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AN: Well, here's my latest project; a look at various crucial scenes in the various episodes of "Bones" based on the premise that Angel and Booth are the same person. The first chapter looks at HOW Angel went from himself to Booth, based on the premise that everything up to the conclusion of "After the Fall", with Los Angeles being returned to Earth from Hell, still took place- it involves a bit of time travel, but it was the only way I could think of to account for what we know of Booth's army and federal career-, and all subsequent chapters will feature brief scenes from the various episodes of "Bones" told from Angel/Booth's perspective, and analysing how his life as Angel affects his views on those situations

Angel of the Bones

As Angel stood outside the Jeffersonian building, he couldn't help but glance at his watch; he'd never liked waiting for anything, and things had only become worse after he'd become human again.

It wasn't that he disliked being human, of course- the obvious benefits such as being able to walk in sunlight and not worry about the status of his soul generally helped him relax a great deal-, but ever since he'd regained the ability to age he hated being kept waiting around for any reason; with a normal life stretching ahead of him, he wanted to really live it.

It might seem a bit strange on the surface, particularly given that he already had over two and a half centuries of life experience in his head even without the extra memories the Powers had given him of his life as Seeley Booth, but he preferred to form as many real memories as possible with people who genuinely knew him rather than people he'd 'met' in his 'fake' memories; it was one reason that he hadn't really spent much time talking to 'his' brother Jared ever since he'd started this life, given that most of his memories of the guy technically weren't 'real' and he always ended up feeling a bit like an intruder into someone else's life whenever they spoke.

Generally, keeping his two histories straight wasn't a problem; it had been so long since his own childhood that he had no chance of confusing his present family life with his original one, even without the differing parental styles of his two 'fathers' (His original one was more prone to verbal assault than the physical style of Booth Senior). The second childhood memories weren't exactly happy, of course- remembering how it felt to be seriously thinking about killing yourself when you were a teenager wasn't encouraging by any stretch of the imagination, after all-, but at least it gave him a decent excuse not to talk too much about his background; he didn't like lying to people unless he had to, but with a childhood like he remembered most people tended to expect him to be evasive about it.

In the end, the only real problem he'd had with the whole thing was the part where he'd been sent back in time a few years before beginning his 'new' life. After the whole mess with Los Angeles being sent to Hell, the Powers- in the form of Cordelia, naturally; even after ascending onto a higher plane she was still doing what she could to help him- had concluded that the whole thing had attracted too much attention to the supernatural for comfort, and so they'd sent him back a few years to increase his chances of staying anonymous. Getting suddenly dumped into a pre-prepared life while still remembering the old one wasn't exactly perfect, but with the aid of a spell that prevented anyone from recognising him as Angel if they meant him harm- coupled with the fact that he'd tended to take care to avoid any areas where he might run into people who knew him since he'd been sent back in time in the first place-, he'd managed to make it this far without any run-ins with anybody who knew him, and even managed to make a pretty good life for himself in the process.

He'd been in the Bureau for the last eight or so years since leaving the army, which he'd been a member of for around two years before that; adapting his vampire/demon fighting skills to confronting human enemies hadn't been that difficult, and he'd retained some pretty good reflexes even without his vampire abilities that made it fairly straightforward for him to get the hang of using a gun, but…

He sighed slightly at the memory of his time as a sniper.

In the end, his time in the army had become too much like his time as Angelus; by the time he'd taken out his fiftieth target, he wasn't even entirely sure he felt anything for them any more.

He knew that the people he killed always deserved it, of course, but that didn't make it any easier; he'd killed humans who'd deserved it back when he'd first regained his soul, and it still made him feel like crap when he thought of those times.

Add in Parker to the equation (A really unexpected 'complication', but in the end he couldn't be that sorry about his uncertain custody status; he'd found Rebecca great company when they were dating, but he was never certain how she'd react to the knowledge of what he had been, and he still enjoyed his time with Parker when he could get it), and he'd just had more reasons to get out of the business.

He might not have custody of the kid- and God, why was it he could never seem to do the right thing by his kids; Connor got abducted and raised in a hell dimension for eighteen years and he barely saw Parker for more than a week a month-, but if he was going to be any kind of father, he was going to at least be someone who didn't kill people for a living.

His time in Angel Investigations might have consisted mainly of having Wesley attend to the intellectual side of things- although Doyle, Cordelia and Lorne had also been good at gathering information in their own ways-, but he'd still picked up some useful detective-based skills over the years beyond simply beating up the other guy to get the information he wanted, and his already-thorough knowledge of how most serial killers and stalkers operated from his time as Angelus was even more effective at helping him get into the minds of his targets.

Of course, it didn't mean he was capable of dealing with the larger cases he might encounter on his

"Special Agent Booth?" a voice said, drawing Angel's attention back to the present, prompting him to register the presence of the speaker; a woman about his physical age, shoulder-length brown hair framing a smooth round face with clear blue eyes, dressed in a casual yet smart pair of dark trousers and a dark shirt, standing at the door with an impatient glare. "Doctor Temperance Brennan; I understand the F.B.I. requested my presence?"

"That's why I'm here," Angel replied, nodding back at her in confirmation as he shook her hand, all thoughts of his vampiric past pushed aside in favour of the more immediate matter.

Reflections on the past could wait; right now, he needed this woman's help to find a murder victim, and he was going to get down to business as soon as possible.