Sarah and the Goblin King

Chapter 13

All's Well that Ends...

Sarah woke alone in the bed, with sunlight streaming through the open window. Fear came first, and she left the bed quickly, pausing only to grab the long, black silk dressing robe that was draped over its foot. She put it on as she moved, checking first the bathroom before heading into the hallway.

Her feet led her unerringly through the manor, finally stopping before her old rooms, and she found the door cracked open. She pushed it open and found Jareth pondering her wardrobe, one hand crossed in front of him, the other tapping the side of his nose in consideration.

Relief was so palpable that she moved before she even realized that she had the desire. She threw her arms around his waist and held on tightly, pressing her face into his back. "Jareth," she breathed softly, inhaling his scent and closing her eyes. "Don't scare me like that again."

He paused in his musings, turning in her tight hold and setting his own arms around her. "I frightened you?"

She nodded against his chest. "I woke up and you were gone. Just like last time..."

He tightened his own embrace and sighed. "Forgive me, precious. There are many things that must be done and little time to accomplish them in. Today I am to be tried, and if we're to turn this situation against the one who would steal your kingdom, we must work quickly." He was quiet for a moment. "And I did not realize that waking alone would worry you so."

She nodded, accepting his answer. Finally, reassured that he was here and whole, she pulled back. "What are you doing in here?"

"Considering your wardrobe," he stated, as if that weren't obvious. "Since we are going before the courts, you must look your best." He riffled through the closet a bit, and then came out with something that was rich, emerald green, accented with creamy white lace on the bodice. "I think this will do nicely..."

Sarah accepted the dress from him. "We're going before the courts?"

"I suppose it's better to say before the council." He was smiling quite like a fool right then, his eyes with a wild and dangerous look within them. "The timing, everything, has to be just right. The fae are unfortunately quite weak for entrances with the right timing."

"And you love to make them," Sarah gave him a half-grin, remembering the night so many years ago when he'd entered on a crack of thunder and flash of lightening. With a splash of glitter, of course.

He flashed her a wicked grin. He leaned towards her and his voice took on a husky tone. "Well, precious, you know better than most that I prefer to time all of my...entrances to my best advantage..."

She flushed at the insinuation, but she met his gaze without faltering, and this seemed to please him, because he leaned down and captured her lips, spending the next several minutes – or was it hours or years – getting better acquainted with the far corners of her mouth.

She moaned softly, swayed towards him, wrapping an arm lazily around his neck. She imagined that the picture they made was like the cover of a romance novel and she almost sputtered out a laugh. Here she was, dressed only in her fae lover's robe and he was wearing a billowy black shirt and blisteringly tight black leather pants.

He must have tasted her amusement, because he pulled back, looking down at her with a raised brow. "Laughter isn't quite what I was aiming for..."

She bit her lip, smiling guiltily. "And what were you aiming for?"

His eyes ran over her from head to toe and she felt as though his hands had whispered across her as they did, an echo of the night before. Her knees almost gave out and she gasped, gripping his arms to remain upright. She barely saw his lips curl into a smirk.

"That's closer," he murmured, then took the dress from her hands, laying it upon the bed. "It is quite unfortunate that we have so little time to accomplish these goals of ours. And there will be even less time once this ridiculous situation is over. Still, I insist on that several day sabbatical I mentioned before."

She lifted her gaze a bit shyly, and met his gaze with as much desire as was evident in his own. "How much time do we have?"

He arched a brow. "Well, about two hours total..."

She cast him a wicked grin and was pleased when he looked surprised by it. "Hasn't his highness ever heard of a quickie?"


Lesly paced the ground in anger and frustration. The court had gathered long ago and he'd sent someone to the dungeon to collect the former king, however the person hadn't returned and an alarm had gone up around the city.

That could only mean that somehow that bastard had managed to escape.

Those in the courts were starting to squirm, looking agitated. Where was the prisoner? His magic powers had been bound by them, when they removed him from the throne, and only a sovereign could return them. And none of them were feeling particularly generous.

So how was it possible that Jareth, former king of the goblins, could have escaped?

More and more people filed into the gallery, expecting to see the death of a failure king- a king who couldn't even entrap a measly mortal girl. The execution was supposed to take place in ten minutes, so where the hell was he?

Suddenly, as if they magically appeared, goblins began pouring into the center ring, laughing and dancing, showing joy where there should have been sorrow. After all, they had never wanted Jareth to be removed from his throne. They'd fought the appointment of a fae selected king. They demanded that Jareth continue to be their by proxy ruler. But finally conceded to have a person they chose temporarily ruling the kingdom.

They'd chosen Sir Didymus, who was the most loyal and most honorable in the kingdom to hold the throne, to make sure the desires of their king were carried on. When Jareth had been locked away, they'd vacated the Goblin Kingdom, everyone of them disappearing from the Underground to who knew where.

At every opportunity, these goblins had stood in his way. Lesly bared his teeth and snarled, a sound that should have commanded silence, however, the happy dancing continued. The gallery was as shocked by the display as he, whispering to one another, wondering what had happened, what had changed in these past hours to cause them all to repopulate the Goblin Kingdom.

The answer walked from the same dark entry that the goblins had came from. Just as the clock struck at high noon, a man with starlit hair dressed in brown and black leather stepped from the arch, moving towards the platform in the center. His lips were turned into a smirk, and his face was clean of bruises. He glowed with an aura of power that seemed impossible.

"Your powers were stripped from you by the courts!" Lesly screamed the obvious, his brain rebelling against the possibility that he had somehow regained them.

"So they were," he agreed, dusting off his leather long coat as he moved towards the large stone riser where executions were usually held. "And they've been returned to me as well."

"That isn't possible! No one would go against the ruling of the courts!"

Oberon sat staring down at them, his eyes interested, and curious. It was obvious that he wanted to know how Jareth had regained power, especially since at the trial only yesterday, he'd been beaten, broken, had barely been coherent.

Lesly screamed in anger. "Powers or not, you've been sentenced to death! Kneel and I will finish the task!"

"You will not!"


The feminine voice was filled with rage, and barely recognizable, even to Jareth, who thought he'd heard her at her angriest. Silence went throughout the gallery as the woman stepped forward and he had to admire the way the dress fit her as much as he admired the slight flush she wore from exertion. It appeared that she still hadn't recovered from the challenge she'd placed before him two hours ago.

He smirked in amusement, and then bowed low, going as far as to drop to his knee. "My Lady," he said his voice filled with laughter.

"Rise, Jareth, Lord of the Labyrinth," Sarah said, her voice still thundering. Her back was straight, her hands rested lightly against the banister. "And tell them how your powers were returned to you."

He gave his precious thing a broad smile as he stood and he glanced around. "At my queen's command," he agreed. "You see, Lesly, five days ago, when Sarah Williams proclaimed that she loved me, just before I sent her home, I bestowed a gift upon her." He gestured up at her, and specifically at the medallion around her neck. "I took the medallion which had been mine since my mother passed on, and I put it 'round her neck. I named her my successor to the throne, and in that moment, I retied. You see, there hasn't been a 'Goblin King' in five days."

Everyone gasped, looking towards the woman who stood there, at the front of the balcony, as proud as any of them, an arrogant expression on her face. Everyone, anyways, except the goblins. They cheered and laughed, dancing once again.

"You did your very best to weaken and kill me, Lesly. Iron poisoning is fatal, and even if I were to somehow get out of the prison, I was still condemned to die. If not for me gifting her with my kingdom. As you well know, my powers were taken because I rejected Lady Olivia of the High courts, and they would not be restored until I took a sovereign as a wife. Well, after my dear Sarah helped spring me out of jail, I was married, and Sarah temporarily restored my kingdom, my powers, and as a result, my life."

He smiled broadly up at the woman above him whose face was softening with affection. "I have broken every rule you've set before me save two, because this woman cannot be held within a box that has rules." He extended his hand to her and watched as Sarah hitched her skirts, throwing her leg over the banister.

She stood on the other side, unprotected, high above the open gallery and he watched as she jumped towards him, her arms out, trusting him to catch her. Catch her he did, and surrounded by goblins, The Queen of the Goblins was set down on her feet and turned towards the gallery. His arms went around her, one resting over her heart, between her breasts, the other around her stomach as he held her and smiled and smiled up at the council, quite unable to stop.

Sarah rested her hands over his own and turned, kissing him on his temple. When she raised her gaze, she fixed the council with an icy stare. "It is my understanding that the ruling monarch of a kingdom can stop an execution." Her eyes turned towards Lesly, who was sputtering, moving towards them, his hands curled in threatening claws. "Well, the Queen of the Labyrinth finds Jareth innocent. You see, what no one knew was that the girl had fallen in love with the king, and that gave him more power than even he knew. I loved him fifteen years ago, when I first wished away my brother. He haunted me every year since."

Lesly stopped, staring at her with hate. "You fake!"

"Through dangers untold," Sarah said softly, stepping away from her husband, towards the High Executioner. "And hardships unnumbered, I fought my way to Jareth's side, the man who you tried to take from me." Her eyes and voice were like ice, and the ground trembled in answer to its queen's anger. "For my will is as strong as his, and my kingdom as great...You have no power over us, Lesly. And as my first act as Goblin Queen, I strip you of your power as the fae court's High Executioner. So now you have no power whatsoever."

The former high executioner collapsed. Sarah knelt beside him. "Consider yourself lucky that I abhor bloodshed, or I'd be having you tried and executed for treason." She straightened, moving back towards her husband, ignoring the sobbing wretch behind her. The smell of urine was suddenly thick in the air, making it obvious that the man had pissed himself. "Not so brave when he's not beating up prisoners in shackles, is he?"

Jareth's head rocked back and he laughed. "Indeed, precious, indeed." He extended a hand, pleased when she set her hand trustingly upon her own. "How did you know you could strip him of his powers? After all, he's not technically under our jurisdiction," Jareth looked amused by this.

She cocked her head to the side and gave him a patient look. "I stripped yours almost fifteen years ago. You had no power over me back then. Even after I placed myself in your prison voluntarily, you still acted like I was the one in control. Consider it an attitude thing. If I can cow one powerful fae monarch, why not a power-hungry wimp of an executioner."

He laughed again, kissing her hand. "Just so, my dear."

"Queen Sarah," A voice from the gallery called, and they looked up, finding Oberon looking down upon them.

Sarah gave a curtsey, and watched as Jareth bowed. "Lord King."

He arched a brow at the way she addressed him, but didn't comment upon it. "You've shown courage and compassion here today. Tell me, do you intend to return this one's kingdom to him?"

Sarah turned towards Jareth, inclining her head. Jareth smiled faintly, and then glanced up at Oberon. "We've discussed it, and let's just say that for now, I intend to enjoy my retirement for awhile longer. I'll be taking up the mantle of instructor as well as husband, and teaching the new queen all the ins and outs of ruling the kingdom. But not with the title King. I gave Sarah the medallion with the intention of her being the ruling power of the Goblin Kingdom."

They smiled at each other, ignoring the other fae as they left the gallery, and Jareth lifted Sarah's hand, kissing it. "My dear, we're going to have to see to it that we have a proper wedding before too much longer. Or the courts will be calling for both of our heads."

She smiled warmly at him and leaned forward, putting her lips near his ear. "Do you think we could take the rest of the day to ourselves before immersing ourselves into all the ins and outs of the Goblin Kingdom?"

He laughed outright, embracing her tightly. Then, he drew her close, a wicked smile on his face. "My dear, I'm much more interested in getting to know the finer points of your body better. Shall we go?"

"Your place or mine?"

"Yours, of course. The royal suite is much more comfortable here," he transported them into the castle, and both of them yelped a bit when an ear splitting cry went up.


Sarah and Jareth looked at each other and then around the throne room, littered as it was with goblins, chickens, and other things. Ludo and Sir Didymus stood at Hoggle's side, and Tribane stood nearby them, watching the goblins play with a faint smile on his face.

She leaned towards Jareth and lightly kissed his cheek. "I suppose we'll have to put our nefarious plans on hold for now..." she said softly.

"Suppose so," he agreed, nuzzling her. "What do you say towards letting your family in on this particular welcome home party?"

She looked at him in surprise, lips parting a bit. "Really?"

He smiled at her. "Darling, I thought you understood. You're not a prisoner here. You're the ruler. You'll be able to visit your family and realm at your leisure whenever you chose." He smirked a bit. "Just don't forget the family here while you do."

"Never," she promised, pressing up and kissing him passionately on the lips, drawing cheers from the goblins and friends that were gathered around them.

AN: Thanks to all the readers who've stuck with it this long (This one took awhile, due to the situations of myself and my beta, and the loss of two computers .;) As a reward, here's an excerpt from chapter 1 of my next story "The Goblin King's Daughter".

Fear became panic and Sarah felt her throat close. "No," she whispered, unable to speak louder. She moved to grab her child, but her body froze, and she couldn't move. She tried, she tried hard, but her body was stuck. She couldn't move a muscle, nor use her voice. Tears filled her eyes at the seeming hopelessness of the situation.

The creature moved towards her, resting a hand upon her shoulder. A shudder worked through her as those fingers squeezed slightly. The touch was surprisingly gentle, like someone seeking to calm a frightened animal. It made her wonder what he viewed her as. The voice that met her ears was faintly accented, quiet.

"It's nothing personal," the teen said. "However she is necessary for our plans, so I shall take her." That hand squeezed faintly. "It would be best if you forget what happened here tonight."

She could do nothing except watch as her daughter was lifted out of her bed and the young man walked towards the window. She wanted to rage, to scream out her fury. No one takes her daughter to the fairy realms. The spell which held her captive seemed to evaporate and she moved instantly, running towards where the threat stood. With her ability to move came her voice. She didn't bother restraining the cry that left her. "ERIN!"

The child woke instantly at the sound and volume of her voice and shifted, looking over her captor's shoulder. "Mom? MOM!" Her struggles must have taken the fae by surprise, because he gasped softly. Then, he tightened his grip on her, and suddenly black mist was swallowing them. As they disappeared, she got the faintest impression of black wings, and a few feathers fell to the bedroom floor.

Tears fell down her face and she trembled in shock as her knees gave and she fell to the floor, right where her daughter had vanished. Those black feathers rested right in front of her. Her hands curled into fists and she struck the floor furious, a scream of pain and frustration leaving her lips.

A moment later the rage within her turned cold. She rose from the floor slowly, bringing those feathers with her. Her steps were measured as she returned to her bedroom and she walked to her closet, pulling down a padded leather jerkin that was a throwback from her acting days. A poets' shirt followed, dug from the depths, as well as a pair of leather trousers.

She stripped from her pajamas, then dressed carefully, ran a brush through her hair until the mass of dark strands shone. She pulled them up and away from her face, fashioning a messy ponytail that more hair hung out of than stayed contained.

Digging in her closet some more, she found her amber pin, as well as a pair of sturdy riding boots. The riding boots went on first, followed by the pin. A quick rummage through her drawer and she found her little red book with its gold letters. She swallowed hard, tucking it into the jerkin, and then pulled a tiny ring from her trinket box.

She glanced into the mirror, deciding that she was as good as ready. She had her game face on, and she was dressed for battle. Thirteen years to the night since she'd last heard his voice, and even that wasn't actually real. She wasn't certain she could handle this.

She was, however, certain that she didn't have any other options.

Finally, taking an unsteady breath, she spoke, "Jareth, I need you."