Movie Star Good Looks

Rating: PG

Characters: Jack (Team)

Spoilers/Warnings: none

Summary: Drabble. Jack's adventures are better known to the team than they thought.

A/N: I think of this as "the one Dotfic is going to kill me for"

"I call bullshit," said Owen.

Jack said, "Look, you know how it goes. They had to fictionalise parts to make it marketable. Change names, a few details. All the artefacts were alien in origin. My cover story was as a history professor, not archaeology. I look damn good in a bowtie, you should know," he said with a wink.

"What else? Oh yeah. Willie the adorable cabaret singer was from Shanghai, not Missouri, and I assure you, he wasn't blond."

"You are so full of it," Owen said as they dispersed. Jack chuckled, and wondered where he left the whip.