Title: The Wolfs Needs

Summary: RL/HP/SB. M/M sex. All of consenting ages.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters of amazing world described in my story. J.K. Rowling owns all and I don't make any money off my writing.


Remus felt a heavy fog pushing down on him and tried in vain to move, his arms, his feet, anything. But the fog was so heavy that he couldn't even lift an eyelid. Deep in his mind, Remus sighed loudly and was glad that he'd taught himself patience.

He had an odd feeling that he hadn't been as aware as he was in this moment. It had been awhile since he was able to put his thoughts into clear focus. He tried to remember the last thing he could remember actually happening.

Very rapidly, Remus could remember that the last time he was conscious he was fighting in the battle of Hogwarts. Professors, students, (really just children), and Death Eaters alike had been dying, falling around him. He remembered that he'd been fighting with two Death Eaters, a short, stocky woman and a very thin, sallow man. The fight had been going in his favor, he knew that much.

But then there had been someone calling his name and he'd turned to see Nymphadora running through the crowd of dueling partners, her gaze locked on his. There had been a moment of annoyance, he'd ordered her to stay home and take care of Teddy. So that if something had happened to him, their son would have at least one of his parents.

That hadn't been the moment to lecture her though and instead he'd let her begin to duel the tall, skinny man he'd been fighting. The duels were in their favor, until that devastating moment when another Death Eater had snuck upon them. His spell, a knife blade spell, had been pushed past Nymphadora's shoulder blades, and straight into her heart.

He remembered standing there watching the young women he'd married, turn to stare at him in shock and remorse, before falling so slowly that he could count each time his heart beat loudly in his chest. After Nymphadora finally hit the floor, Remus had allowed the burningly, outraged Moony too take over complete control of his body.

The rage fueled werewolf had brutally attacked and killed the man who'd murdered his child's mother. But as he turned to take out the two Death Eaters who he had been dueling with in the beginning, one of Voldemort's giants had punched through the wall and he'd been thrown back against a wall. He vaguely remembered the loud crack that his head had made against the wall. And then it was black and peaceful.

Remus sighed again in his head as he thought of his cub's mother being dead. He loved Nymphadora, as one of his greatest and most trusted friends. He hadn't been 'in' love with her, but she was a worthy human and quite an extraordinary witch. It hurt to think that she was gone forever…

Speaking of which, Remus began to wonder how long he was going to stay in this limbo, where he could hear and was aware of the world around him but couldn't bring himself to full consciousness. He tried to listen to the fuzzy voices somewhere above him and with a jolt recognized his best friend's voice.

Sirius black must be with him in the room! With that, Remus lost control of his patience and began struggling, willing his body to move. He felt a new awareness, his body, he could feel the lethargic and heaviness of his limbs, he could feel the parchedness of his throat and mouth and he could feel the beads of sweat building on his skin from his continued efforts.

A warm hand landed on his arm, soothing and familiar, it was a touch he knew instantly. The soothing touch seemed to flood his body with energy and strength and with renewed strength, Remus finally managed to open his eyes and suck in a deep breath.

Bright lights burned his eyes but after all it took to get them open, he refused to shut them until he knew that they would stay open. When the blinding white sheet slowly faded from his gaze, Remus's gaze locked on familiar deep blue eyes and he tiredly smiled, "Sirius…"

Sirius Black smiled down at, eyes searching over his body and face anxiously, "Hey Remus. It's nice to see you awake again."

His throat still so dry, Remus tried to swallow before hoarsely saying, "W-What happened?"

The blue eyes shuttered for a moment and then Sirius looked away, "Remus…What do you remember?"

"I remember everything Sirius…Well until the giant hit me. That's where it all gets fuzzy."

"You know then that Tonks is dead?"

A sharp pain riddled through Remus's body but he nodded, "Yes."

"Well after that happened, and you were thrown into the wall by the giant, you hit your head. You've been asleep for…Well a long time Remus."

"How long?"

The other man looked away, across the room at something and Remus felt his own heart beating rapidly, "How long Sirius?"

His oldest friend, finally looked back in his eyes and slowly said, "You've been asleep for almost two and a half years Remus."

Shock flowed through Remus and he could feel the cold seeping into his blood. Two and a half years? How could that have happened? Where was his son? What had happened in the war, and had Voldemort been defeated? Harry! What had happened to the young boy who had been on the secret mission to kill Voldemort? Was he still alive?

Clearing his throat again, Remus asked, "What happened? Did Harry survive, did he defeat Voldemort?"

He knew instantly the answers to his questions, because Sirius's eyes lit up and he smiled charmingly. "Yeah, he did it. You should have seen it Remus…He was amazing, so strong and brave."

Remus felt something inside him stir and figured it was pride, "He did…I knew he would." He smiled fondly, "What about my son Sirius? Where is he, is he safe?"

"Yeah Remus, Teddy's fine. He lives with Tonk's mum. He's getting huge!"

Happiness flooded both Remus and his awakening wolf. Their cub was safe and happy nonetheless! Sirius watched the happiness pull at Remus's lips and smiled back, "I'm going to go get a medi-witch. I'll be right back."

A sudden burst of fear forced Remus to sit up quickly, his hand reaching out for Sirius, "Sirius please don't leave me…I've been alone so long."

Sirius turned back to him, a sad look on his face and walked back to him, taking his hand softly. "I won't leave then. I promise."

Remus was comforted by Sirius until; a medi- witch came in, doing her regular rounds. As soon as she saw that Remus was awake, she gasped and called for the head Medi- Witch to come in. after that, Remus spent the next few hours being poked, prodded and spelled on. The Medi-witches and wizards were astonished that he'd woken up. They had clearly thought that he would never wake up. And if Remus hadn't asked them to please let him sleep, he probably would have ended with Medi- Witches surrounding him for the whole day.

Sirius sat with him until he fell asleep, and before he fell asleep he whispered to him that he would come back as soon as he could, and that he was going to tell Harry that he was awake.


"Sirius I've got it! I can walk now remember?" Remus laughed even as he yelled at his oldest friend.

Sirius had been hovering around him like a concerned mother the whole day. After all the strengthening potions and tonics that had been poured down his throat from the moment he woke up, Remus had no trouble regaining control and power over his body. Sirius, even knowing that, had been hovering close to him, arms outstretched like he was going to catch Remus when that fateful fall actually occurred.

He'd arrived early, claiming to have been too worried to stay away from him for so long. Sirius told him that Harry had been extremely excited by the news that he was awake but was away on business and that he was coming home early to see him, which made Remus extremely happy. He wanted to see how Harry had turned out. And it was fun to think that he would be seeing a lot of Harry and Sirius as he was moving into their house. Apparently they'd made Number twelve Grimmauld Place rather homey and warm and Sirius had fixed up a room for him. All they were waiting for was the Head Medi-Witch's okay that he could leave.

Sirius was being his usual cuddly self, constantly cuddling on Remus. His head lying on his shoulder, his arm around his shoulders, or pulling Remus onto his lap when he thought it was time for him to stop walking around.

Remus didn't mind, Sirius had always been super affectionate. And since they'd had a relationship in their seventh year, he was used to it. Being charming, sexually attractive and sweet was just Sirius's way. And frankly Remus adored him.

Remembering how innocent and bewildered he'd been by Sirius the first time he'd come onto him, Remus laughed and sat on the bed next to him, his head turning to study him. Sirius was as beautiful as ever, his curly black hair, framing his face and hanging down to brush the top of his shoulders, his face wasn't lined and he looked almost exactly the same as he did when they were younger. His body was lean and long, his muscles obvious even under the leather jacket, tight black Ramone's shirt and tight black jeans. He was a beautiful man, which was clear to anyone that looked at him.

"What are you staring at Moony?" Sirius grinned cheekily, snuggling into his side.

"You. How is it that you haven't aged a day since you were twenty four?"

"I'm just lucky." Sirius chuckled and pushed back his thick curls, winking at Remus at the same time, "Think I'm bloody sexy don't you?"

Remus rolled his eyes, but couldn't stop the grin that slid onto his face, "You know you're bloody sexy Padfoot."

"You're not so bad yourself Moon pie." Sirius nudged him, his eyes raking over the man appreciatively.

"Oh please. I'm a graying old man. And having been asleep for the last two and a half years probably hasn't helped my looks." Remus shook his head and pushed Sirius's head away.

Sirius opened his mouth to protest but just then a tall, plain woman walked through the door, her wand in one hand and a long roll of parchment in the other. After reading the parchment for several long moments the witch looked up and smiled at them, "Ah Mr. Lupin. I've just been going over all your test results and everything seems fine. You may experience some amnesia or migraines but i think that's going to be the extent of your injuries."

"Does that mean I can go home then?"

"Yes that should be fine. You do have someone who can check in on you regularly though?" The Medi-Witches eyes flickered to Sirius and then back.


"Very well. I'd like to see you for a follow up appointment in two weeks, just to make sure you're improving steadily enough." She wrote the appointment time on a slip of paper and handed it to him, "I think that's all Mr. Lupin. You can leave anytime." The friendly woman smiled at them, nodded and walked out, already pulling out a different roll of parchment.

Remus jumped up happily and pulled at Sirius's hand, "Let's go!" He didn't have any bags with belongings or anything, so he hurriedly yanked Sirius out of the room and through the busy St. Mungo's. His beautiful friend laughed as he awkwardly shoved his way through the thick crowds. It wasn't mocking laughter though, it was happy and like he was just as excited for Remus to get outside as Remus was.

Remus burst through the door and waited to be dazzled by the sunlight. Instead his clothes were drenched with icy rain, and he instantly began shivering almost violently. "Oh!"

Sirius laughed next to him, "I tried to warn you but you kind of just burst out here before I could."

"What month is it?

"It's February third."

Taking in a deep, cold breath, Remus spinned around to look at Sirius, who was of course gorgeous even in the rain, with his hair sopping wet and his lips turning blue. "I love this weather!"

"I remember." Sirius laughed, pulled his leather jacket off and wrapped it around Remus's shivering shoulders. "Do you want to walk home Moony? It's not far."

"I would love that."

They were silent as they walked to Grimmauld Place, but a comfortable and sweet silence. Sirius seemed to know that Remus just wanted to take in the world around him, a place he hadn't seen in years. The leather jacket Sirius lent him kept him warm, he just hoped his beautiful friend wasn't too cold without it. He seemed fine, even with his clothes plastered to his body and cold rivulets of rain trailing down his face and arms. He was walking along as though he didn't have a care in the world. Remus caught many of the glances from both men and women, aimed for the man, all interested and intrigued by the attractive man.

He was surprised by how the exterior of Grimmauld place. It was cleaned up, no weeds or any of the signs warning of the dangers muggle's and mudblood's faced if they entered the grounds. It was fresh and welcoming, literally. Someone, Remus's guess was Harry, had placed a garish and bright welcoming mat on the front stoop, along with a cheerful wreath hanging on the door.

The other man led him up the path and up the stoop, he turned before opening the door and smiled brightly, "Welcome home Remy." He pushed open the door and led Remus inside a shy smile on his face.

Looking around, Remus smiled. The house was warm, welcoming and had a thick sense of family and love. The front hall was bright and clean, the walls void of all of the wretched portraits that had once hung there, and instead spell enhanced pictures hung on the wall. Many of them contained pictures of the redheaded Weasley family, and of a grown up looking Hermione Granger, Luna Lovegood, and Neville Longbottom and there were many pictures of a toddler, an often blue haired boy.

Moving closer instinctively, Remus stared at the boy, a warm feeling growing in his chest. His son was barely recognizable from the squalling infant he'd last seen. This toddler was chunky, tall and looked very much like him. It was the shape of his face and his mouth, his upper lip a bit fuller than the thick bottom lip. There was a hint of Nymphadora in there too, the smiling shape of his eyes and the small, round ears.

In the picture, Teddy was running around a house that Remus recognized as Nymphadora's parents home, his arms waving wildly and his mouth obviously laughing wildly. At the end of his circling the sitting room, the toddler would swing around and beam into the camera, his fat fist waving happily.

"Yeah it's Teddy."

Looking around, Remus nodded slowly, "I can tell. He looks..." He couldn't bring himself to say that the boy in the picture looked like him. He didn't even know the boy. They were practically strangers after all. A hint of sadness wedged a sharp hole in his gut, as he thought it.

"He looks like you." Sirius finished for him, "It's uncanny. Everyone says so."

He gave Remus a small, proud smile and Remus suddenly found it easy to return the smile, Sirius was just that infectious. Sirius shivered a bit before saying, "He spends the night here quite a lot actually."

"He does?"

"Oh yes. Andromeda loves having Harry and I watch Teddy. He absolutely adores us and it gives her a bit of time to herself."

Remus could visibly see Sirius shaking from the cold and wet now. He smirked playfully, "You should go take a shower Sirius, before you catch a cold."

"But don't you want a tour?"

"I do know my way around the house Remus. I remember that much."

Sirius gave him a doubtful look but it was quickly replaced when an almost violent shudder ran through him. He nodded, already peeling his tight, wet shirt off his frame. "Well alright then, your room is on the second floor."

With his grin growing at Sirius quickly disappearing clothing and his bolt up the stairs, Remus wandered away. He looked around the house for awhile, his surprise rapidly growing at how homey the house was. It was so clean and fresh, hints of Harry, Sirius and even his own son's inhabitance in almost all of the rooms on the ground floor.

After awhile he felt grubby himself, realizing he hadn't had a real shower in years. He went up the stairs to his allotted bedroom and opened the door. He beamed at the sight of the room. Bookshelf's lined the walls. Large and comfy bed against the wall, the bedclothes a warm, light blue color. Sirius had clearly remembered his style. With that thought, he headed towards the chest of drawers and opened it. Brand new robes, pants, and shirts hung in the chest. Almost all were his style.

But it was obvious that Sirius had picked out all of the clothes. Wear Remus preferred light, cotton shirts and plain pants, Sirius had loaded his closet with silk long sleeve shirts in dark colors and what looked like tight fitting slacks and dark denims. The shoes that lined the bottom of the chest were black leather, and looked very expensive.

With an amused sigh, Remus shook his head while he pulled out the least exuberant black silk shirt, matching black slacks and comfortable looking shoes. He laid them out on the bed, snorting at how Sirius was forever trying to get him to dress in stylish and form fitting clothing. With a chuckle he headed to the bathroom and turned on the shower, readying himself for what was going to be a very relaxing and much needed shower.

When he was finished, he wiped the mirrors fogginess and stared at himself. His face wasn't horribly lined anymore, probably from the lack of stress. His dark blonde hair hung past his shoulders, and his light brown eyes twinkled back at him brightly. He stared down at his body, it was still fit and with the slight muscles that had been there even two and a half years earlier.

He wasn't terribly unattractive, he was lean and in good shape for his age.

Looking around his bathroom, Remus spotted his wand on a small clothes basket and smiled, he'd missed his wand. Slowly he picked up his wand, a slight shiver of excitement. It was warm in his hand and bright gold sparks flew out as soon as it made contact with his palm, just like it had when he'd bought it at Ollivanders.

He pulled his long hair over his shoulder and raised his wand, pointing it at his hair. There was a slicing noise and his hair was sharply cut to just above his shoulders. He gazed in the mirror speculatively and shook his head, the hairstyle might work for Sirius but on him, he simply looked ridiculous. He raised his wand again and more inches fell from his head, leaving him with a shaggy, layered look that he figured would have to do. He swept the long bangs from his face and picked up the long hair from the floor before heading into his room again.

After dressing quickly Remus picked a book up from the bookshelf's and crossed the hall. He opened Sirius's door and grinned at his sleeping and naked friend. A sheet lay draped over half his body and he let out a loud sigh in his sleep. The werewolf shut the door quietly and tiptoed down the stairs, planning to read a bit, before making dinner for his sleepy Padfoot.

He was dozing lightly on the couch, his awareness from the book slipping as he grew warm next to the burning fireplace. But the door opening and closing instantly caught his attention and his lips pulled upward into a smile when he realized that Harry must be home. He put his book aside and Remus stood, brushing his ridiculously beautiful clothes off. Noises from the front hall told him that Harry must be pulling off his coat off. Then there were footsteps leading to the room.

At first Remus didn't recognize the man standing in the front of the room. He was so tall and lean, but strong looking, his bed hair was thick black, and his skin toned a light gold. The man was amazingly good-looking and mature looking. He looked very different than James Potter had at his age. Harry had more of Lily in him than anyone had realized.

As though proving him right, Lily's green, almond shaped eyes turned on him and widened in surprise before Harry shouted out, "Remus!" And then he ran forward his strength and build knocking Remus back onto the couch, his arms tangling around Harry in a wild hug.

Remus laughed loudly and hugged Harry tightly, breathing in his musky scent, it was wild and fresh. "Harry! I feel like I haven't seen you in forever!"

"Technically you haven't!" Harry laughed as he pulled back.

Sitting up, Remus studied the man next to him in amazement, if he'd thought that Harry's body was beautiful, than his face was beyond beautiful. He'd apparently gotten rid of his glasses, his bright green eyes twinkling fiercely as they studied him. His lips were wide and dark red and his cheekbones were sharp. His good looks rivaled Sirius's.

Harry was studying him back and suddenly Remus found himself wishing that he too was as beautiful as these god's that he was now living with.

"Remus it's so good to see you awake!" Harry leaned in again and hugged him tightly.

"How are you Harry?"

The young man pulled back, a smile on his lips, "I'm good Remus. For once in my life I can honestly say that I'm happy and worry free." His voice echoed his words and Remus felt himself drawn to the almost musical voice. "I design defense spells and charms for the Ministry and I love my work. It's challenging, fun and helpful. I travel a lot so it's nice not to be stuck in London all the time, especially with the paparazzi following my every move." He let out a tinkling laugh and shook his head, "You should read the things they write about me. Right now I'm addicted to sleeping potions, knocked up a Ministry witch and shagging my best friend's wife."

Remus let out a loud laugh and shook his head, "None of that had better be true Mr. Potter because i sincerely doubt that Mr. Weasley would be very happy with you."

"Actually Ron and Hermione got quite a kick out of that one." Harry laughed again and leaned back against the couch.

"I'll bet. When did they get married?"

"About a year after the Battle of Hogwarts." A flicker of darkness passed over Harry's eyes but it was gone so rapidly that Remus wondered if he'd actually imagined it.

Remus sighed and shook his head, "I always knew those two were destined for each other. And you are you with Ms. Weasley still?"

Harry blinked in surprise, "Huh? Oh me and Gin? No, heavens no! That's been over for years. Actually we never got back together after the war. We figured we were better off just friends. She's actually in a very serious relationship with Victor Krum. I expect an engagement announcement any day now."

A little shocked at how much he'd appeared to have missed Remus sighed again, "Is there anything else i should know? Any big changes?"

Pushing back his unruly hair, Harry nodded with a grin, "You might not believe this but Severus and Draco Malfoy are in a relationship."

Feeling his jaw dropping Remus gasped, "What? Severus and...Malfoy are in a relationship, a 's-sexual' relationship?" He stuttered over the word, he would have never thought that he would have uttered such a word in Harry Potter's presence. But then again he would have never figured that Severus Snape of all people would have gotten involved with one of his former students or anyone actually. He always figured Severus hated humans too much.

With a chuckle Harry opened his mouth to reply but a sleep but amused voice called out from the doorway, "Well they shag regularly, as Draco tells Harry every time he visits. So yes Remus a sexual relationship."

Sirius stepped into the room, wearing nothing but a low riding pair of dark denim jeans and a pair of socks. His hair was messy from his short nap, but otherwise he looked like a veritable sex god. He walked over to the couch they were on and sat on the other end, confidently wrapping an arm around Harry's shoulders. Harry didn't resist the physical affection from Sirius. He just leaned into him, rolling his eyes only a little bit at Remus.

Remus studied them, something stirring deep inside him, his gut growing uncomfortably warm as Moony woke inside his mind, purring at the sight of the two beautiful and affectionate men next to him. He blinked rapidly, wondering why there was a slight glow around Harry and Sirius, all the while trying to avoid looking at them, as it seemed to be having a quite peculiar effect on a certain part of his body. for some reason he seemed to rather enjoy seeing these two men he'd know for over twenty years being so casually intimate and affectionate with each other.

The way Harry's skin looked so perfect next to Sirius's snowy complexion, suddenly seemed very attractive to Remus and he had the mad urge to demand that Harry remove clothing so that he could see if the attraction would grow when the two were naked together. He wondered how his own skin would look, naked and gliding alongside these two men's.

"Remus? Are you okay?"

Taking in a deep breath Remus shook his head urgently to rid himself of Moony's confusing and disturbing thoughts. He stared at Harry blankly for a moment, still fighting urges to grab him and do unthinkable things with him and then anxiously glanced at his oldest friend. Sirius's piercing blue eyes met Remus's worriedly before widening.

"Is Moony acting up Remus?" He asked quickly, sitting up fully, sliding Harry away from him.

Taking in another deep breath Remus nodded, "Er...yes. Moony is...um acting up." He gazed his friends in confusion and tried to stop the urges vibrating through each vein in his body, in each of his muscles and bones, the urge to...Mate.

His eyes widened as he realized that Moony saw both Harry and Sirius as his mates. He jumped up quickly, thanking Merlin for the long shirt that covered the growing bulge in his pants, and headed for the doorway, calling over his shoulder, "I'm going to go lie down until Moony calms down."

As he neared the stairs, he couldn't help himself and looked back into the room. Sirius was turned, staring after him in concern, with Harry half draped on him, trying to get his own look at their unpredictable werewolf friend. Remus gasped at the sight of Harry leaning so casually against Sirius's bare chest and hurried up the stairs, to his bed. He shut and locked the door before resting his forehead against it.

"Oh bloody hell. They cannot be my mates! I'm only supposed to have one mate after all!"

Inside his head Moony growled at him and thought viciously that if they had more than one mate, they would have a bigger pack to lead, protect and love.

Remus growled back, "Very well, you want a big pack that's fine. But it will bloody well not involve Harry Potter or Sirius Black do you hear me?"

Moony growled smugly, obviously he was stuck with the idea of Harry and Sirius joining his pack. And Remus knew that once his wolf got his mind set on something it was hard if not impossible to change it. And in this situation...That was very bad.