I was in my room staring out my window at the pond in our yard. I could see the fish swimming around and the frog that liked to hang around, jump in. I sighed knowing it would be a while before I could see that again. My eyes wandered away from the sight, toward the old swing-set from when my sister and I were little. Sometimes we still swung on them if we had nothing to do and would reminisce. I laughed thinking about how we would climb to the top and just sit there. I glanced at Mom's garden, it was overflowing with what seemed like every flower imaginable. From behind me I heard my door open and the sound of my sister's footsteps. My sister, Kailey, is my best friend and twin. We're almost always together. People are often surprised at how close we are because we are so different. She likes pink and shopping and getting manicures, while I like darker colors and skateboarding and playing my guitar. "Daniella." She put her hand on my shoulder. "Dad wanted to know how long you think you'll be."

I sighed and turned toward her, "I guess I'm ready now." I frowned.

"What's wrong Danni?" She sat down next to me.

"I can't believe we're moving to Japan." I sighed again.

She laughed, "Danni, you are my sister and I love you, but I thought you would be happy about that."

I laughed with her, "Oh, believe me, I am."

"I'm not. I'm kinda scared. I've never been the new kid before"

"Don't worry Kailey. Everything will be fine. From what I can remember everyone's really nice." I smiled and stood up. "We shouldn't keep Dad waiting." I grabbed my sister's hand and we ran out of my downstairs.

Dad was waiting by the door impatiently. I don't think he was really that impatient, he was just trying to appear that way. "Are you two ready?" I looked at my sister and then around the large room of our mansion.

"I think so, Daddy." I smiled at him and his impatient appearance faltered. "Kale, do you have everything?"

She looked at me. "I believe so."

Dad chuckled, it was a sound that always calmed me, "Good because the limo's been waiting for a while." He opened the door for us, we linked arms and practically skipped out. The chauffer opened the limo door for us and we got in, Dad slid in not long after us. I wished I could have seen Mom before we left, but she was in Paris for the week.

We were quiet the whole way to the airport and on our private jet. Yes, I said private jet.

My father is Koji Takahashi, CEO of Takahashi Enterprises, a business that my great-grandfather founded when he was only twenty. After my great-grandfather, my grandmother inherited it from him, and then from her, my father because his older brother didn't want it. My father is a wonderful dad who wants nothing more than to see his girls be happy. He loves my mom and really misses her when she's away for a long time.

The three of us were on the plane, though all in a different row. I couldn't help imagining what it would be like to actually live in Japan and not just visit for a few months like last time. It was so much fun last time, I made so many friends, the only bad part was that Kailey wasn't with me.

Flashback, six years earlier: Dad had to go on a business trip to Japan and asked Kailey and me if we wanted to go with. Kailey, wants nothing to do with business, so she said no and stayed home with mom; I love business and agreed to go before he finished asking. I was so interested in business, I would always ask his employees questions, they always seemed happy to answer. I was never sure if it was because I was the boss's daughter or if it was because they liked that I was interested.

I was so excited I was bouncing in my seat, Dad had to tell me many times to sit still. It took a while, but I finally calmed down. "Daddy, what's Japan like?"

"It's nothing like New York, that's for sure. The city can be quiet busy, but away from it, in my opinion Japan is the most tranquil place I've ever been." He leaned back in his seat and I moved to the seat right next to him and sat on my knees.

"I wanna live in Japan Daddy. Can we just move here and have Mom and Kale come?" I looked at him with puppy-dog eyes. "Please, Daddy?"

"Maybe someday, Daniella." He looked at me, smiling, "But for now, this is just a business trip."

"Who are you meeting with anyway?"

"Yoshio Ohtori of the Ohtori group."

"I remember him. He's also your friend. He manages hospitals and other healing facilities." I looked at Dad confused, "You don't deal with hospitals. Why do you have to meet with him?"

Dad chuckled. "It's complicated." I yawned, tired from not getting enough sleep. "Maybe you should take a nap before we arrive."

I yawned again, "But I'm not tired, Daddy."

"Yes you are."

"I know." I leaned against my dad's shoulder and he wrapped his arm around me. "Daddy can you tell me more about Japan?" He did, but I didn't hear much. I fell asleep within minutes. I dreamt that we moved to Japan.

Dad woke me up a few hours later, we hadn't landed yet, but he wanted to show me what the country looked like from the air. It was beautiful just like he said it was. We finally landed at the airport in Tokyo. "Welcome to Japan." Dad said in Japanese. I smiled and giggled.

We exited the plane and there was a limo waiting for us. "Takahashi Koji. Welcome to Tokyo," the chauffer greeted as he opened the door.

"Thank you." Dad said as he got in. I slid in right after.

Everything was so different, but in a good way. I wished Kailey had come with, she would have loved seeing all of the different people. Dad's phone rang and usually I tried to listen, but this time I was too busy staring out of the window in awe at everything around us. After I don't know how long, we turned down a long driveway that led up to a huge mansion. Next to me I heard Dad say, "Yes, we just pulled in. See you soon."

"Who was that?" I asked, curious.

"Yoshio. He was just wondering where we were."

"So he knows I'm here too?"

"Yes, it was his idea that I bring you and Kailey, but she didn't want to come. I knew you want to come though."

I smiled, the limo stopped and the chauffer opened the door again. I hopped out, once again excited and no longer nervous. "Thank you." I said to the chauffer. Dad got out and also said thank you. We headed toward the mansion, the door opened and a man that looked somewhat familiar to me walked out.

"Koji, it's been to long." He shook my dad's hand and then looked at me. "You must be Daniella." He shook my hand. "It's nice to meet you."

"It's nice to meeting you too Ohtori-san, but please, just call me Danni."

"How about we all go inside." My dad and I nodded.

Once I saw the interior of the massive mansion, I was in shock. It was so much bigger than what I was used to. The ceiling seemed to go on forever and it was beautifully decorated. I didn't let the beauty sidetrack me though. He led us to what I assumed was his office, there were three guys already there. Two of them appeared to be in college or close to it, while the third looked to be around my age. "Koji, you remember my sons." He gestured toward them.

"Yes. It's good to see you again." They all bowed. I was thinking that they are all so…well trained. The sons straightened up. "How have you been?"

"We've been well Takahashi-san. How have you been?" The eldest asked.

"I have also been well." Again, all I could think about was the fact that they sounded like they had rehearsed this. Maybe they had. It really wasn't my place to judge. Dad put his hand on my shoulder.

"This is my daughter Daniella." I looked up at him and just sort of glared. "I mean Danni."

"It's nice to meet you." He said, this time not bowing. I figured it was just because I was a kid.


A/N: For this story I was bored and created how I pictured Daniella, Kailey, and their parents to look. If you're interested in seeing them email me and I'll gladly show you :D I would also like to point out that the flashback may take up at least the first two maybe three chapters (I have many ideas for it.) I also really don't know much about the Japanese culture, so I may get some things wrong.