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Chapter 1 – Little White Sticks


This isn't possible.

There is absolutely no reason why this should happen to me. None.

I'm a good kid. I am first in my class, set to be valedictorian when I graduate next spring. I don't get in trouble at school or at home. I take care of my dad; I keep the house clean, do the shopping, and rarely serve leftovers. I'm generally quiet, but I try to be nice to people, even if I don't like them.

So why the hell is this happening to me?


The room is eerily quiet, the only sounds being the thump of the base below our feet and the erratic pounding of my heart. I'm not sure which is louder.

The party is raging throughout the house and yard, everyone celebrating the graduation of another class from Forks High School. As of right now, the party was the farthest thing from my mind.

My head is spinning wildly with the realization of what had just happened. I, Bella Swan, just had sex with Edward Cullen. And I'm 90% sure he was completely hammered.

"Bella?" I turned my head to look at the naked man giggling uncontrollably next to me. Even when he's plastered he's the most beautiful person I've ever seen. His copper-colored hair was even more disheveled than usual, and his emerald eyes were captivating, despite the fact that they were slightly glazed over.

He reached out a long, toned arm to grab me around my waist and crush me to his chest, burying his face in my hair in the process.

"Mmm...smell so good," he murmured. My heart flip-flopped in my chest and I internally smacked myself for being so easily affected by him. But who was I kidding? Edward had always had this affect on me. I had been in love with him since I first moved to Forks five years ago.

"Bells?" he whispered my name dramatically, drawing me out of my reverie. He was still clutching me to his chest, not allowing me enough room to make eye contact with him, so I merely grunted in response.

"I love you," he slurred. His words caused my heart to instantly combust, sending a flash of warmth through my body. I quickly fought the urge to crush my lips to his, my joy at his admission almost too much to contain. Does he really mean it? Or is this just the alcohol talking? Maybe he really does love me, just not the same way. Yes, that must be what he meant. He's always treated me like Alice, like his little sister. That must be the love he's talking about. But brothers don't usually take their little sister's virginity. Well, at least not in civilized society.

I pulled back slightly as Edward's breathing began to even out, taking a moment to study his face. A peaceful smile was lingering on his lips, the same lips that I had longed to taste for so many years. When my wish had finally come true, I couldn't decide if I was happy or not. The kiss was everything I had ever dreamed of: passionate, warm, and sent a jolt of electricity all the way to my toes.

But there was something off about it. Maybe it was the taste of vodka on his tongue, or the voice in the back of my head that was telling me it was too good to be true. There was just something about that kiss that didn't feel quite right.

I sighed heavily and nestled into Edward's chest, savoring the feel of his warm, chiseled chest against my own bare skin. I was just being over-dramatic. I always had a tendency to over-analyze things, and that was exactly what I had been doing just now. I would just have to wait until morning, and talk to Edward about what had happened. Until then, I would sleep the most peaceful sleep of my life, in the arms of an god.

I never did get my chance to talk with Edward. I woke to the pale gray morning, my arm instantly stretching out to find him. But the sheets were cold. My eyes snapped open to search the room, showing no signs of Edward or our night together. I launched myself out of the bed and dressed quickly, rushing out of the room and downstairs as the panic began to form in my chest.

"Edward? Edward!" I shouted frantically, praying that he had just gone to eat breakfast or talk with the gang. My hopes were shattered, however, when I skidded to a stop in the family room. Six pairs of eyes stared up at me, a mixture of emotions crossing their faces. Fear, sorrow, concern, pity, anger...all of them telling me exactly what I needed to know.

Alice slowly rose from her place by Jasper's side and made her way over to me, approaching me as you would a trauma victim.

"Bella, sweetie...Edward's not here. He's gone," she whispered, her voice barely audible. My mind refused to comprehend what she was telling me, my entire body going numb. Her face crumpled in pain, the last thing I saw before I collapsed to the floor in complete darkness

End Flashback.

Deep breaths. I just needed to take deep breaths. I could handle this. It wasn't that bad, right?

My hand trembled slightly as I reached for the small white stick and threw it in the trash bin with eleven others. Twelve tests. Twelve tests, and all of them positive.

I definitely couldn't handle this.

My mind worked quickly, searching frantically for some sort of solution. I could only think of one, and I wasn't too happy about it.

Without giving myself time to change my mind, I ran out of the bathroom and down the stairs, grabbing my purse and keys on my way through the door. My truck roared to life and I quickly threw it in reverse, backing out of the driveway and speeding down the road. Well, maybe not speeding, but definitely pushing my antique truck to its limits.

As soon as I found a parking spot I jumped from my truck, running down the sidewalk with coordination that I ordinarily did not possess. My legs carried me through the automatic doors and past the receptionist, ignoring her protests. I stopped in the doorway to his office, my nerves momentarily holding my feet in place. With one final deep breath for courage, I knocked three times, slowly turning the handle at the invitation to come in.

"Bella? What are you doing up here? Is everything alright?" His vibrant blue eyes were filled with nothing but concern, helping to calm my racing heart.

"I need your help," I started quietly, my eyes dropping to the floor. I glanced back up at his face, and he crossed the room quickly, placing his hands on my shoulders.

"What is it, Bella? You can come to me for anything, you know that," he replied calmly. My eyes began to water at the sheer love that filled his voice and eyes, giving me enough strength to push the words from my mouth.

"Carlisle, I think I'm pregnant."

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