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WORD COUNT: 100 – right on Rudolph's little red nose!

TITLE: Who Knew?

A/N: Happy birthday Tribble Master! I've appreciated your kind reviews since I have started dabbling in the drabble. Hope this brings you a birthday smile!

Castiel was in the back of the Impala. His stocking clad feet tapping on the car roof to a tune only he heard, his head hanging off the bench seat. He was grinning stupidly.

"Dean, what were you thinking? This is insane!" Sam was keeping a careful watch to avoid a wayward foot smacking him or Dean in the head. Castiel appeared to be performing the up-side-down angel version of Riverdance.

"Not my fault Sam," Dean dodged a particularly enthusiastic kick, "how should I know angels can't hold their eggnog?" Thinking his brother didn't hear he muttered mischievously, "and brandy."