The name of this comes from the song "Nunca Nadie Nos Podrá Parar" by Panda (aka Pxndx). This is really just me excplroing characters. English version of /s/5563127/1/ Yugi's a werewolf here.

He was the monster. He was the one who was having fun using the gun, torturing the werewolf. The truth of this revelation was marked with the cruel smile he gave when Yugi closed his eyes in fear. A cruel laugh sounded in the air, breaking it like fine crystal. The werewolf shuddered. Suddenly the laughter stopped and somebody grabbed his wrist and began to slash his arm. He screamed and someone kicked him in the face. Yugi bit his lips until the torture stopped. He breathed four more times and opened his eyes. His shirt was covered with blood and the sleeve ripped, the cloth resembling the red liquid wings of a faery of death. He trembled again and another inhuman laugh sounded. Suddenly a tall man grabbed his arms and forced him to his feet. Behind him someone undid his tie and looped it around his neck. They tightened it and again they laughed when he began to scratch and kick the air, trying desperately to breathe. They let go of the tie, and he fell to the ground. Trembling with fear, fear that gave him strength, Yugi began to run. Behind him sounded more cruel laughs from the demons. He ran until he could no longer run, and then he let himself fall on the dirt and leaf ground of the forest. The mark of the tie on his neck was purple, and his heart palpitated with the effort to survive. Thrown like some trash that no one wanted, the dark of the night took him in its arms and gave him refuge from suffering and death.

The door opened and Jonouchi came in, carrying his best friend in his arms. Yugi was covered in dirt and blood dripped from his arm. and…disaster…he wasn't breathing. No, no; it couldn't be! Please, no! Rebecca ran to Jonouchi, and saw with relief that he was breathing, although very slowly. But, still…he was alive. The night of depression, worry, and restlessness was for nothing…he was alive! Yugi was alive!

Jonouchi walked to the sofa and, with much care, put Yugi there. Rebecca ran to get a blanket and a first aid kit. When she came back she gave Yugi a light kiss on the lips and went to the other couch.