Harry paced around his room a glimmer of mischievousness in his every step. He'd been waiting for the last two weeks to build up enough courage for what he was about to do. Remus telling him and Sirius that Moony considered them his mates had over taken his mind, letting him think of nothing else. Yes, he loved Remus and desired him like no other man before. And yet he had one concern that kept him from just telling Remus yes, yes he would accept being his mate.


He'd never considered Sirius as a sexual person until Remus had thrust it under his nose that he was. His godfather was of course a beautiful man. That was plain for anyone who saw the devilishly wicked man. But Harry had never imagined the man doing anything sexual.

After getting over the initial shock, Harry had forced himself to think of Sirius sexually. It had been weird at first and he'd blushed the entire time. He caught himself staring at Sirius after that day, just studying the man, his movements, his body and just him in general. The man was very graceful, moving in a sinful and sinuous way. The way his body moved was a silent promise of the amazing orgasm just awaiting the lucky person who managed to pin it down. He began to wonder if Sirius was a top or bottom in bed. If he tasted as beautiful if he looked. Would he be submissive or dominant as a lover?

Remus caught him staring at Sirius a few times and studied his face, looking for something there. Harry blushed vividly when Remus would grin at him and playfully wink. He'd found what he was looking for deep in Harry's eyes apparently. But not even Harry knew what he felt. And he had to find out, his...No their futures depended on it.

And so when finally Sirius climbed down the stairs, from the fifth floor, after taking a nap, Harry had grabbed him by the arm and yanked him into his bedroom as he walked by his door. Sirius yelped in shock and pressed himself against the back of the door, "Harry what the bloody hell? You scared the crap out of me!"

With a chuckle at Sirius's shocked face, Harry gave him an apologetic look, "I'm sorry, but if I didn't do now I would never have built up the courage to do it." His eyes skimmed over Sirius's body out of pure habit and he raised an eyebrow at the man. He was only wearing low cut dark denim jeans, they were hanging so low on his hips that Harry could trace the v where his hips met his abdomen. His chest was bare, showing off his toned abs and chest.

Sirius gave him a confused look, but whether it was due to his staring or his words, Harry didn't know. "Do what?"

Harry stepped a step closer and bit his bottom lip. He reached his hand out hesitantly and very lightly touched his finger to the marble chest. His eyes flickered up to Sirius's icy blue eyes, widened with shock and cautiousness. "I have to...Um...See something." His palm flattened out on the older man's right Pecs as he moved closer.

Slowly he dragged his hand down, his body shaking as he felt the warm skin and lean muscles of his stomach. As his fingers grazed down the dark path of silky hair leading from Sirius's belly button and into his pants, he heard him gasp and looked up, his eyes meeting suddenly dark, aroused eyes. Biting his bottom lip, warmth pooled into his gut as he watched Sirius's face turn needy.

"Is this alright?" He didn't know why he was whispering, there was really no need to be quiet.

Swallowing hard, Sirius nodded, "Yeah...Is it alright for you?"

Flicking his tongue out to lick his bottom lip, Harry nodded, "Just...Be yourself, and do what you would normally do in this situation." He needed to know what Sirius was really like in this type of situation. He had to know if he would be to accept Sirius's sexual side.

"Are you sure?" Sirius's voice was eager and husky in his turned on state, but he seemed to need Harry's assurances that it was okay to be himself.


Sirius groaned and suddenly yanked him close, his mouth landing hard on Harry's. His thick lips feasted hungrily on Harry's, his teeth nipping and sucking on his bottom lip and drawing gasps out of the younger man. Feeling like he was in a whirlwind, Harry found that his mind not able to focus on one thing at a time. The other man was just so eager and good at what he was doing for him to be able to concentrate.

Opening his mouth to allow Sirius's begging tongue in, he groaned low in his throat. The older man was delicious and pure sex, and he had a taste that was just his own. Tangling a hand in the other man's hair, Harry felt himself being navigated back and used his free hand to search for the edge of the bed he knew should be there. His knee's hit first and he fell back to the bed, pulling Sirius down with him, never once breaking their kiss.

Fingers pulled at the buttons on his shirt and Harry arched himself up, allowing the animagus to pull his shirt off without interference. His own hands quickly ran along the naked skin pressed into his own, the warmth of Sirius's body against his own, making his need rise exponentially. Sirius pulled back from his mouth, and dipped his head down to begin torturing his chest and nipples. Dropping his head back, Harry let out a low moan, his hands curling in the other mans hair.

It was obvious that he could find Sirius arousing, more than arousing. He loved him completely and felt the exact same way as Remus.


Remus took a sip of his tea and sighed happily. From the sneaky glances that Harry had been giving Sirius and from the lust clear in the man's emerald eyes, it was clear that the man was beginning to think of his godfather sexually. It was only a matter of time before they were all happily together.

"Mm..." He was about to take another sip of tea when a strong smell hit his nose. The smell was musky, spicy and thick in the air. The smell was so much stronger than if it was just him masturbating or Sirius when he was giving him or Harry appraising looks. This smell was so thick that it had to be two people, two people being intimate.

Putting his cup down, Remus stood and sniffed the air as he wandered the house, trying to find the source. His heart was beating wildly and the just the smell in the air was making him rock hard and ready. Climbing the stairs, he gave an inquisitive sniff on each floor. The smell grew even stronger the higher he went up the stairs.

When he stopped on the fourth floor landing the smell was so heavy it was like walking through a thick and very arousing smelling fog. But that wasn't his own hint that he was on the right floor. Panting sounds and low whimpers were quietly filtering out of Harry's bedroom, calling to Remus like the most beautiful siren song.

Taking a deep breath, he pushed open the door, growling at what his eyes landed upon. Harry was lying back on his bed, naked from the waist up. Sirius was lying between his legs, his mouth busily feasting upon the beautiful man's neck.

Taking in the fact that Harry's hands were buried in Sirius's hair and that most of the noises seemed to be coming from him, Remus growled low in his throat. Possessiveness and arousal burning in his gut, he belonged on that bed with is mates. He should be on the bed with them, making not only Harry burn with passion but Sirius as well.

He lifted his eyes from where Sirius's hand was sneaking down to Harry's pants and caught emerald eyes staring at him with dark lust. He narrowed his gaze on Harry's and raised his eyebrow questioningly. His youngest mate smirked at him, and gave him a slightly mocking and daring look. Remus caught that the look was supposed to be playful and growled loudly, his voice echoing in the large room.

As he watched, Sirius snapped back in surprise and gasped out, "Merlin Remy!

Narrowing his eyes on his best friend Remus stepped closer to the bed, "I'm sorry did I interrupt?"

A guilty grin pulled at Sirius's lips, "Mm..."

Harry rolled his eyes and sat up, "It was completely my idea Remus. I wanted to see I could accept Sirius as lover."

"And?" Remus sniffed the air again, his palms curling into fists.

Smirking back at him, Harry grabbed Sirius and pulled him around. He gave Remus a devilish grin before leaning in and capturing the older man's mouth in a sinful kiss. Sirius gave a delighted moan, just before Harry pulled back and settled him away from his body.

Laughing a little hysterically, Sirius lay back on the bed and grinned, "I quite enjoy being the both of your test subject."

Remus and Harry rolled their eyes playfully at each other at the silliness of Sirius. The werewolf stepped over to the bed and stood in front of Harry, "So accept being my mate, meaning you'll share my bed and be lovers with my other mate?"

Harry kneeled on the bed, his eyes twinkling darkly, "I accept it and welcome it with open arms, on one condition."


"You remember how I said I wanted to see you lose your carefully guarded control on all those wild passions and urges you have?" Remus nodded slowly, his lips twitching up, "Well...I want you to lose control."

Feeling Sirius's amused and cautious look, Remus winked at his older mate. He glanced back at Harry and nodded deeply, "I would do anything for you, and if that's what you want then that's what you'll get."

Lying back on the bed, Sirius began laughing, "Oh this is going to be fun."

Harry glanced at him curiously, "What..."

But he was cut off by Remus's low growl. Remus had closed his eyes, calling Moony to the forefront of his mind. He held control back, not completely allowing Moony to take over, but giving him most of the control over their bodies. Deep inside their mind, Moony sighed happily at finally being allowed to seduce their mates and thanked Remus by promising him to be careful with their new mates.

Opening their eyes, Moony bared his teeth in a grin at Harry's suddenly apprehensive look. "Oh...Look at his eyes." Harry gasped at Sirius, who was moving up next to him with a big grin on his face.

"You wanted me out. Well I'm out." Moony leaned in close to Harry, his mouth next to Harry's ear, "Now what are you going to do with me?"

"Moony?" Harry whispered his hands shaking as he touched Remus's chest.

Moving back to crouch down, Moony launched himself at Harry, who squeaked in surprise and fell back onto the bed. Moony grinned at the body he was covering and reached down, pushing Harry's legs wide apart. He shoved his knee in between his young mate's legs and pushed up against the hard arousal he felt.

Enjoying the loud moan he got out of that and deciding that one voice exclaiming the pleasure he was inflicting upon the man wasn't enough, Moony glanced over his shoulder at Sirius. His mate was staring down at the scene with wide eyes, arousal clear to see in them. Smirking at his one time favorite lover, Moony growled low in his throat, "Come here Padfoot."

Biting his lip excitedly, Sirius crawled up the bed to where they were. Moony reached out and lifted Sirius's coy face, leaning in he kissed him roughly, forcing the animagus to open his mouth and accept his tongue. He used his knee to thrust up against Harry's groin, forcing keening noises to slide liberally out of his mouth.

He pulled back only long enough to grab Harry's hand and push it against the hard bulge in Sirius's jeans. Both men moaned at the feeling and he grinned at the sight of the two enjoying each other so much. Moony roughly grabbed Sirius by the hair, just the way he knew he liked it, and forced him down, "Kiss him."

Watching as Harry happily accepted Sirius's mouth and tongue moving with his own, Moony slid down until his face was level with Harry's cloth covered erection. Quickly he pulled apart the button and ripped the zipper down. He pulled at the pants and underwear and chuckled darkly when Harry gasped as cold air brushed across his suddenly free and bouncing erection. Moony studied his youngest mate's impressive erection and leaned in to flick his tongue across the head of his penis, lapping up the sharp pre-cum.

Harry groaned loudly, and a second later Sirius did as well. Apparently when Harry felt the tongue on his erection, he'd instinctively squeezed the jean covered erection, stimulating his arousal. Moony lifted his head and barked out an order, "Harry, release Sirius from those internal jeans." He watched as Harry did as he was told and burned with arousal when Sirius's erection glistened with pre-cum. "Sirius kneel over Harry's face and put yourself in his mouth."

Sirius gave him a sharp look, "But...Harry might not like that."

Moony growled angrily at the fact that Sirius was defying him but before he could snap at him, Harry put a placating hand on his shoulder before looking up at their hesitant mate, "Sirius, do it. I want you in my mouth."

With a low groan, Sirius gave in and positioned himself above Harry. His cock hovered over Harry's lips and Moony groaned in approval, "Harry do exactly what I do to you on him, understand?"

Harry breathlessly sighed out, "Yes Moony."

Ducking down again but keeping an eye on Harry, Moony flicked the tip of his tongue over the head of Sirius's erection. Harry repeated the act on Sirius at the same time that a low moan built up in his throat, the man whose cock he was teasing, threw back his head and let out a bunch of low curses, "Fuck Harry...Moony..."

Smirking Moony leaned in and took all of Harry's cock in his mouth, sucking hard and moving his head up in down. His eyes watched as Harry gripped the blanket, even as he raised his head up and pulled in to suck at his godfathers cock, following Moony's lead. Torturing Harry until the man was gasping and bucking his hips up, his mouth making Sirius do the same, Moony used one hand to reach down and fondle the man's balls, squeezing and pulling lightly.

With a deep moan Harry pulled back sharply, "I...I can't...I need more!"

Moony lifted his head up and grinned at the man beneath him before glancing up at Sirius, "And you love?"

Nodding weakly, Sirius whimpered, "I need more...Please. Let Remus come out..."

Growling low in his throat, Moony pouted as Remus resurfaced in the forefront of their mind. 'Come Moony, i gave you your fun and we have a life time with them. Just let me mate with them, it's not like you'll never have your chance now that they've accepted us.'

'Fine...But I get my chance, later on.' Moony growled, taking another look at his mates longingly and moved back into the recesses of their mind, fully intent on watching their love making session.

Blinking his eyes rapidly, Remus took in Harry's body quivering beneath his and then Sirius poised over Harry's body. his lips twitched up and he pulled himself up the bed, he dropped a kiss down to Harry's lips enjoying the softness of the lips before tilting his head up to take in a kiss from an eager Sirius. Sirius's warm fingers brushed across his face, pushing hair away from his face and the man smiled sweetly, "Welcome back Remy."

"Mm...I couldn't stay away." Remus winked at his oldest friend before looking down at Harry, "You okay love?"

"I am now that you're in control." Harry chuckled weakly, tangling on hand in Remus's hair and taking Sirius's hand with the other.

Smiling like Harry's words were exactly what he needed to hear, Remus pecked his nose before moving his hips against the hardness poking into his hip. Harry gasped and arched into him, "Stop being a tease Remus."

Pulling back and kneeling, Remus smirked at Harry, "Very well. Hand me your wand, it's hidden under your pillow."

Blinking in surprise, Harry grabbed his wand, handing it over to him. Remus took it and waved it around, passing it over each of them. Their clothes completely disappeared and suddenly his cock was rubbing tightly against Harry's. He glanced up at Sirius and licked his lips at the sight of his animagus mate in the buff. It had been too long since he'd touched him.

Harry seemed to notice because he smirked at them before releasing his godfathers hand to wrap his palm around the older man's cock, squeezing and running his tight fingers up and down it.

His emerald eyes locked on Remus's as he jerked the man off, his lips twitching as Sirius gasped at the handjob. "I want to watch you fuck him."

"What about you?"

"Do him as he does me." Harry raised his eyebrow at him and then glanced up at Sirius who was trying to pay attention despite the hand torturing his cock. "Does that sound appealing Siri?"

"Ah...Mm, Yes!" Sirius cried out, his face turning white from the effort it took to hold in his orgasm.

"Sound good Remy? I know you want to fuck him; I can see it in your eyes."

"I do and I want to touch you."

"You can fuck him...We have forever."

Ducking down to kiss him deeply, Remus reached out with his free hand and grabbed Sirius's arm. He winked at Harry as he moved away, pulling Sirius's body flush against his own, and his chest burned up against his mates. Sirius groaned low in his throat, pulling Harry underneath him and spreading his legs, "Wand Remus."

Putting the wand in Sirius's free hand, Remus pulled back, licking a fiery trial down his spine as he moved. "Stretch him until he's more than ready Sirius." Sirius nodded, looking over his shoulder and gulping before pointing the wand at Harry and murmuring a cleansing and lubrication spell, he repeated the charm on himself before tossing the wand aside and pushing his fingers between Harry's cheeks.

Listening to Harry gasp, Remus grinned at the simple thought that Sirius was pushing his fingers into his mate's body. Kissing Sirius's dimpled hips; Remus dragged his tongue down, circling the man's hole lightly. Gripping his hips to stop Sirius from bucking back, Remus pushed his tongue in, torturing him wildly with his tongue, stretching and tasting the man's invigorating taste.

He could hear harry gasping underneath Sirius and pulled back so that he could watch Harry's face. He circled Sirius's hole with two of his fingers before pushing in slowly, allowing the man's body to acclimate to his fingers. Sirius pushed back against every thrust into his body.

When he couldn't take it any longer, Remus growled and nipped Sirius's shoulders, "Enough! I will guide your cock in his body with mine." Leaning around, Remus pushed Harry's black curls back from his sweaty face and smiled softly at the dewy, almost sated look on the man's beautiful face, "Harry are you ready love?"

"Mhm...I want you both to be moving me." Harry panted out. His hand's tangling around Sirius's neck.

Remus nodded and gripped his swollen erection, positioning it right at Sirius's hole. Trying to be gentle he slowly pushed in, groaning along with Harry and Sirius as he pushed in, thus pushing Sirius into Harry. Gasping he pulled out before pushing in again, aiming for the bundle of nerves he'd never forgotten where they sat inside Sirius. Listening to Sirius's curses for confirmation he began moving in earnest, pushing in hard and fast, trying to find the path that led to their release.

Harry was moaning and panting as Sirius drilled into him, Remus and Sirius's name often spilling out of his sweet, nymph's mouth. Sirius was glistening in the light, his loud groan's echoing Remus's as he was driven into Harry's body, feeling Remus fill him at the same time. It was clear that his orgasm was right on the edge and would quickly drive the other two over the same plateau of pleasure.

Leaning down to Sirius's ear, he whispered, "Hold on love...Wait for him to come..."

"Remus...!" Sirius groaned out, half frustrated, half agreeing.

It wasn't long before Harry was clawing at Sirius's back quite viciously and crying out hoarsely, "I'm...I'm going to come!"

Feeling Sirius's smugness, Remus whispered into his ear again, "Take him in your hand Sirius."

He was startled by a loud moan tearing out of Harry's mouth and Sirius chuckled darkly, "one step ahead of you Remy."

Growling appreciatively, Remus nipped his earlobe, "What a good boy Padfoot."

Harry's loud cry and forceful bucking hips, made Remus stare down at his mate, watching in wonder as the man twisted his face in apparent pleasure. It was amazingly beautiful, his mates face pulling up into a tight omission of how much pleasure he was in.

Vaguely hearing Sirius cursing at how amazing Harry was, Remus reached around to pull at his newly released cock quickly, he murmured. "Come on baby...come!"

Squirming beneath him, Sirius panted and shook roughly beneath him. "Merlin, Remus!"

"Come on!" Remus growled loudly pushed in as hard as he could and feeling his own release building roughly.

Whimpering and let out a loud cry, the animagus underneath him quivered violently and sagged to the bed when his arms gave out. Harry's arms captured him and held him close, he seemed to need a physical reassurance after his orgasm.

Pushing in only two more times, Remus growled roughly and tightened his grip on Sirius's shoulder. His vision went white and he trembled violently as he shot his cum deep inside him. He groaned low in his throat and with a shaking hand, he pulled himself out of Sirius and fell back against the bed, "Oh sweet Merlin..."

Two sets of hands ran down his body and pulled him between their bodies. He opened his eyes as kisses traveled down his body by two sets of kisses and he grinned at the sight of Harry kissing him gently on the collar bone while Sirius pressed his lips into his ribs. "Merlin... I love you both.

"I love you too." Harry cuddled into his neck and stroked his chest lightly.

Remus beamed at him and then raised his eyebrow playfully at Sirius who was laying with his cheek pressed into his abs. after a long moment of getting no reaction; he cocked his head and stared down at him. Harry stifled a laugh and Remus looked back at him a smile curving his lips, "Is he asleep?"

Harry grinned and nodded, "Poor guy...Wore him out."

Shaking his head Remus reached down and pulled Sirius up slowly, lying him against his chest and wrapping his arms around him securely. He nuzzled his head against Sirius's beautiful hair and whispered hoarsely, "Love you Padfoot."

Sirius rubbed his face gently against his stomach and mumbled, "Remus...Harry...Mm."

"I think we should take that as he loves us too." Harry laughed and leaned over to kiss Sirius on his forehead. He pulled back and gazed into Remus's eyes, "I really do love you Remus, and him. I love him too."

"I love you too." Remus smiled at his quietly affectionate mate and wrapped his hand in his beautiful hair, he nodded at Sirius who was breathing slowly against his chest and rolled his eyes, "And I love him too, really."


Remus laughed silently at the sight before him, even as he felt his erection growing in his pants. He'd only gone out to the market for ten minutes! His mates of two years apparently couldn't wait that long for him to come home because at the moment, Harry was arched off the counter while Sirius thrusted into him rapidly. Harry had his head lying on top of Sirius's shoulder and was gripping his back tightly as he was slammed into.

Sirius's beautiful body was completely bare and he clearly didn't care because he'd left the front windows open. His hands tightened on Harry's waist and he was cursing a blue streak as he aimed for Harry's prostate, the tempo of his words increasing when one of Harry's hands disappeared between them to begin pumping his leaking erection.

Still shaking with amusement Remus cleared his throat loudly and tried not to laugh when the two men jumped and glanced around at him standing in the doorway. Harry blushed wildly and smiled coyly at him, while Sirius just winked and gestured with his head for him to join them. The youngest man raised the hand he'd been using to pump Sirius's erection and held it out imploringly for Remus to take, his eyes begging for their werewolf to join them.

Slowly stepping toward them, one hand unbuttoning his shirt Remus sighed happily. The two years that he had been mated with his Harry and Sirius...Had been absolutely perfect. They were everything he needed and more, because they not only loved him but they had grown to deeply love each other as well. Moony was the calmest he'd ever been, sleeping calmly inside Remus when it was a full moon and teasing and curling up with his animagus mates when it was.

As he closed in on Harry and Sirius and two sets of warm hands enclosed around his body, Remus thought happily to himself that at least for now and for the foreseeable future his wolfs needs had been met.


The End.

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