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Chapter 2, if it pleases you.

After performing a few crude healing spells on the currently sleeping child, Thomas looked over at the ghost, who was sitting on a chair near the fireplace. "What do you make of this, Salazar?" he asked.

"I find it rather odd that the boy was being raised by a Muggle family."

"He did mention that his Aunt is a Squib," Tom said quietly.

"I do not care. He is a Wizard, and as such, he ought to have been raised in a Wizard family."

"What do you suggest I do with the child, then?"

"Despite the fact that it is not yet known how he was sent here, he is now here. I suggest you take the child in and keep him safe. He may prove valuable to you sometime in the future."

"And how do you suggest I go about doing that?" Tom snapped harshly.

"Apart from the fact that the boy has no proper name, I don't know the least bit about caring for a child."

The boy whimpered a bit and curled up into himself, still asleep.

Salazar stood up and walked over to stand directly in front of Tom, glaring down at the younger man. "You asked for my advice, Marvolo, and I gave it to you. Unless you think it necessary to ignore my suggestion, I think it would be best for you to lower your tone of voice and find the child something to eat, as he looks as though he has been starved," he hissed sharply, making Tom flinch a bit. "Go downstairs and find the kitchen. I will wait here with the child," he hissed.

After a brief moment, Tom nodded and left the room.

Salazar smirked and looked over at the sleeping child, all the while wondering what this meant.

The child whimpered once again and curled even further into himself. He whimpered again and flinched rather impressively, and Slytherin assumed the boy was having a nightmare.

He watched the child for a long minute, fascinated by the sensation. In his time, he had been regaled as an incredibly powerful sorcerer, too strong to be considered a mere wizard. While he had suffered far more than many might have seen necessary, he had learned that without such suffering, his power would not have been able to reach such phenomenal levels. He had never experienced the nightmares that his Thomas and this child apparently suffered from. His interest ceased quite a bit after a few minutes and headed back to his chair by the fire.

Slytherin had just managed to summon himself a glass of wine -- he was, after all, an incredibly powerful ghost -- when the child cried out rather loudly and hid himself rather impressively underneath one of the pillows on the bed. The ghost sighed inaudibly and looked back at his glass of wine, knowing that this interest, this curiosity, was going to dry up what was left of his soul much faster than if he merely avoided the child altogether. With yet another sigh, he silently vanished his glass of wine and walked over to the bed, taking a cautious seat on the edge of the bed. He made sure to sit as far away from the child as he could, so as not to further distress the boy, even though he was still asleep, and kept watch over the child.


When the boy woke up about ten minutes later, he opened his eyes to see the ghost of Salazar Slytherin sitting on the end of the bed, watching him with a passive expression.

"Your nightmares provoke a rather violent reaction from you. You will stay here for the time being, child," he said once he was sure that the boy was awake and paying attention to him. "I have spoken briefly with Marvolo and he has agreed to watch out for you for the time being," he said. "Though there is one major obstacle behind this charade," he commented.

"What?" the child asked.

"You claim that your only name is 'boy', or so Marvolo tells me."

"Who's Marvolo?" the child asked.

"He introduced himself as Tom to you, then. Marvolo is his middle name," Salazar said.

"I don't know my name, though," the child said, sitting up. He absently started playing with the hem of his t-shirt as he watched Salazar carefully.

"I will speak with Marvolo, then, and we will come up with something. You can not very well be called 'child' for the entirety of your stay with us."

A few moments later, the door opened and Tom walked into the room, carrying a tray of food with him.

"Who are you?" the boy asked of the ghost, finally having worked up the nerve to ask the question that had been bothering him since he had first laid eyes upon the ghost.

"I am the owner of this Manor. My name is Salazar Slytherin."

"And you're really a ghost?" he asked.

Slytherin just nodded, before turning his gaze onto Thomas.

Tom set the tray on the bed and took a seat, watching the boy carefully for a moment. "Salazar is right. You do need a name, little one," he said, successfully turning the conversation back to something that needed to be addressed rather urgently.