Holiday Special Part Two

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Heated Set

Sasuke grumbled slightly at the constant ringing that had befallen his door. He had been back at the estate since a week ago, and now, with Christmas here, he was being bothered so much. Too bad he realized it too late, and had no option than to deal with the ringing every five minutes.

He tried to crash the pillow to his head, which ultimately had failed him. The ringing was too loud and just went past the feathers and fluff, and straight to his eardrums. His groaning didn't cease, and his idiotic brother had chosen to just deal with it by blasting his music WHILE being ignorant to the fact that Sasuke could hear Sakura moaning. Just great. Christmas Day and his brother was fucking the pink blonde, while he had hoards of girls waiting for him at the door. Oh and let's not forget the damn photoshoot. He was going to kill Naruto once he got his hands on him.

Giving up on trying to block out all the noise, Sasuke got up and made his way over to his bathroom. Violently throwing the door open, he nearly caused a hole, which was thankfully prevented by his handy-dandy door stopper. He removed his shirt roughly, nearly ripping holes in the underarms of the sleeves. His body was the dream of most males his age, or older… or younger for that matter. A toned chest, not overly done, but had its own defined muscle. A lean figure to go along with it, making him appear thin, yet strong. He never shaved nor waxed no need to. He wasn't a frilly man; he just didn't grow hair excessively, which he was thankful for. Who would want hairy armpits? Really? The whole male pride on wanting stuff like that disgusted him.

He slipped down his pants a bit more gently due to the fact that they were his favorite sweats and he didn't really want to have to go out and buy another pair. His long slender legs could be the envy of any female and man. Toned like his chest and arms, but not bulky either. All that was left was his boxers. Not just any boxers though. His one of a kind, custom made, tomato boxers! Dark blue with cherry red tomatoes dotted everywhere. His favorite of all favorites. He'd have to wash them later so he could use them again.

He slipped them off and turned the water to warm in his glass shower case. The jets sprayed from every which way as they warmed up, leaving a naked Sasuke to stand impatiently by the shower door. Once he believed the water to be warm he stepped inside and felt his muscles relax as the jets sprayed at every inch of his body. He'd need this relaxation to make it through the photoshoot.

Being it was still early in the morning, Sasuke realized his little morning friend had awaken also. Great just great, if that wasn't enough to bother him in the shower, the fact that pressurized water was forcing itself onto it was only making the young man groan out loud. In his mind he though what Hinata would think if she saw him and his glory. Would it be too small? Would it scare her? Would she laugh at it? Now, Sasuke wasn't exactly what you'd call "small". In fact he was quite large for the matter, but if Hinata saw it he'd surely get insecure. Hinata. The thought of the woman of his eyes looking at him in all his glory, only caused his erection to increase, causing its already impressive size to grow. Now if anyone thought it was small, then right now, no one could tell him it was.

Sasuke groaned. Hinata, naked, in the shower with him. Dear kami, Sasuke was going crazy mentally thinking of ravaging the young, more then likely, innocent girl. Then again, Sasuke would have to admit, it would be his first time too, if it were to happen. He felt his erection grow strained as he imagined Hinata going down to her knees before him, grasping his erection at first. Slowly stroking the member, causing him to shudder. Then she would grasp it tighter, more firm, and move faster. Before he could protest, like he would, she would take the head into her mouth and suck ever so lightly, pushing her tongue against his delicate and sensitive entrance, before roughly running her tongue along it and sucking the head hard.

Kami, Sasuke was about to lose his mind. He pushed away any thoughts of what other things they could do, so his erection would go away quicker. Then he sat down on the shower bench and glided his swift fingers along his erection. Squeezing and pulling, his attempts at imagining his sexual excursions with Hinata failed. Thus he imagined her, teasing him, making him feel as if he was on the edge. Sasuke wasn't one who you'd imagine loud, but the thought of this woman playing with his manhood like candy caused him to give a loud moan of ecstasy as he came into his hand. He let the white fluid drift down the drain of his shower, and just sat there, composing himself.

At the photoshoot, Hinata was sitting in Hair and Make-up. The Christmas theme was Gothic Christmas, chosen by Naruto himself. The stylist just happened to be none-other than Yuuhi Kurenai, a close friend of hers, even if she was 10 years her senior. The girls chatted lightly as Kurenai did Hinata's hair. Naruto had requested it be pinned to the opposite side her bangs flowed, and then curled in a large corkscrew Lolita fashion way. In her hair were silver jingle bells, lined with gray and black lacy ribbons, creating large bows.

Her makeup was light, as Naruto planned to keep the natural beauty she had. A smidge of eyeliner dropped off, giving her eyes a wider appearance, and the mascara seemed a little heavier. Instead of red eye shadow, they used a pale pink. Even if it was a gothic style, they didn't want her to look terrifying. Plus, the dress had pink in it as well. Her lipstick was a faint red, and was applied lightly since her lips had a definite color already.

In the other room not much had to be done to Sasuke. His hair was already spiked naturally, and it fit well with the theme away. The only thing Naruto had requested, was Sasuke to wear the chain earrings and to apply eyeliner to the bottom of his eyes to give them a droopy look. Sasuke slightly wondered if Naruto had done this just to be able to say that Sasuke had worn eyeliner. As much as he'd like to complain, fight, and beat the crap out of the stylist and Naruto, he knew it would only make this day longer, so he refrained himself.

Hinata and Sasuke were finished in Hair and Make-up, so both were called to the set. Sasuke still had no idea that he was to be working with Hinata, while the girl in mention was lightly shaking at the thought of Sasuke seeing her in her current outfit.

Sasuke was wearing a black button up with vertical red stripes; he had red slightly form fitting jeans, along with black dress shoes. His red tie was loosely hanging from his neck, and depicted the picture of a black snowman in the small corner. His supposed Santa hat was black and grey, red jingle bells were sewn onto the side, and the stylist had made it so it would hang off his head slightly, displaying his dark locks. The chain earring that Naruto had requested was red and grey, adding a slight touch of bad ass to the look.

Hinata on the other hand was much more fitting to the gothic style. Her dress was strapless, with the top half being a corset style. Red and pink lace intertwined into the black, revealing piece of fabric, and then tied at the end. The skirt layered in tiers, like the corset, was ribboned fully and effectively by the designer. Not only that, it was so short, Hinata was afraid her butt was going to pop out any second. The boots were all black, and reached just below her knee, the red and pink lace was used once again to lace the boots. Like any other winter boots, they had pompoms at the end, these being red instead of an elegant white. Around her neck was a choker with red jingle bells hanging off of it.

Hinata made it to the set while Sasuke was talking to Naruto. She coughed lightly as to announce her presence and everyone turned to her. Sasuke's eyes almost bulged out of his head as he realized that it was Hinata to whom he would be working with for this shoot. He almost thanked the dobe, and was about to forgive him for every stupid thing he had ever done, but Hinata was just too distracting. Naruto caught the way Sasuke was looking at Hinata and grinned broadly to himself. He had finally found the damn teme a woman of interest.

Hinata felt akward with everyone staring at her, but smiled slightly as she realized Sasuke was happy to be working with her.

"Oi! Everyone let's get this show on the road!" Naruto cried out enthusiastically.

Sasuke and Hinata moved to the set, which was a snowy theme. They were contrasting against the background with their colors. A bench was set up in the middle of it all, and a snow machine was bursting out little shards of ice. Sasuke was the first to sit on the bench, listening to Naruto as he was directed to slouch casually. Hinata waited patiently at the side of the bench, and when Naruto called her over to sit on Sasuke's lap she nearly fainted.

Not wanting to cause a scene of stuttering and shaking, she quickly took her place. Her legs were draped onto the bench as she was directed to lean slightly against the crook of Sasuke's neck. Her blush ceased to leave, but Sasuke couldn't tell if she was cold or embarrassed.

"Oi Hinata-chan! Grab Sasuke's tie and hold it close to your mouth, but make sure the snowman shows!" Naruto ordered out.

Hinata complied, and then listened to her next order which just happened to be, "Put your hand on Sasuke's chest." God Naruto was killing her.

Sasuke on the other hand was as happy as any man could be. Hinata was all over him for this shoot, and well, he was pretty damned happy about that. One arm leaned against the bench while the other supported himself and Hinata.

Once Naruto was satisfied with their pose, he had them create their own facial expressions that they believed would fit the theme. It was the one thing he never controlled in his models, unless he had to. Hinata immediately lost her blush and began to work herself. She wasn't the top model for nothing. Making it while only 5'3". She was amazing at what she did. Sasuke was stunned at how focused Hinata could get.

The picture was snapped and the pose was redone yet again. Over and over they took their photos until Naruto was satisfied. Breaks came and went as Hinata and Sasuke managed to talk without Hinata stuttering too much, and they managed to do the shoot in record time.

"Awesome job as usual Hinata-chan!" Naruto said happily. Sasuke and Hinata had changed out of their outfits and were now sitting in a high end restraint with Naruto,

"Thank you Naruto-kun, but Sasuke-kun did very well too."


"Yea teme, you normally complain during shoots. What happened?" An evil glint left Naruto's eyes as he asked the question.

"Tch. I didn't want to listen to your annoying voice today."

Naruto frowned in defeat, and then remembered that he had something for each of them. He reached into his coat pocket and then handed both of them their gifts with a big grin. Hinata and Sasuke were next to each other, so they both looked at each other sideways before Sasuke took his gift and Hinata got hers.

She opened it and smiled at the small stuffed bunny that was holding a ramen bowl and a pair of chopsticks. Only Naruto could find stuff like this.

"Arigatou gozaimasu Naruto-kun."

"Ie ie."

Sasuke opened his next and was really surprised at what Naruto had gotten him. It was a stuffed animal like Hinata's… only his was holding a tomato. How the hell did he find something like that? As much as he hated to admit it, and he wouldn't admit it in front of Hinata, he quite liked this gift.

"Err.. thanks dobe."

"Don't mention it teme."

"Oh Naruto-kun! I have a gift for you too!" Hinata dug into her bag and pulled out the small box. Naruto eyed it before destroying the wrapping paper, and he ended up with the smile of a child at a toy store.

"Thank you Hinata-chan!" He replied loudly before reaching over and attempting to kiss Hinata on the cheek. Sasuke growled slightly and pulled Hinata's chair to the side, causing Naruto's face to crash into the wall behind her.

"Whaaaa?? What was that for teme?!"


"Oi dobe, your present is coming in the mail for you."

With that Naruto completely forgot about what Sasuke had just done, and bounced back to his seat like a happy child.

Later that day, Naruto arrived home with a package on his doorstep. He ripped it open as soon as he got inside and nearly woke up every person in the area. Inside laid new ramen pajamas, a ramen pillow, and a rare type of ramen flavoring only available back in Japan.

"Boy that teme must want something from me…" Naruto thought aloud. Little did Naruto know, the price for all of this was coming very very soon.

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