Changing Fate


Screams of anguish, a face distorted in terrible pain, dark eyes filled with tears, a sweet voice begging for help -- his help, send Padawan Skywalker flying out of bed in a cold sweat. The dream has been the same for the past four years, ever since his twelfth naming day. This time though, something was different. The vision was much more clear, in color, sound, and voice.

And the ending, the ending was horrific.

He could not recall ever before experiencing the entire dream to its conclusion, but this night, for some reason, this night the vision was complete, its message evident.

Senator Padme Amidala would die.

Not by his hand, but more due to his negligence. Somehow, by his own actions, Anakin would be responsible for Padme's demise.

His actions, his negligence, his responsibility, since it happens during their marriage.

Marriage. Anakin has trouble wrapping his sixteen-year-old mind around the idea, but he knows enough of the Force -- or what Master Obi-Wan has taught him of the Force -- not to ignore these visions. However, he also recalls the words of his mentor, Yoda, who claims the future is always changing.

Which is exactly what Anakin is hoping for. Changing the future. He'll save his friend, Padme, by altering this vision. As drastically as he can.

And what would be more drastic than making sure Padme marries someone else?

Say....someone like....his own Master? That would be drastic enough.

Anakin lays back down, going over the idea in his mind, visualizing Padme and Obi-Wan together, happily bonded, possibly even with a family, and suddenly, the dark cloud of the Force surrounding him lifts, and the heavy weight upon his shoulders vanishes. Padawan Skywalker smiles and soon drifts into a peaceful, dreamless sleep.