to my pillow, with my sandwich in hand and yelped. Something just poked me in the butt.

I put my sandwich down and grabbed a business card in between my sheets.

Caius Volturi

(890) 662-5061

Do you have a problem? Let Caius Volturi clean it up!

Caius Volturi? The creepy blonde guy? I don't know about that…

I flipped the back of the card over and found a note:


If you are reading this, then you probably did not hear the full story of our kind and your fate. If you have any questions or concerns, then please, do not hesitate to call Il mio angelo.

Forever yours,


My eyebrows rose at the fate part. My fate? What did he mean by 'your fate'? Am I going to die because of this knowledge? No, Edward would never allow that.

My fate?

After about thirty minutes of deliberation, I walked over to my phone, thanking God that I had my own private line, and dialed the number on the card.

"Hello?" A creepy velvet voice answered.

I swallowed hard. "What about my fate?"

The voice let out a chuckle that sounded like knifes slashing skin.

"Oh Bella! I've been waiting for your call for over twenty four hours now and that's the first thing you say? I don't even get a hello?"

I ground my teeth together. "Listen you jerk, I just want to know my fate. This is not some kind of a joke and I would appreciate it if you would just answer my question. Apparently, I came to the wrong source. I'll just go ask my Edward!" Before the creep could respond, I slammed the phone back in its cradle and stomped out of my room.

I know I'm being very short tempered and that might get me killed, but right now, I don't care.

Just as I was about to go down the stairs, I heard my lullaby drifting from Edward's room. Out of habit, I walked toward it.

I leaned against his doorframe and just watched him. I knew he could feel my eyes on him by the way his shoulders stiffened, but he continued to play.

I sighed. Seeing him in pain, just hurt. Knowing that I was the cause of his pain just killed me.

"Can I sit down with you?" I asked quietly.

Immediately his playing stopped and he turned around to face me. "You didn't even have to ask, Bella," he said just as softly. His eyes held hope and that made me smile.

I walked over to him and instead of sitting on the piano bench, like I'm used to doing, I sat on his lap. A bold move on my part, but I just needed to be in his arms. Edward didn't seem to mind at all. In fact, he wrapped his arms around my body and cradled me to his chest.

"Edward, I'm so sorry."

"Don't be love. I deserved it."

"No you didn't. No matter how much hurt I felt, I shouldn't have made you feel that hurt as well. As mom would say: 'Two wrongs don't make a right.' I'm just really sorry."

Edward smiled at me. "It's quite alright love."

"I hope that from now on, you'll tell me the truth, though," I peered up at him through suspicious eyes.

Edward nodded his head sadly. "I will love. This whole experience has taught me a lesson that I will never forget."

"Never lie to your favorite adopted sister?" I smiled cheekily.

"No. Never piss off my favorite person that I love more than life itself," he grinned.

I giggled and snuggled in deeper to his chest.

"So, Edward, what happens to me? Now that I know this stuff, I mean?"

Edward stiffened. "Well, uh, Bella, I'm not sure how to answer that."

I glared up at him. "Remember that lesson that you learned? Well, you're about to learn it again, if you don't tell me now."

Edward looked pained. "Love."

I immediately softened my eyes and tightened my grip on his shirt. "Edward, please tell me. I can handle it. I promise."

Edward sighed into my hair. "You have a choice Bella. You can either live on this earth as a vampire for all eternity, or you can die early as a human."

I gasped.

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