YEAY!!!!!!!!!! NEVI I FOUND IT!!! Okies I am happy that I found this… go team ME!

These were written only because the Ken one got good reviews… (actually Nevi made mee!!! * sob *) So now instead of just Ken we have added everyone else… I haven't finished the Schwarz ones but soon I will ^^ Don't worry. I hope you like them. Some of the stuff is a lill bit of an inside joke so if you don't get it it's okay ^^;; The inside jokes can be made known to all you if you read "Kentus Babies" and "Adventures With SERVS" also "Adventures with Nek and Imo" will be up and that will explain some stuff too ^^ They explain a lill bit of what Ken/Yohji/Omi are referring to in their letters ^^ So read on!! They are quite funny SMILZ!

I do not Own any of Weiss in any way shape or form. I just like to watch it ^^