I missed Jacob. I kept expecting him to come home after a run, and sometimes I would spend a while trying to figure out why his scent was so weak, and then I would remember. It wasn't anything close to what Mom had gone through when my dad left her, because I wasn't in love with Jacob. It was more like losing a roommate and best friend.

I kept trying to tell myself that he would come back, but I knew that it would be best for him to stay away, to meet someone else, to imprint, and forget about the Cullens. Despite how much better that would be for him, it hurt to imagine him forgetting about us. About me.

The rest of my family thought that he had gone with Sam's pack to fight a particularly brutal vampire up in Canada. My parents had invited me to go and live with them while he was gone, but I'd refused and told them I was fine.

That was a lie. I desperately wanted Jacob to come home, probably more than I should.