How did I even get in this situation? One minute I'm exploring the cave in Celestic town. The next I'm trapped in a cave with Paul. Ugh! How did that happen, oh yeah now I remember Onix happened that's what! We were talking at the inside of one of the caves caverns, well more like arguing. Then, in the middle of nowhere this Onix comes, (mad by the way) and destroys the caves entrance. Guess what landslide, not only am I trapped, but I'm trapped with Paul! Unfortunately while Onix was on a rampage he almost ran me over, but I guess luck was on my side. Paul yanked me to safety, yeah I know I still don't believe it, but it's true. He had me wedged between the cold cave wall, and Paul's warm chest. WAH! I did not just think that! No! No! , No! , No! , I did not! Wait where's Pikachu, oh he's okay he dodged Onix just in time, but the main problem was how were we supposed to get out of here. Then I noticed an opening at the top of the entrance. It was small, but Pikachu probably squeeze trough and get help.

Meanwhile, Paul was staring at me, not blinking once. It was so embarrassing. Quickly I Made an excuse to get out of that uncomfortable positioning, saying that I had an idea to get out. I told Paul the idea, who only nodded in response, no arguing, no hurtful words or anything. Just looking at my face with a gentle stare, before I knew it I was blushing. Clumsily, I walked to Pikachu to get on with the plan. He did, now it's been an hour or so since he left.

As you probably would have guessed I started to get really bored. There was nothing to do other than play sand castle with rocks. Paul was busy jotting down notes on his journal, but every other minute he would look up to see me to be discreet about the notion while doing it.

Why would he do that, do I have dirt on my face or something. Does he really find me that fascinating, yeah right! All I have is messy black hair that can only be tamed by a hat. Dirty brown eyes that can only be compared to the ground, oh and don't get me started with my size. Still I didn't ask the questions that were bombarding my brain.

Before I knew it, Paul was calling my name, and his body was so close to my body.

I wonder how engrossed in my thoughts, if I didn't even notice Paul taking even one step.

Five minutes that's what he said that I have spent looking blankly at him. I couldn't believe him five minutes. How embarrassing I don't even like the guy that much. What kind of guy has purple hair and, and his violet eyes. With a heart colder then the glaciers of Antarctica, whose hands are getting close to my face! Why aren't I moving, how come he's getting so close.

A bright light started illuminating the cavern. It was Dawn, Brock, And Officer Jenny opening an entrance with the help of an Aggron.

Just as quickly as the moment came it was gone, with Paul standing at my side holding out his hand to me, smiling. I hesitated, but slowly grabbed on to the strong sturdy hand.

I'm not sure what's going to happen next, but I know its not going to be fun